How to have time to spend time in Hamburg

Hamburg &# 8211; One of the most popular German cities. Every year, a lot of tourists arrive here. The city is what boasts.

In Hamburg is located Maste seaport country. In addition to excellent museums and monuments, you can see Amazing combination of old architecture with modern. An interesting feature for many people can be Water tram, On it you can ride the same principles as on other types of public transport.

Located on the Elbe, the port city, impresses a huge harbor, a lot of interesting places and walks on the embankment.


Hamburg is not only history, monuments and attractions. It is also entertainment, calm and atmosphere of a lively megalopolis. Place that should definitely visit in the evening &# 8211; Famous district of St. Pauli.

I am very easy to get there, you need to leave the metro station of the same name (. Pauli). Right next door is Football Stadium FK &# 8220; Saint Pauli&# 8221;.

What is today in Saint Pauli? Bright area, full pubs, cafes and advertising, but at the same time allowing you to relax with a glass beer after a difficult day. Also there you can find a very good food from the grocery vans and purchase souvenirs with the famous &# 8220; skull&# 8221;. Last, yet, very expensive, souvenir shops are clearly aimed at secured tourists.


Hamburg is a very attractive city where a mixture of modern and historical architecture is found. Being in Hamburg, do not forget to take enough time on Walking on Schpeiherstadt and Hafenciti.

How to have time to spend time in Hamburg

Spaiherstadt is the biggest Complex of warehouses in the world, Today, some of the buildings are still used as warehouses, others are applied to museums, as well as restaurants and pubs.

In the city you can visit and admire Magnificent town hall. Among the attractions of the family there will be a magnificent miniature park – "Miniature Wonderland", where the most huge model of the railway model is located in the world.

Being in the city, you need to find time for Cruise in Hamburg. There are various options for cruises, a cruise on the harbor is recommended, it may be the only way to see how huge container carriers arriving from outside Europe are unloaded.

Among the most interesting sights are also huge Maritime Museum &# 8211; International Maritime Museum of Hamburg, There is a huge collection of models of ships, ferries, boats and t. D., as well as a collection of painting and charts on marine themes, uniforms, cards and satin, as well as weapons from ships of different eras and navigation equipment and much more.

For those who like to visit and see various ships and ships from the inside, there are also a few sentences: Ricmers Rickmer Ship Museum, Lighthouse &# 8211; Feecherin and Cap San Diego.

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