How to give up touristhevka and return your money

The tourist needs to try to return the funds listed by travel agency.

In which cases you can return the full cost of the tour?

Tour operator will return to the client all the money listed if he is guilty of cancellation of the trip. For example, the tour operator could not book the desired hotel or purchase flights to the selected tourist.

Also, the tour operator is obliged to return all the money to the client, if the our Foreign Ministry recommended to refrain from traveling to the chosen country, for example, due to the natural cataclysm or military conflict.

How much money will be returned to the tourist who refused the trip himself?

Travel agency should return the client the cost of the tour minus actually incurred costs. Such expenses include funds made by the Client, which the tour operator managed to spend on booking a hotel and pay for certain services.

As a rule, do not return money for:

medical insurance if the policy has already managed to write out;

visa collection, if the visa is already framed;

Booking a hotel with an irrevocable pledge;

Tickets acquired by the non-return tariff for regular flight or charter.

Can the client return the full cost of the tour, if the trip did not take place due to illness of his or relative?

As Margarita Yeremeyev explains, the lawyer of the tourist rights club, on the basis of the disease, you can terminate the contract, but not return the entire cost of the voucher. According to her, the tour operator is not to blame for the fact that the client fell ill, therefore returns money minus actually incurred costs.

But the tourist can return the total cost of the tour when the trip is canceled, insuring the unbearab. This service is offered today many insurers. So, the tourist’s disease is considered an insured event, and he will be returned to the full cost of the tour. But compensation will occur at the expense of the insurance company, and not a tour operator.

Can a client who has canceled the trip, return the money at least for the flight?

How to give up touristhevka and return your money

If the tour operator is specifically for the client, I bought air tickets at a return rate, you can return its full cost or some part, depending on the terms of the tariff.

However, the charter and non-refundable flights are standard.

How to make a refund?

Margarita Yeremeeva says that the client must bring documents for a trip to a travel agency or tour operator, where he bought a tour and draw up an application for termination of the contract with the explanation of the cause. The tour operator must return funds within ten days. Next to this daily will add 3% of the amount of the debt, non-refundable to the client, but the amount of the penalty cannot exceed the amount of the stated requirements.

If the client does not agree to the refund of the incomplete cost of the tour, the dispute must be addressed in court. The tour operator will have to present documents that will confirm its actual expenses before a person has refused the tour, otherwise the total price of the voucher will be recovered from it.

Can the tour operator can prescribe fines in the contract for the refusal of the tour?

Tour operators may indicate in the contract that the refusal to the round will entail fines. For example, if the tourist refuses the trip two weeks before departure, it will lose 50% of its cost, and if less than a week – 100%.

However, such fines are illegal. Margarita Yeremeeva notes that the client cannot finish in this case – The tour operator is obliged to return the cost of the voucher minus its actual expenses.

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