How to go to Kizhi Island – report with tips, prices and photos

V Kizhi Museum We got only on the second day of our stay in Petrozavodsk. It was necessary to get on the ship "Meteor". We made a big mistake: bought excursion tickets and time on the island turned out to be limited to four hours. It’s not enough, it’s nothing at all.

My daughter and I felt like two saiga, which rushed so that the wind whistled in the ears. Now, if you bring again on the island Kizhi, We will do differently, take tickets at the checkout, we will arrive in the morning, and return the last flight. And all day will be our! We will wander around the island, relax on the round, polished by the wind boulders, look at the lake on the lake and absorb herself amazing spirit Kizhey. Be sure to take with me food and water.

It is best to come to Kizhi in the morning, and in Petrozavodsk return to the last meteor. Otherwise you will not have time to see everything here.

Read the alternative route in another report: Path to Kizhi Island.

On the pier in the quiz, everything is very expensive, and in the museum we met only one shop, and that – at the very beginning of the road. Ticket price for Meteor I was impressed before the trip to Karelia – 2, 5 thousand. USD It was back in 2014, now I think, more expensive. But believe me, I don’t have to regret money.

Ticket to meteor petrozavodsk &# 8212; Kizhi costs 3000 rubles.

Now in order. Ride on the lake – already adventure. Sitting in the cabin was boring and most passengers accumulated on the deck.

The foam trail has stretched the foam trail behind the boat, and the rainbow was burning on it.

The lake was blue, the sky is clear, the picturesque green islands began to appear. Some – very tiny, others – larger, with houses, boat villas. Impatience increased, it seemed, an hour allotted on the road would never end, but it seemed familiar on a variety of photos Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, that is the most that is built in one ax. She produced a strange impression, As if Paris in the air. Later, we found out the reason for this phenomenon: the church was on the restoration, the logs in the Siruba changed, the upper part was raised, there was a decent gap, through which the blue sky looked. We left the church on "then" and as a result did not have time to see it.

Login B Kizhi Museum Stoil 400 rubles on adult and 100 for children and students. For this money, we could visit all objects, join any excursion. We did not take an excursion, went where the eyes looked. And now I would love to listen to the guide, he tells very interesting things.

Kizhi – Magic Miracle. Photos do not transmit the atmosphere of the island. You come to him, and there is a strange feeling that you are at home, as if you were waiting for you for a long time and now they meet the sun, and butterflies, and dense silent air. Here warm and cozy, at every step you see something extraordinary. We felt a little hurt uphill impressions. As if out of modern times, moved to antiquity. Here goes down the path in an old dress with a bouquet of daisies, a calf is lying on the grass, harvested hayrs, and there is a mill on an elevation. It seems to blow the wind is stronger, and she will wave the wings. So everything around looked fabulous, that I would not be surprised if the pike had emerged from the lake and spoke to a human voice.
Entrance to the Kizhi Museum is 400 rubles.

How to go to Kizhi Island - report with tips, prices and photos
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Island big and see here there is something. Kizhi is an open-air museum, Here are collected architectural monuments, household items, icon paintings brought from Karelian, Weepsk, our villages. In the village of Yamek, the whole street of vintage houses stretched along the shore of the lake. Not everyone is open to visiting, but it can be seen that people live in many: on the windows of the curtains with a frozen embroidery, grill. Opposite the houses – boat moorings and baths. On all buildings there are signs with detailed information, if not they are, we would not distinguish between the barn. Houses darkened from time and all generously decorated with wooden lace. Once upon a time he was in the light of the peasant Berezkin. Unless they would remember it, if not her beautiful, high house. Inside – clean and comfort, stamps gapped copper pelvis, on the flamested bastards were filled to the yellowness of the floor boards, on the bed – patchwork blankets, pushed pillows. Each subject I wanted to consider, carry it in my memory. We clicked two cameras without stopping. Then Tuesuck Breshchina will fall, then styled boots in the corner, then the mill.

In the same room stood a weaving machine. Bosy girl in a folk costume sat for him and began to work, passing along the way as the clips in the old days. The girl was lit by the sun, her head cloned, hands quickly moved.

This picture is so in memory. In the House of the merchant Osshevnev, we listened to our and Karelian songs performed by the folklore ensemble.

I want to say about people Karelia. All who met during the journey were good and friendly, it seems to me that it is the greatest value of this beautiful edge.

Examine in a few hours of home, mills, forge, chapel, churches, riga, barns were impossible. We rose to the highest place of the island – Nountaine Mountain, Long stood, admired dark houses, the onset lake, gathered the July Kizhsky strawberries, and for some reason decided to hurry to us. After all, someone lives on the island Kizhi. We also want to stay here. But the arrows of the clock moved so decisively that at the critical moment we rushed to the pier, having failing for goodbye by the hand of the Transfiguration Church. It was hard to leave, one hope remained that we will ever return.

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