How to go on your own in Kaliningrad

How much is it worth going on your own in Kaliningrad, how best to go and where to stay? Can Kaliningrad can replace Europe? We have collected all the information about the journey to the most western city of Russia.

For self-traveling to Kaliningrad, you need to know the following:

  • Fly aircraft According to the our passport – this is about cheap and very quickly (there are subsidies in Kaliningrad).
  • We are going on the train Only by passport is cheap, but will take two days. Ticket you can buy online or in cash.
  • We are going to Kaliningrad by the car. Be sure to need a Schengen visa. The trip will take a couple of days and it is difficult to organize it, but this is the most interesting option.
  • FerryDo not even consider it – he is expensive, therefore only for commercial traffic.
  • Set up better in the area between the southern station and the island of Kant.
  • Excursions and other leisure you can easily organize yourself. Below is written what to see and where to go.
  • All information about Kaliningrad here. There will find reports.

If you fly to Kaliningrad only with an internal our passport, go back you can only with a plane.

Now about all this Read more.

How to get to Kaliningrad

Of course, it all depends on you, but there are mandatory costs that will not be able to avoid. Read more about the cost of a trip in the article In Kaliningrad for 10100 rubles .

We are going to Kaliningrad by train

The cheapest Option yourself to go to Kaliningrad – sit in the Belarusian station of Moscow to the train to Kaliningrad. The sidewall at the toilet will cost about 2500 rubles . If you want to go to the coupe, then the ticket will have to give up approximately 4500 rubles.

From St. Petersburg also walks the train, but not every day.

When you plan a trip – Check the schedule on the our Railways website. Train departs from Moscow railway station , Time on the way 23.5 hours . A ticket in a placentar stands from 2800 rubles . Sometimes there are tickets in a common car, they are cheaper, but a day to go sitting hard.

Residents of other cities will have to drive in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Ticket to Kaliningrad can now be bought on the Railways website and at the box office, but only by passport.

Fly on the plane

The most comfortable transport – airplane . Tickets from Moscow can be found in 4500 rubles . But more often the price fluctuates around 5000.

The plane can (better to do it) book online – so more convenient and cheaper.

Kaliningrad Airport is called Herburovo , it is wherever you arrive.

It is located far beyond the city. From the airport yourself get to Kaliningrad is the easiest way bus , which is full there Or take a taxi . Before the journey I advise you to read the article about, How to get from Khrubornovo to Kaliningrad . There is a bus schedule and are described all the nuances.

We are going by car

By car in Kaliningrad riding Not convenient .

We are going conditionally in Russia, and it is necessary to execute Schengen and plus more documents on the car. But here there are also its advantages: you can see Lithuania or call Poland.

So if you already have a visa, then not such a bad option. All information about the trip to Kaliningrad by car hereā€¦ There you will find information on border points, routes and documents – everything you need.

About ferry

From St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad walks steam. But on tourists it is not designed.

Can of course go, but it is expensive, long, uncomfortable. Ferry is intended for commercial traffic: wagon, car and t.NS. Passenger cars cheaper to overtake with its own.

If you need a ferry, then you at this link: In Kaliningrad on ferry&# 8230;

Please note that Parom St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad is only the name, in fact he connects the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region with the city of Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region.

Where to stay and how much it costs

If you are going to Kaliningrad yourself, try to look for a hotel or apartment closer to the center. More convenient live between the southern station and the island of Kant. So you and the attractions will be under the side and to the area on excursions.

Independently finding accommodation in Kaliningrad is not difficult, use the usual types of type Booking.Com .

We made a selection The best hotels in the center of Kaliningrad . There are already a good options.

If you want to stay in the old German villa , then you have two areas in your choice: Amalienau and Maurenhof .

The latter closer to the amber museum, and the center you can walk on foot along the promenade of the upper and lower ponds. Amalienau more, this area is closer to the Kaliningrad Zoo. However, both of them are far from the center and housing there are not the cheapest.

About housing prices

Prices for housing start from 1000 rubles a day per room in the apartment. The bed in the common room in the hostel is about the same. If you want to live in a hostel, then we recommend staying in Koikago &# 8212; It is located in a convenient place and is not expensive.

How to go on your own in Kaliningrad

Some of the most expensive hotels In the Fish Village &# 8212; This is the city center.

What to see

In Kaliningrad there is no explicit historical center, all attractions are crushed in the city. If you arrived in Kaliningrad yourself, at first it may be a little disorient.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Routes on the main attractions are described in the article What to see in Kaliningrad for 3 days

Briefly say that necessarily Need to visit On the island of Kanta and see on the cathedral . In the evening, go to the organ concert. Be sure to see Ocean Museum : Men will especially like Submarine . I recommend from forts Fort number 11 – It has been preserved in untouched form and there are very interesting excursions. It’s not easy to get to the fort, but it is worth it.

In Kaliningrad A lot of amber .

This is a kind of brand of the city, which is actively spinning. I would say that it is beneficial only to small merchants amber jewelry, which in Kaliningrad can be found on every corner. But we are not going on these shiny. Moreover, most of them are made absolutely not beautiful and look like a piece of epoxy resin, and not on jewelry.

If you want to buy amber, do not do it outdoors, go to the amber museum, there is a store. A real amber from a fake eye does not differ even a specialist.

In Kaliningrad, areas with ancient German building have been preserved. To see her go to Amalienau &# 8212; District of Old German Villas . We talked about him just above.

Excursions with locals in Kaliningrad and area are looking for Tripster .

In addition to Kaliningrad, it is worth going in the area .

Namely on the Curonian braid and in Svetlogorsk . If desire, you can add more to them Amber . There are still Baltic, but it is only interesting because this is the western city of Russia, there is nothing to look there &# 8212; Military everywhere.

Viewing platforms

Viewing sites in Kaliningrad not much. In the heart in the fish village there is Lighthouse , from which the cathedral and roofs of neighboring houses. Lighthouse is low, for the entrance takes 200 rubles. The view from it is not very different from the view from the ground level.

Of course, the lighthouse is not real, it’s just a lighthouse building.

The best place to see the city From the height of it roof Houses Soviets . Officially, this abandoned building and a passage in the construction stage is closed. However, the guard for a symbolic fee skips up to the top of all. Take a flashlight with you, on the stairs in places dark.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

Ride independently in Kaliningrad is not difficult, this is our country, although the enclave. Special preparation in terms of documents This trip does not require. The easiest way to fly there by plane &# 8212; I don’t even need a passport. Have a good travel.

Useful tips and tricks in travel

To save on airline tickets:

Find a cheap flight using Aviasales. He is looking for tickets from airlines around the world.

Instructions how to buy tickets to the Internet Read here

How to save at the hotel:

Book a hotel, hostel or apartment on Booking.Com – This is the most convenient and popular tool. We have on our site selections of interesting housing.

And here – Instructions for airbnb

Do not forget insurance:

Travel insurance is needed in case of disease, injuries, and theft. Authors of the DOROGI-NE-DOROGI site.Ru never travel without insurance. To search for insurance companies, we use the service Cherehapa.Ru

Optical guide and an interesting excursion:

Use Tripter – They have the largest selection of unusual excursions worldwide.

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