How to go to the city during transplantation?

You have a long-term transplant? This is an excellent chance to see a new city. Today we will look at the details of this topic and tell you how to go to the city during transplantation.

To begin with, we give a small check list so that you do not lose time in vain:

  • Check if you need a visa in order to go out into the city. Read more about transit visas, read here, and a list of visa-free countries for us can be found here.
  • Examine the airport scheme and find where storage cameras are located.
  • Specify in advance how to get to the city.
  • Make a detailed route.

You flew to a transplant point further?

In most cases, you do not need to pick up luggage and you have a boarding pass on the following flight.

To exit out &# 8220; pure zone&# 8221; Follow signs &# 8220; exit&# 8221; / &# 8220; EXIT&# 8221;. On the way, you will pass passport control, where you will check your visa (if necessary) and then you will fall into the arrival hall.

If you have a heavy hand drawn with you, which you obviously do not want to take with you for a walk, find the storage chamber and leave things there.

It’s time to find a public transport stop to get to the city.

How to find out the road from the airport to the city?

How to find out whether you need to take the luggage in the transplant point?

If you bought a pass-to-end air ticket, then in 99% of cases, baggage will continue to the end point of your trip. If you bought 2 separate air tickets, then everything depends on airlines:

How to go to the city during transplantation
  • Low cost airlines &# 8211; Always pick up baggage.
  • Low cost airline + regular &# 8211; Always pick up baggage.
  • Same airline all over the way &# 8211; Do not take it.
  • Airlines are different, but included in one alliance &# 8211; Do not take it.
  • Airlines are different, but a codeship agreement is concluded between them &# 8211; Do not take it.
  • Airlines are different, they are in different alliances and between them there are agreements &# 8211; Take it.

See how many subtleties and options? The only right way, (if it is not a flight of Losuksost, everything is simple and understandable with them) call the airline and clarify them to direct.

Where to find information, for the preparation of the route Walking around the city?

There are many sites, forums and travel planning applications. Among the most useful, this is, of course, the Viness Forum, such sites like Tripster.RU, IKNOW.Travel, Pinterest cards, which we wrote earlier.

Tune in advance to the fact that all of you will not have time to see. If you are in the city for the first time, it is better to take a small sightseeing tour of the city, so you will see all the main sights. Perfect option &# 8211; This is a bus tour, there are such in every major city. You can buy tickets in advance or find an individual guide on ExcursiOpedia or Sputnik8 website.

How to calculate time and not be late for the plane?

If the plane arrives without delays, then on the search for exit, the storage and passing chambers and passing all procedures (customs and passport control) you will leave about 30 minutes &# 8211; 1 hour. On the way back, you must also arrive at the airport 1.5-2 hours before the aircraft departure.

We already have 3 hours. To this, add the road from the airport to the city and back. Most often it is 40 minutes &# 8211; 1 hour per face. Total for 5 hours.

Pleasant exception is Amsterdam. From the airport to the very center of the city you can reach only 20 minutes by train, which walks very often. Amsterdam &# 8211; the perfect city for long-term docking, there always have something to see and day and in the evening.

On the walk around the city highlight 3 hours, no less. Thus, on average, to get to the city without a rush and nerves, see there and return to the airport, the docking must be at least 7-8 hours.

If you are an experienced traveler, or have already been in this city, then you will have less time, but if you do this for the first time, it is better to progress.

What to do and where to go when you returned to the airport?

If you bought a single air ticket, then you already have a boarding pass for the next flight. Consequently, you do not need to approach the reception. Immediately go to the security of the security service and further to the Gate, where your flight crashes.

Please note that you will re-undergo security control, it means that liquids of more than 100 ml. Will besyati. Therefore, make purchases at Duty Free at the airport of transplant, after passing inspection.

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