How to independently pull the tick tweezers at home

Ticks are dangerous in that they carry encephalitis and borreliosis (Lyme disease). These diseases can lead to death. I will tell you what to do if we found a tick on yourself, how to properly pull it out with a tweezers and what to do after pulled out.

DOROGI-NE-DOROGI.RU studied other ways to pull ticks. We will also talk about them, there are very many delusions. Ticks can be pulled out on their own at home. The procedure is simple, but it is necessary to do it carefully.

I’m in hikes and tents since 2001. And the ticks swallowed a lot of ticks, it happened and two at once, or found when it is already with currants. Encephalitis did not picker never – lucky.

A couple of important moments about ticks:

  1. Prevention is better than treatment.
  2. Everything must be done very carefully.

Now about how to pull them out.

What should I do if bitten by a tick

If we found a tick on yourself, it should be pulled out as soon as possible.

Pliers transfer more than 20 diseases, but deadly for man only 9. This is a borreliosis (migrating erythema) and tick-earth encephalitis, anaplasmosis, erlihiosis, babesia (piroplasmosis) and Barthorellize.

Deputy Chief Doctor for Polyclinic Works of the FNCC FMBA of Russia in Crimea, Sannikova Tuiaar Nikolaevna

Pliers transfer more than 20 diseases, but deadly for man only 9. This is a borreliosis (migrating erythema) and tick-earth encephalitis, anaplasmosis, erlihiosis, babesia (piroplasmosis) and Barthorellize.

Deputy Chief Doctor for Polyclinic Works of the FNCC FMBA of Russia in Crimea, Sannikova Tuiaar Nikolaevna

The tick itself is not dangerous, dangerous tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis and a few more diseases that carry pits. These diseases can make a person with disabilities or kill. Encephalitis is also treated bad. Not all pincers transfer infections, but to determine, the tick is infected or not, you can only in the laboratory.

The longer the tick is in the body, the more the body contacts the source of the virus. This increases the viral load and makes the course of the disease heavier.

Therefore, if we found a tick, immediately delete or go to the traumapunk or clinic.

Not sure – do not delete! If the hospital is at hand, it is better to go there. And even if they pulled successfully, you still need to go to the hospital and take ticks with you to check for encephalitis.

Ticks in nature are a lot of species, but you can pick up the infection from two: Ixodes Persulcatus (Taiga Tig) in the Asian and in a number of areas of the European part, Ixodes Ricinus (European Forest Tick) – in the European part.

What pills need to drink if bitching tick

Nic Tablets from encephalitis and tick bites do not exist. There is only vaccine. At the same time they usually be vaccinated at the end of summer &# 8212; in the fall to get immunity for the next season.

If a person has revealed encephalitis, he is put in the hospital and treat complex. Just drink pills will not work.

I myself did not take anything when the tick bite. Therefore I had to dig on the Internet. There is one drug that is advised for prevention, but I do not advise on the recommendations from the Internet.

Before applying medications, I recommend consult with your doctor. Self-medication is dangerous.

This is the drug iodantipin. In his annotation it is written this:

For the treatment of tick-borne encephalitis: in the first 2 days &# 8212; 0.3 g 3 times / day, in the third and fourth days &# 8212; 0.2 g 3 times / day, in the next 5 days &# 8212; 0.1 g 3 times / day. Prophylactically, in case of suction of a tick, according to the same scheme, as in the treatment, in cases of possible suction of ticks &# 8212; 0.2 g, the entire period of stay in places associated with the danger of infection with tick-borne encephalitis.

Heard many conversations about Anaferon, many recommend to give it to children. On jellyfish there is an article where it is described in detail, why Do not take this drug.

How to pull the tick in humans at home

The tick is needed for the very base, that is, it is necessary to take it at the very edge of the wound – for the trot. In no case do not drag for the body – you will reveal the part of the tick and the part will remain in the rink.

If you managed to detect a tick on the body, you need to urgently consult a doctor. If the search for a medical institution takes too much time, you need to remove the tick yourself using a tweezers or thread. Before and after removal it is necessary to process the bite of antiseptic. If the wound remains fragments of the parasite, then over time they are neutralized independently.

Deputy Chief Doctor for Polyclinic Works of the FNCC FMBA of Russia in Crimea, Sannikova Tuiaar Nikolaevna

Saliva tick sticks his trumps to the skin, so it’s not easy to get it from there. Pull and all the more pulling it is impossible, you need to rotate and slightly pull on yourself.

As a tool, tweezers fits well for eyebrows. There is a special tweezers to extract ticks, but I feel good to pull out ticks and ordinary tweezers.

This lies in my hiking aid kit. He is better than usual the fact that he is tightly converged only at the front edge, and not throughout the area. Due to this, the tick is easier to take a trunk.

How to pull the tick tweezers

You need to try to take it as close as possible to the place of bite. The closer, the better – the smaller the chance to crush it or leave the trot in the wound.

