How to independently place a visa in Bulgaria in 2020?

our citizens can cross the border and be in Bulgaria on the Schengen visa of other states or on the national visa of the Republic of Bulgaria.

First of all, it should be noted that the official website of the Visa Service Center of Bulgaria in Russia is currently one of the exemplary sources of visa themes.

The site is updated in real time and contains comprehensive information on this issue, besides in a very understandable and structured form.

Therefore, when independent preparation of a package of documents for submission to a visa can be advised to apply for topical materials.

However, to save your time, the procedure for action in the most common situations may be set forth in this article.

In this article, find out how to get to Bulgaria by car, bypassing Ukraine.

Independent trip with tourist purposes

In consular terminology, such a trip is called "inorganized tourism" and may have two grounds – individual – t.E. Classic tour of the rest and sightseeing and purchase of real estate on prior contract.

The necessary set of documents for obtaining a tourist visa includes:

  1. Filled visa profile (can be downloaded from the above site). If some items are incomprehensible for you, then the best of all will clarify these nuances from the consular employee and enter the missing data at the time of the reception of documents.
  2. One color photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a light background, the face takes 70-80%.
  3. Insurance Medical Policy With a total coating from € 30000. Practical Tip: If your insurance policy is decorated immediately on several people on the same form (for example, in the case of a family trip), then immediately do and assure a copy of the copy to each person – the originals of the policy do not necessarily.
  4. Copies of air tickets or travel documents for rail transport, without confirmation of payment (armor). In the case of a visit to personal transport, you will need a route in arbitrary form (it is critical to specify only the border crossing items correctly), a copy of the state certificate. registration of the car, a copy of the driver’s license (international rights for Bulgaria do not specifically do &# 8212; our enough) and a copy of Green Card.
  5. Confirmed reservation (Hotel must be previously paid).
  6. Evidence of solvency – certificates of buying currency, discharge from a bank account, printing from ATM balance on the map with a copy of the front side of the map and T.NS. at the rate of € 50 per person per day, but not less than € 500 for the whole trip.
  7. Help from work – on the branded letterhead, indicating the position, place of work and official salary. The certificate must be signed by the head of the organization or an authorized person and is certified by seal (in our, if there are several legal entities in your enterprise, it will be better to make sure that the requisites of the form and print correspond to each other). Individual entrepreneurs instead provide copies of certificate of registration and INN, and pensioners, respectively, a copy of the pension certificate.
  8. How to independently place a visa in Bulgaria in 2020

To submit a "children’s" package of documents on the multiple-entry visa to parents or guardians in any case have to make a notarized permission.

Save a little while, it will be possible, by executing cross-document of both parents on the same form.

In addition, one of the parents or guardians must apply to the "children’s" letter of guarantee instruments in any form, and also to confirm its own solvency is similar to paragraph 6.

Issue tourist medical insurance

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Processing time and cost of application

Apply for a visa can be directly to the Consular of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria Department of pre-telephone recording (all contacts on the hyperlink), or through the Visa Service Center in a queue.

Terms of application processing is not strictly regulated, but the current practice of today, the willingness to take no more than five working days.

The cost of the visa fee is as of this writing 2100 RUB ., but due to the reference to the euro, the price can be changed at the time of filing.

Enter and reside in Bulgaria for Schengen visa

The ours have the right to stay in Bulgaria up to ninety days within six months of the Schengen visa. At the same time, stay on the Bulgarian territory does not affect the total permitted time of stay in the Schengen area.

Current practice of issuing visas

At present, the first call can usually be guaranteed to receive a six-month, and when re-treatment &# 8212; one-year multi-visas.

Special conditions for obtaining long-term visas for wealthy pensioners

In the presence of real estate or long-term lease, as well as the help of the Bulgarian Bank for the sum of EUR 1800 per person is possible without any problems to get first visa category D, and then design the on-site residence.

Documents on this type of visa are served only in the consular service of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria with the obligatory personal presence of the application submission.

How to independently place a visa in Bulgaria in 2020

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