How to buy a plane ticket, if the hand is not a passport?

Situation-pain: you see the steep ticket price and are willing to buy, but the passport was left at home, in other pants or other bag. What to do? There are two ways: a reliable and not very.

Method 1 (not)

Take a photo of my passport on the phone and store photos in the gallery or messengers. Many will say that it is comfortable, and we even agree! It’s all safe.

There is a similar option – do not store the photo, and the data in the notes or chats. Surely, your data still lie in some general chat, where there are people with whom you have ever traveled, but do not communicate. Also so-so option. If and to throw off the chat in your details to someone else bought the tickets right at all, after purchasing delete your post.

Method 2 (reliable)

Use the notebook on Online Kupibileta or in the application. Thing useful and easy to use. When purchasing tickets you enter data of passengers, which are then automatically stored in the phonebook. This surname, first name, date of birth, series and passport number and expiry date of passport. And the data are inserted automatically when buying your next ticket – you just have to choose who to substitute. That’s the whole secret.

Notebook online

You can delete unnecessary data, add the necessary manually or using a document scanning. All this takes less than a minute! bank card can also be scanned.

It is very convenient to add, for example, the whole family and loved ones and not steam when buying tickets that you lack someone’s data.

And this is safe?

How to buy a plane ticket, if the hand is not a passport

Of course! All data is protected by a reliable and strong encryption, full compliance with international safety standards.

What is the benefit of a notebook

It’s like in advertising juice when the boy says that vitamins are not visible, and dad says they are. The use of a notebook is not immediately striking, but it definitely has and affects the speed of buying ticket.

Notebook in the application

Do you know that Prices for air tickets change several times a day, And for a lot of reasons. In your same interests, have time to buy a ticket for the price that suits you. After all, there is always a chance that while you dig up and drive passengers manually, a ticket will already buy someone else. Therefore, passengers who have already been listed all the data in a notebook always one step ahead!

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How to buy a plane ticket, if the hand is not a passport

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