How to go to Thailand

Strange question for many, even wild. There is an international license, there are, suppose a credit card or just from cash pockets burst – I would not have to rent a car, do not breathe full of breasts? Do not rush with the breeze, demonstrating the truth of the brilliant phrase affected by inrogen: ". And what our. " Etc.

Immediately cut, do not ring. Bangkok is not the city. The song is long, I will start from the beginning – a brief description of the movement in Bangkok, as such. Right-sided movement, steering wheel on the right, interest machines for 70 – Japanese. After Vladivostok seems to be in Khabarovsk. And vice versa. Jeeps are not much like us – this is me also about Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and the Far East. Far Easterns will understand, and then in Russia – in places. Very many frills in the form of jaguars, Porsche, sports Mercedes and in general, it is not clear what brands, but clearly not cheaper than the Zhiguli of the penultimate model. Very beloved by the poor layers of society such Pickapiki from Toyota, Nissan and T.NS. Pickapiks are crowned with a fence, out of the pipes, there they do not go there. A bunch of people in incredible quantities are driven into the Pickapiks, only hands, legs, burning cigarettes and cheerful smiles – a certain living embodiment of the chased Stalinist – "It became better to live, comrades, it became clearly more fun to live:" Bangkok, despite 10 million, it seems to be taken into account, not to mention the unrecorded, population, it takes a little compared to other cities of this scale, places. Streets, even central, relatively narrow. Sometimes not comparatively, but incredibly narrow. Narrow so much that the pedestrian will not pass, if the transport does not give him the opportunity to do it, even if the pedestrian gets his wall or fence. Center in Bangkok, in the generally accepted understanding, no. There are several centers and binding their quarters will not understand what – from university complexes to villas and slums, from condominiums to handicraft workshops, from simply ruins and ruins to something industrial. The quality of the roads is very good, but they are narrow, and the main streets are many – with one-sided movement. There and Sym Nakidan Cursed Private Property, respectively, fenced and not allowing the opportunity to cut off the way. If you get up to the desired building not from that side, then whether you are at least close to him – you can’t fit into the building without demolitions, but look for the entrance – it means to go a little half the city. It is necessary to depart from the street, entering the main street, travel to turn, turn on this main street, but in the opposite direction, then an attempt not to fly past the right street. And these are only flowers.

Until the recent Asian crisis in Thailand there was a rapid economic subsidence, and any self-respecting, and even disrespectful, citizen, considered the principle and honor to acquire cars. And got acquainted. Bangkok is naked by cars as our state submissive ideas, do not push around. The main streets are of themselves, simply, one big plug. The car looked into it, and the car moves convulsively at speed, compared to which the check-in speed in the garage will seem a guarantee of victory in Formula 1 racing. Green-red light, unlike us, burn very long – t.E. very long, minutes 3-5, otherwise, with our intervals, everything will be right here. But also between traffic lights, all the bats, so that the participants of the road remains one to relax and try to fall into Nirvana. In firstness, from Russia, such a ride just drives you crazy – I want to grab even a flamethrower, and a slotting "Grad", and make themselves, finally, the way to the desired building, which is clustered close, and to which it does not manage to get there. There are no heavy trucks, there is a car, buses, vans, Tuk-Tuki (two seats on wheels with a roof, in front of another wheel and the engine to which the steering wheel and the driver are traditionally) and the hordes of motorcycles. There are highways, paid. Impressive. Giant concrete snakes of excellent quality were confused by the city along and across, at a height of 3 to 5 storey at home and above. Help, but not very close to the clier you need to get there, and then, accordingly, to eat – and the physical proximity from the place of cren to the goal of the trip does not mean the proximity of the actual. Trams and metro. The idea of ​​the subway was buried 20 years ago and still torn her hair and seek guilty of a funeral. By the end of this year, Skyline will be launched – the metro, but only on top. At the height of Highiveev. Beautiful will be, and maybe easier. Movement in Bangkok is a very serious problem, all foreigners in one voice claim that there is no such thing. Even close. The struggle for the ecology is somehow not noticeable here, more and more on the Buddha are relying, and therefore it was able to. We, however, could not be a special interference – especially those who were born and rose near the century stored or there the pride of the five-year plan. After Russia, uncomfortable only in the epicenter of the nuclear explosion, and then – how to see. In the epicenter – immediately, without flour and options. In Russia, not immediately, and options and flour – as in the theories of large numbers, much and for every taste. But sorry, I brought me.

Public transport – air conditioning buses and without, taxis, tuk-tuki and motorcycles. Motorcyclists-Taxi drivers stick out on every corner, and in some, I still incomprehensible dependence, they are sometimes the cheapest, and sometimes the most expensive type of transport. T.E. Ordinary 2-Timmer Motorcycle – Sit back and go. On the busy clock, when the working masses are stiguously moved from place to place, the fastest type of transport is public, with the exception of taxis and other cars. They are the slowest, little faster legs, and not always and not everywhere. Far faster buses, Tuk-Tuki, and incomparably faster than all of them – Motorcycles. Motorcycles generally the fastest type of transport, at any time of the day. And the most beloved. For them there are no traffic jams. Leaking out how to mercury, in any slots and clicks, they are braided only on traffic lights. And there and accumulate. On the open green light, these incredible hordes are followed. T.E. The opening scene at the intersection reminds not so even shooting the film "Mad Max", How something is an epochal and historical – driven atylla Gunns wasting broke on the streets of the defenseless city: buses are relatively faster than cars because they are given certain rights and traffic stripes. Now about the most important thing – about the actual ride and existing morality.

