How to buy a ticket for € 340 cheaper?

Experienced travelers have long learned to slightly sick with tariffs, thereby flying cheaper. We have this practice yet is not very common, but in the US, completely. In principle, this is not a hoax at all, but simply not quite faithful, from the point of view of the airline, the use of tariffs.

Abroad This method was called Throwaway Ticketing. It works not at all airlines, in Russia, in Russia, it is hardly able to save, but in the flights to Europe and in the US&# 8230;.

To begin with, remember a little theory about tariffs. Many of them spread &# 8220; Rule Sunday&# 8221; It implies that the reverse flight in the ticket must be no earlier night from Saturday on Sunday (00:00 local time of departure airport).

This rule was invented in the USA, t.To. There is a fairly large percentage of travel passengers who fly on weekdays. To make a bigger airline on them introduced Sunday Rule thanks to which flights on weekdays have become more expensive.

For example, if you fly out from Chicago to New York on Monday and fly back on Thursday of the same week, then pay for a ticket much more than if you flew on Friday and flew on Sunday. But the poor Americans were not confused and in responses came up &# 8220; Throwaway Ticketing&# 8221;.

So, what is it?

Consider on a specific example.

You need to fly from Moscow to New York on April 24 and return on April 27. You will break in the US from Tuesday to Friday.

The cost of this ticket from the Airlines DELTA will be € 1,629.81.

In this case, we buy more expensive tickets, t.To. Do not capture the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Now, book two separate tickets, with &# 8220; capture&# 8221; Sunday:

Ticket 1:

Ticket 2:

For flight, we will use only the first flight coupons, from a ticket 1 &# 8211; segment a and from ticket 2 &# 8211; With, so we are placed in the right dates, and now we will deal with prices:

How to buy a ticket for € 340 cheaper

Ticket price 1 &# 8211; 639.81 Euro:

Ticket price 2 &# 8211; $ 851,44 or € 649,389. SVO-JFK segment We chose the cheapest, long-term transfers,.To. Anyway, we will not fly by this flight.

In the amount we will pay for two tickets &# 8211; € 1 289,2

Now compare, buying &# 8220; correct ticket&# 8221; for € 1,629,81 we lose € 340,61.

Why is it important to use only the first flight segments?

The fact is that most tariff rules say that when using the first flight segment, the second is automatically canceled.

And now a little about the legality of this method. In principle, we do not do anything bad, we buy tickets, pay money for them, and not yet fly, thanks to the airline must say. But no, they don’t like it very much, but it is quite difficult to calculate the cunning.

If you decide to fly in this way, I do not recommend specifying your bonus card. If you abuse Throwaway Ticketing, it will be easy to calculate with it, although, in any case, you will not count the mile for this flight, t.To. Not used one of the flight segments.

How to buy a ticket for € 340 cheaper

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