How to independently place a visa to the Czech Republic in 2020?

Travel to Europe is in great demand among tourists, businessmen and participants of all sorts of international programs.

Czech Republic is a popular area not only for tourism, but also for study, work and treatment.

This is one of those countries to make a visa in which ours do not necessarily contact intermediaries.

Moreover, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Russia does not recommend contacting tourist agencies and bureaus providing assistance in obtaining visas to EU countries.

Do you need a visa to the Czech Republic?

Since the Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen Agreement, then without registration of a national or Schengen visa to visit this state you can not do.

Since May 2000, a visa is an inherent condition for traveling to the Czech Republic.

After putting a goal of a visit to Prague or another Czech city, it is necessary to take care of the design of the visa suitable for you in advance.

What is the visa to the Czech Republic?

Visa to the Czech Republic is short-term (Categories A, B and C) or long-term (category D).

Short-term visas are issued for any trips that do not have commercial purposes and allow you to stay in the Czech Republic to 90 days.

This means that for tourism, treatment, visits to relatives and friends in the Czech state you will be enough to get a short-term Schengen visa.

A long-term visa is necessary in the case when the estimated time of stay in the state exceeds 3 months.

Such a visa, as a rule, decore students, businessmen foreigners planning long-term travels with a view to, for example, family recovery.

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Schengen visa to the Czech Republic

The procedure for the independent successful receipt of a visa to the Czech Republic is not different from the scheme of actions to open a visa to any country Shengen:

  1. You need to know for what purpose you are traveling to the Czech Republic And how many days are you planning there to stay there;
  2. Need to collect and place a standard package of documents To open a Schengen visa. It is preferable to have both original certificates, passports and applications and their certified copies;
  3. Carefully and gently fill out the questionnaire and glue photos;
  4. Make an entry on the reception in the visa center (or its regional representation) on the official website of the MC;
  5. At the set time to transfer the documents by a specialist visa center personally, through family members or a trustee;
  6. After checking documents and preliminary approval to pay visa and service fees;
  7. Get a ready visa.

Working visa to the Czech Republic

The basis for opening a visa in this version is official work in the territory of the Czech state.

Work visa for visiting the Czech Republic is issued if there is permission to official work provided by the Employment Center located in Prague.

Such permission can be issued on a specific organization and vacancy.

That is, before you get this permission, this very work must be found.

In connection with the recent economic crisis, the chances of prosperous search for work in the Czech Republic have citizens with higher education and outstanding professional skills.

This is due to the fact that not every employer will agree to adopt a foreign employee without a preliminary meeting and in the absence of a guarantee that this person will actually come and will fulfill their duties.

Among other things, the employer, issuing labor relations with a foreigner, takes certain social obligations (tax deductions, insurance and t.D.).

But, as they say, "who is looking for, he will always find".

Practice shows that they independently get a working visa to the Czech Republic – quite real.

When looking for work in the Czech Republic, the high advantage will be the ownership of a private firm in the territory of this state or the availability of a license for a private entrepreneur.

In this case, you can legally issue working relationships in a simplified form.

In addition, on the basis of such a license or ownership of the organization, you can open an entrepreneurial long-term visa.

Blue card is available to qualified specialists with higher education and gives you the right to stay and work in the Czech Republic for a period of 3 months to 2 years (if desired, the blue card can be extended).

Green card is available to representatives of work specialties that do not require special education, but only citizens of EU countries, Japan, Ukraine, USA and some other countries can receive it. Russia does not enter this list.

Issue tourist medical insurance

Rent a car in the Czech Republic

Sample visa to the Czech Republic

How to independently place a visa to the Czech Republic in 2020

A sample of the finished visa you get in the visa center looks like this:

Documents for a visa to the Czech Republic

All documents that you submit to check in the visa center must be no older than 6 months (except for a foreign passport and a passport of a citizen of the our Federation) and have a notarized copy of the CCS.

Documents are made to provide a complete set (to convey the missing possibly, but it is better not to risk), while the consulate may make a request for additional documents.

However, this happens rarely.