How to go to Thailand

So, if.V. Gogol got into Thailand, he would surely remake in the phrase about driving "our" on "Tetac". Thais love fast ride and rushed like crazy. Riding in Bangkok, among traffic jams and streets, in which not every cyclist will hit, pre-act, just shock. In the midst of the day of free space ahead more than 100-150 meters, simply does not happen. But these 100 or less meters do not pass, but fly, all the participants of the movement – buses, limousines, despirate descent and destination: driver’s virtuosity is simply not amenable to description. We must see. Not small "Ikarus" (there are a lot of them), with a trailer, flies along the central street, by which 30-40 meters of free space, which was released ahead, with the speed that we do not have any Lihacch will allow themselves in the country track. With noise and crash rubs on the sidewalk, and other participants in motion have time to disperse, opens the door on the go and almost on the move spits and swallows passengers, braking with difficulty and reluctantly. All Movement – Virginiard. All participants are in millimeters from each other, and all alive! On the slightest piece of free space, everyone throws away from each other, and literally tearing this free piece on parts. Riding outside the city or around the city at night – it’s just a whistle of almost overtaking sound and flickering scenery scenery outside. Still, the strongest impression leaves the movement on the streets of Bangkok, buses and motorcycles. Most likely, Thais has a congenital sense of speed and distance, nothing else is impossible to explain such a concept – mad ride in traffic jams. From motorcycles in general goosebumps – so far everything is standing, they are taped between them on the masked potential speed, accelerating, in the slightest, let down to racing records. And motorcycles as a type of transport occupy a very weighty place like passenger and cargo. On one behind and in front, there is as much as on our half-timer time of virgin, on the other, passengers are sitting. Passengers, too, a picture – a girl sits, the shine of both legs on one side and carelessly they pouring the briefcase in one hand, in another sandwich, the cheek presses to the shoulder mobile phone and does everything at the same time – chews, chatting, cheerfully laughs, and motorcycle At this time, incredible pyruets are performed on a rabid velocity, literally rubbing between cars and buses. And buses – this is, nevertheless, do not strolle the time of Gogol, even with springs. I repeat – they have certain liberties that they are, and they are with speeds, sometimes not inferior to a motorcycle, breaking the ears towards traveling, if they slow, the sounds of their beeps, and literally advancing them on the heels – lying, so to speak, paint with license plates. And with such a ride – an extremely small number of accidents and an accident. There are many of them in resort areas, such as Pattaya, where many foreigners, vodka, marijuana: on the tracks, they say, there is enough trouble. I traveled around them, I will surely believe. Those accidents that saw in Bangkok – exclusively at night – were all extremely heavy. T.E. The taps spread the remnants, trying to set that there was, how much, and survived slices, able to ensure at least a funeral in coffins, and not in the urnoches. With rabid speeds at all, and at night especially, this is not wise. If you stick to where or what, then clearly not then to scratch myself side or knock. No, at such speeds, the stitching ensures the lack of hassle with resuscitation and rehabilitation – as a direct hit of heavy projectile. But after all, their accidents, extremely few! Why? Looking at their movement, they involuntarily pretend to Russia, and at once the hair stands up, because if you move their movement, speeds and traffic jams to us, then we will break it around for 15 minutes and such a final war – everyone against all. Communists pale from envy, with their civilian. Go to the latter – the issue of morality and morality, or why they have so few accidents.

In addition to the undoubted, in my opinion, congenital talent for quick ride – objective, so to speak, the circumstances, there is a subsitious – high morality and culture of behavior, compared to us – the highest. In short, I will say so – each participant of the movement expects an adequate reaction from others, everyone calculates not only on itself, but also on others. No privileges exist – unless buses, and mostly morally rather than pronouncing. Surrender Duranduple, which we dare to move only with short ransoms, it uses absolutely the same rights as a faithful Limo with a personal, in uniform, driver and a very important person from behind, chatting on three cells at once and blinding eyes with their rolesami, chains and etc. Limo will give him a road, and he is Limo, and without any irritation or indignation. Moreover, without popping out from the Limo of the facet of the associates of an extremely important person, with the calculation of the road to a kilometer by a radius, beating the driving and inclusion of the meter;. In the moral of the movement of Thailand must be born. Peel into peace, benevolence, willingly go to meet. Understand the hardest thing – here not everyone for himself, everything is for all. An exceptionally important person can be in the office, in the homeland or in a family circle, but not on the roads of Thailand. On the roads of Thailand everything is exceptionally equal. Now answer yourself honestly – you are ready for this? It will only be nice to many, as moving through the streets of Moscow to the holiday trader from the treningrad, and many, unfortunately, no. Many can confirm their significance, including this – an exceptionally important ride on the roads – so that all living things run up, hiding, or awe watched. The latter I take the car extremely not recommended if they do not reduce their importance to universal limits. All other normal people advise to look a little and penetrate, and even then harrow on gases and other places of the car.

Eh, people, and what we are so for yourself? What we don’t live normally? Give us a mix of a collective farm cattle courtyard with a boundless zone, and that’s it! And to the smaller, then you mean the best, we do not agree, even kill. And when we are bored with our pigsty, we accuse the government, the king, some kind of future nationality, indecently rich neighbors – and we ride a revolution that smoothly goes into the world war, and all this is that in an even more vile pigsty to remember the pigsty overthrown.

How to go to Thailand

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