Have taken. Slightly pull the tick from the skin (slightly!) not to tear off. The skin at the place of bite should be lifted. And begin to rotate. You don’t need to turn quickly – turning away. We try in the process not to squeeze the tool. Which way to turn, no difference. Trumps Tick This is not a bolt, there is no thread there, but it’s better to twist one way. After 2-3 tick turns should go out.

It is still convenient to use a medical clamp, but it is big. You won’t take with you to the forest, but you can have at home.

There are special tools for pulling ticks. Remind novelter. Only use them is not as a nail – and just as a tweezers, rotating a tick.

The tool works well, you can buy on the Internet. Find on shopping online sites is easy.

How to pull the tick with other means

I only tell about the way that he himself enjoyed several times. I got to pull the ticks with tweezers. There are other ways. I’ll tell you about them, but did not check on your experience.

The only method I tried is sunflower oil. This does not work.

Will sunflower oil help

Oil will not help. It is a myth.

In the theory of the tick, you need to pour oil, it will start torn under the oil drop and gets out. In fact, he will not get out. He suffocates. It will not get it easier to pull out, but you still get an oil stain in the place of bite.

Thump tick syrinet

This method seems interesting, but he himself has not tried. If someone has experience, write in the comments. About this technique there is a video:

Pull up with thread

The principle is the same as with a tweezers – you need to grab the proboscis and unscrew.

Make a loop on the thread and attach it to the tick close to the skin. Then the loop is tightened (on a trunk, and not on the body of a tick) and rotational movements slightly pulling out.

How to anoint ticks so that he gets out

I already wrote about the oil. No ointments and liquids that make ticks get out, no. Repellent splashing too late. Remove it now can only be mechanically.

Pulled out what to do next

Find a place of bite with alcohol or green.

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Behind the bite you need to follow. Even if you pulled out with a trunk, you need to periodically check whether the red is going and does not begin to be fed. Moreover, if you could not pull the trot.

Visit to the doctor after the tick bite is required. If more than a day after the bite, the symptoms of borreliosis or encephalitis appeared – fever, intoxication, skin rash – it is necessary to pass tests to these infections and immediately begin treatment.

Deputy Chief Doctor for Polyclinic Works of the FNCC FMBA of Russia in Crimea, Sannikova Tuiaar Nikolaevna

What to do with tick after extracting

Ticks We carry to the hospital for analyzing on tick-borne encephalitis. Just do not set it out, carry alive. Where exactly to contact depends on where you live. It may be a SanEPIDEMSTANTION or trauma. If what, you will be sent to where it is necessary.

How tick chooses a victim

Ticks find their owner by smell, they have no eyes.

How to independently pull the tick tweezers at home

The smell of an animal and man they can distinguish at a distance of up to 10 meters. Taiga ticks are minus. They do not know how to fly, do not know how to jump, they do not know how to fall from the branches on the heads of people (the hat from the tick will not protect).

Tick ​​is sitting in the grass or in the foliage of low trees and bushes.

He waits when someone passes by. When the potential owner approaches the tick raises the front legs, equipped with claws that cling to clothes, hair or skin. After contact with the body of an animal or human mite can creep up to an hour to find a suitable place.

Not always tick bites in the woods. It can bring home on their clothes, and at home he gets to you.

Prevention of tick bites

Wear clothes with tight cuffs

Going into the woods, you need to choose clothes with tight cuffs on the sleeves and legs, to see to it that there are no open areas of the body between the shoes and pants.

Footwear desirable high wear tibia, which can be charged trousers.

On sale is a special protivoentsefalitnye costumes. They have tight cuffs on the arms and legs, and special folds are made even to the mite was unable to crawl.

Use the right repellent

Not all repellents help. On Youtube a lot of movies with tests where people catch specifically tested for mites and their different means. Some ticks did not even react.

Similarly, work:

  • Gardex ticks in the orange bottle,
  • Reftamid anti-mite in a green bottle.

Repellent treated pieces of clothing for which you may catch a tick – hands, feet, the area around the neck. Before you spray repellent themselves, read the instructions (not all you can spray on your skin).

Avoid places tick habitat

Try not to touch the edges of shrubs, foliage low trees.

Ticks do not like a good, strong, beautiful forest without undergrowth. There uncomfortable hunts.

They live on the edge of the forest, which is full of shrubs and herbs. Ticks are active in the spring, in the period from May to end of June. At this time their numbers greatly increased, and then the bulk of the mites are killed.

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examine yourself

  • Tick ​​crawling on your body and you can feel its time to shake off before he prisosetsya. Although mite movement is almost imperceptible. Therefore, if the itching in some place, see what there is under the clothes you cards (sometimes this can lead to paranoia).
  • No need to throw off living mite where you sit, because he can crawl back.
  • Do not press the tick hands. If his remnants fall, for example, on a small cut on the finger, a great chance to infect encephalitis or borreliosis.

Even if the tick has already been suiced, the sooner you find it, the better.

Enjoy your walks in nature and good travel. Thank you for reading.

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How to independently pull the tick tweezers at home

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