How to go to China one and survive?

Time of amazing stories about China begins! I am alive, healthy (though for mental health after what you can go beyond), ready to tell.

About money

For a trip for 11 days I spent 45.000 rubles.
For someone it shock – "And that’s all?!", – Some shouted to me. And all. I answered calmly me. Yes, I know how to save.
10 000 went to tickets Irkutsk-Beijing-Irkutsk. Magic discounts.
5 000 I spent on the registration of a visa. Yes, the visa to China is needed. Yes, I turned to the agency, because I did not understand the questionnaire for a number of items (this is true).
5,000 I went to the train from Beijing to Qingdao and back.
25,000 I took with me for food, accommodation and everything I need to.

Was it enough to me? No. I think that one of the reasons for my, gently say, shock emotions from China in a small travel budget. Surely it would be better if I were not lower than the bottom

About the route

He was banal: Beijing-Qingdao Beijing. In Beijing, I spent 7 days, which very much regretted. I recommend highlighting at the capital no more than 3-4 days, and study China further. Why Qingdao? I really wanted to the sea. But not to the resort. Terribly I love sea landscapes and marine cities. And this city was closest to Beijing, plus with an interesting architecture, beautiful shores, the wipe smell of the sea and an excellent atmosphere.

About Chinese

The fact that I have difficulty with the Chinese, it became clear at the airport, when the local resident attempted on the informational rack. With queues they are generally a separate song. Very much they love to stand in them, drink and crawl, without waiting for anyone.

But terrible it turned out that the myth about widespread attempts to deceive – True. They make it vaga, sometimes cunning, and almost always aggressively. Change mood to aggression – a clear sign that now will be fought. Attempts to circle me around the finger were at the station, at a ticket office in the museum, in the hotel, in the store, in a cafe. Almost no one came out. Well, not with the ours.

Another terrible fantasy was true. They are strained on the streets! Right in Beijing. Directly in crowded places. Close the door to the toilet? Why! Who generally invented these doors! Sat in the bushes? Of course! Why should I endure?

And so that you understand the scale of the catastrophe – in the subway, the rollers are spinning about the fact that it is not necessary to behave. This at the official level is recognized, it is not silent. And yes, it is trying to fix.

Justice for the sake of, the world is working the law of equilibrium. On 10 complex guys account for 8 good. For 3 days in Beijing, when I was already ready to ask friends to export me nafig from the country, I met a fantastic Chinese family. A girl who is studying at a specialist in working with pensioners, her mother, in the past bus driver, and dad – former engineer. At first they helped me figure out the menu in the cafe and treated the beer there. And then the city was shown all day, I got acquainted with strange Chinese food, fed by Beijing Duck and said – You are our daughter, and we are your family. I almost sobbed when I was forgiven with them. I met other Chinese who helped, saved the taxi drivers who attacked me, helped to understand the roads, were relieved from deception, treated and wished a good way.

How to go to China one and survive

Chinese – very special people. Even amazing! My collision with them – the experience that crossed the skills of the dispute, trigeon, caution, intimacy, pregnancy with other people. Thank you for everything.

About sensations

In general, all my trip is an attempt to understand and accept. China is one of the oldest civilizations! And this is actually felt when you go through these ancient palaces, you are striking the skill of their builders, a sensitive understanding of harmony (for example, in every such castle there is some kind of garden, and in general they have excellent parks!), equilibrium, soak the wisdom. And the Great Wall? Goosebumps from her! This is an incredible structure. Such power, such fine work. You go and feel like everything was built here.

But then descend into the real world, where the insane queues, the attack, op, impatience and other joys, about which I wrote. Yes like that?!

Thought to me that there is a certain theory of civilizations, according to which each country passes the same stages of development as a person. It is a child, a teenager, adult and an old man. And China, when he created all these masterpieces, was already a man at a moonful age who realized everything and did not hurry anywhere. What is probably probably because it is one of the most ancient nations. But the essence of this theory is that over time everything is repeated – and the old man becomes a child again. The Chinese are directly like children now, she is God! Do what they want, do not understand anything, but seek to learn. From this side, they can only be lost and wait for them to become adolescents and try to kill themselves or threaten to kill parents.

Why am I, you need to perceive China and soul and mind. Then he is told in completely incredible variations and forms.

How to go to China one and survive

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