How to independently get to the paradise Islands of Phi Phi in Thailand?

One of the most beautiful attractions of Thailand is certainly the island of Phi Phi.

How can I get to Phi Phi. Phuket and how much it costs?

Read more about them in this article will tell on my own example, and now I will show you how to get to them yourself through. Phuket.

Budget way

The first way is more budget &# 8212; This is buying a ticket to Ferry (Ferry) from seedling Pierre (Rassada Pier).

You can drive in Google Maps, this is the eastern part of Phuket Island. Where we personally get to the motorbike that I recommend to do!

Find this place is not so difficult and very fun! See new beautiful places in this part of the island. Or option to take a transfer in the form of a taxi.

A ferry ticket will cost you 1000-1500 baht, depending on the season, and from the company to which you appeal.

The ticket includes a shuttle service to the islands and back, a buffet, swimming in different places of the island, you can pay extra for snorkeling.

Ferry leaves 3 times a day with seedlings Pierre on Phuket Island. Files around: 8:30, 13: 30,14: 30.

Expensive way

The second option quickly &# 8212; more expensive, it is to rent a private boat (speedbots).

From 5000 batt and above .

So, consider the option with Fairry ferry 🙂

Buy a ticket, sit down on the ferry and you can choose &# 8212; stay on the island of PI PI for a few days and then with the same ferry to return back to Phuket.

Or return on the same day after 19 hours. (in the evening)

Rent a car to Phi Phi

Once upon a ferry&# 8230;

The first impression that there are a lot of foreigners here: Italians, Americans, ours and others.

Do not forget to take protective caps for the head and protective creams from the Sun. Happy very bake!

Incredible landscapes are opened, it seems like he got into the paradise.

After the hour goes, you are lucky by steam, see the bay where the film was filmed &# 171; Beach&# 187; with di caprio.

There are always very very many people, so I don’t even want to even go there, but you can clarify how you can clarify how you can get there (this is included in the program price).

We had like this: We first sailed past this place and fell up to the most important island of Phi Phi, where they remained bliss, and part of tourists floated back to this place.

So that you can choose where to stay.

Well, floated on!

Very many local boats offer their services: ride at local magnificent places!

And here we float further, everything is more beautiful and more beautiful!

See how many yachts and boats with people hunt to the islands of Phi Phi.

We sail to the island of Phi Phi.

We meet local Thais with proposals to stay and spend the night of several nights in their hotel. We go further and go to inspect the surroundings.

What can be purchased on. Phi Phi?

On the island you can find many souvenirs, interesting things, paradise birds for sale!

How to independently get to the paradise Islands of Phi Phi in Thailand

Be sure to buy yourself something from things for memory!

T-shirt &# 171; I Love Phi-Phi&# 187; (from 100 baht apiece)

Order cheap transfer &# 8212; Taxi on Phi Phi

Prices for food and souvenirs on. Phi Phi

  • Cheap donuts ( 10 Batt a piece);
  • Pizza ( from 40 batt per piece);
  • Delicious lunches, Jians, Painted Pineapples ( from 30 batt For a whole), what is not on the island of Pi Pi.

Magnets, handbags, key chains, wallets and t.D. (from 25 batt)

Photos with a Thai monkey for memory (100 batt)

Fully addiction overlooking the bay of Phi Phi &# 8212; about 180 BATT (per).

We were waiting for a buffet in a popular local restaurant, which was included in the cost of a trip to Phi Phi.

A wide variety of delicious food, which is replenished, at one table with Italians, Americans.

We sat down and went to look for an adventure! So, walking on the island of Phi Phi..

We wandered in a stunning place..

Clean empty beach Long Beach with extraordinary transparent water.

Here we spent the remaining time before departure to the ferry, back to about. Phuket.

I was invariably glad to visit the islands of Phi Phi! What do you want!

Be sure to visit these sights of Thailand!

And I will hope that I will see these unforgettable places again and next time I’ll stay here with overnight for a few days!

How to independently get to the paradise Islands of Phi Phi in Thailand

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