How to issue medical insurance in Bulgaria on your own in 2020?

Bulgaria never ceased to be a direction attracting tourists. And it is quite explained. Throughout the year, the Black Sea coast with fascinating ski resorts collects holidaymakers from all countries of the world.

It does not matter, you go to Bulgaria to study or to work. Maybe you eat visitor relatives. In any case, the issue of insurance of insurance will be relevant.

The insurance policy is needed primarily for payment of medical care abroad.

It does not matter what will need: survey, treatment of outpatient or hospital, expert advice – insurance will cover all expenses.

The second important point is hospitalization to the hospital. To do this, you will also need an insurance policy.

Does insurance need for entry into Bulgaria?

In accordance with Bulgarian migration legislation, everyone who arrives in the country as a tourist is obliged to issue medical insurance. This is a mandatory document for intersection of the Bulgarian border.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit, a citizen of Russia is obliged to have an insurance policy in his hands with a sum of no less than 2,000,000 rubles .

Citizen of the our Federation, who will not issue honey insurance on the specified amount, will have to pay all expenses from his pocket in case of an insured event.

Terms of Action of the Insurance Policy

A single, multiple and long-term visa is drawn up in Bulgaria.

Objectives for designing a single and multiple visa:

  • tourism;
  • private visits to a citizen of the country;
  • Short ride of cultural, sports or educational nature.

For all these purposes, the insurance policy should:

  • be decorated for the amount of 30 thousand euros and more ;
  • must include every day of the trip. In the case of a twofold visa and the contract must be valid for the full period of the first trip;
  • be decorated without franchise, That is, to exclude the payment by the patient’s expenses in the event of an insured event. All expenses should be fully covered;
  • cover fully medical expenses, transportation of the insured person to their homeland, as well as repatriation in the event of death;
  • be in printed.

Long-term insurance is drawn up for travel with such goals as:

  • registration to work under the employment contract;
  • carrying out profit activities;
  • education;
  • How to issue medical insurance in Bulgaria on your own in 2020
  • trip to conclusion;
  • long-term treatment;
  • To fulfill labor duties to media representatives
  • Accommodation for a long period of financial independent residents of other countries.

Insurance policy should be correctly decorated. All graphs are filled with strictly printed letters and numbers.

It should be indicated:

  • personal data of the insured person, such as surname and initials;
  • amount of cost coverage;
  • the zone on which the insurance is distributed;
  • the period of the policy;
  • risks that cover polis.

Where is the insurance policy for a trip to Bulgaria?

Medical insurance policy can be obtained:

  • in the Bulgarian consulate, together with a visa;
  • in the our insurance company;
  • in travel agency, upon receipt from the voucher;
  • online via the Internet. This method is extremely simple and will not take much time. All you need is to fill out all the necessary data and pay from a bank card, through payment systems or cash in the office of the Insurance Company. The finished policy comes to email specified when designing, in a PDF file format. It will need to be printed and transfer along with the rest of the documents to obtain a visa to Bulgaria.

It is possible to allocate the main our insurance companies engaged in the design of the medical insurance policy in Bulgaria:

  • OJSC AlfaStrakhovanie;
  • LLC Renaissance Insurance LLC;
  • LLC IC "VTB Insurance";
  • JSC "Insurance Company Support";
  • LLC SK "consent";
  • LLC "Insurance Society" Help ";
  • PJSC SK "Rosgosstrakh".

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Cost of medical insurance in Bulgaria

  • The average prices of the cheapest insurance in Bulgaria per person for 7 days costs about 500 rubles .
  • Further insurance for a similar time will be approximately a thousand rubles .
  • In the event that the medical insurance policy is drawn up with different options, then the cost will be from 1500 to 2500 rubles a week.

There are average prices, but how much insurance will be worth the result, will depend on various factors, the cost of the policy can fluctuate at various limits.

A very big impact on the cost of the policy is the age of person deriving insurance. Than he is higher, the higher the rates of insurance companies.

The coefficient that boosts the cost of insurance extends to people aged 60 to 65 years. In this case, the coefficient value can be 100 or more percent.

Some companies enter the age coefficient and for children under 10-12 years. His percentage is usually, does not exceed 25% .

Insurance registration is an important stage of preparation for each trip. In order not to worry once again you need to carefully approach the choice of insurance.

It is necessary to take into account all the factors of the upcoming trip to choose the type of insurance policy: normal or more.

This applies not only to the doctor’s leaf, but also to all areas for analyzes, surveys, results of analyzes and surveys, recipes in the pharmacy and checks.

After all, when an insured event occurs, it is important to transfer a complete set of documents to the insurance company. Only then an insurance company will be able to positively answer the request for insurance compensation.

Choose sites on which the maximum information is provided about this or that insurance, and it is easy and safe to buy it.

For example, the best insurel aggregator reviews Cherehapa or proven insurance company TripInsurance .

What to do if suddenly you have an insured event?

What to do, if suddenly you have an insured event:

  1. First of all, you will need to contact the Insurance Service, who provided you with your services.
  2. As you can, details describe your insured case and their reaction and allergic reactions to drugs.
  3. If you have such an opportunity &# 8212; Duplicate your insured data by email.

In order for your application to be accepted, an insurance service employee needs to be reported on you:

  • Full name of the insured person;
  • Name of the insurance service;
  • Insurance Policy number;
  • The exact address of your location;
  • Phone number for which in case of need, you can contact you.

If you have any questions about insurance in Bulgaria write them below in the comments and I will definitely answer during the day.

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