List of documents for obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic:

Short-term visa:

  • All overseas passports that you have. At the same time, the period of validity of the latter should not be completed in less than three months before the end of staying in the Czech Republic. Make sure that there are free pages in the passport, where the visa is pasted;
  • Photocopy of the main page of the passport (photo page and signature);
  • Three color photos For documents with a size of 3.5 x 4 cm (photos of children inscribed in your passport are also needed);
  • Application form for the form of a visa center, filled with Latin letters (for children individual questionnaires);
  • Your passport of a citizen of the our Federation With a marker about a permanent place of registration or a special liner confirming temporary registration (temporary registration should be framed in advance and continue to act three more months after completing the trip);
  • Tickets to the Czech Republic and back (originals and photocopies);
  • Document confirming the purpose of the visit (The official invitation to the Italian side or confirmation of the fact of armor at the hotel with all its details and confirm full time payment);
  • Medical insurance, able to cover thirty thousand euros;
  • Help from work, in which the requisites of the Organization and its type of activity will be indicated, as well as your position and salary (IP provide a certificate of registration of the IP, an extract from the EGRIP and a certificate from the tax on registration with discharge from the bank account);
  • Certificates about the absence of convictions in the Czech Republic and Russia;
  • If you are a pensioner or a student, it is necessary to provide a certificate (pension or student card) and one of the documents confirming solvency;
  • If you are driving dependents, That is, children or non-working citizens, then a sponsorship will be required with the signature of who will pay a trip and stay in the Czech Republic. Sponsorship blank can be downloaded on the website of the visa center.

On all children who have undergone 18 years in a visa center requires submitting documents:

  • Original birth certificate or a copy of it, certified by a notary (even if the child has already received a passport);
  • Departure permission from the country, For cases when only one of the parents or a third party goes with the child;
  • In the middle of the school year There will be a certificate from the educational institution (for minor students also student cards);

Long-term working visa:

  • A document confirming the purpose of the visit will be to work permit In the Czech Republic and the official invitation from the employer.
  • Mandatory condition is a document confirming the availability of place to stay (lease agreement, purchase and sale and t.D.)

Requirements for a visa to the Czech Republic

For a successful discovery of a visa to stay in the Czech Republic, you must have confirmed financial capabilities for the trip all time (1 day in the Czech Republic requires no less than 1100 Czech crowns on a person), to have a true list of all required documents and copies and their copies Notarized translations.

Difficulties with the opening of a visa to Schengen countries may arise from having debts in banks, problems with law or in case the facts of incorrect use of previously issued visas.

However, if you provide an incomplete package of documents to the visa center (or they will be incorrectly decorated) you can submit a reapplication by eliminating all the shortcomings.

Application for a visa to the Czech Republic

A questionnaire for receiving a visa for you can fill out specialists (for a fee), but you can do it yourself, Guided by the rules:

  • Filling the questionnaire performed by Latin (English) letters;
  • Blank can be printed and fill it manually (black or blue paste) or fill on the computer and print an already ready version;
  • Print can be on both sides of the sheet;
  • Your personal signature Mandatory must be present in paragraph number 37 and in the latest window of the questionnaire;
  • Do not forget to glue a photo (3.5 x 4 for documents)

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Cost and timing of obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic

The deadline for making a visa to EU countries is about 5-10 business days. Urgent production takes 1-3 days, but it is twice as expensive. The registration of a long-term working visa may require up to 120 business days (but occupies an average of 10-15 business days).

Pay for visa fees to you after preliminary checking documents. The amount is calculated from visa (consular) and service fees.

Service fee can be avoided by submitting documents without intermediaries into the Consulate of the Czech Republic (address in Moscow: Sustvian Tree Street 31, Building 2, Index 127018).

Consular fees are not taken from children under six years, participants of all kinds of official educational, sports, humanitarian or cultural programs and events, as well as disabled people and close relatives (mother, husband, sister, and T.D.) EU citizens.

If you need to urgently get a visa, then the service collection will have to pay double-size.

Getting a visa to the Czech Republic &# 8212; Visa Center

On the reception to a specialist in the visa center it is better to sign up in advance through the official website.

Submit documents can be personally or entrusted with a member of a family who has a document regulating a document in his hands.

In regional representative offices of the visa center, your documents can transfer trusted persons, for this they need a power of attorney certified by a notary.

The schedule of regional offices of visa centers can be clarified on the official website.

How to independently place a visa to the Czech Republic in 2020

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