How to buy a cheap ticket to buy

We have a bonus program at which you get points for buying tickets and additional services. Bonuses can be spent on the ticket – it will be cheaper from 500 to 2,000 rubles, because 1 point is 1 ruble.

Points are charged if you buy a ticket in your mobile application Android and iOS version 2.3 and above. For the purchase from the site scores are charged only for the purchase of additional services. Do not forget about it.

The higher your status, the greater the percentage of cachek in the form of points:

  • Travel amateur – 1% of the cost of the ticket
  • Travel Fan – 1.25% of the ticket price
  • Travel Guru – 1.5% of the cost of the ticket

Points for additional services brings 3 times more points (3%, 3.75%, 4.5%, respectively).

How to spend points for a ticket

500 points – the minimum spending threshold, 2,000 – the maximum.

Suppose you have found tickets to Berlin for 6,000 rubles and you have 2,000 points on your account. Congratulations, you pay 4 000 rubles!

Another situation: You found a ticket from Moscow to Peter for 1,499 rubles. In this case, you can’t spend points, because:

  • 1 000 rubles – a mandatory minimum that you pay for a ticket in cash or card,
  • 500 points – a minimum score that you can spend on one ticket.
  • How to buy a cheap ticket to buy

That is not formed. If the ticket costs 1500 rubles, you could spend 500 points and buy it for 1000 rubles.

Where are the points

– 1-1.5% of the value of each order, depending on participant status in the bonus program. Only available in mobile apps Android and iOS version 2.3 and higher;

– Extra points for paying for our services (insurance, Kupibilet.Return, check-in, Kupibilet.Floor, Kupibilet.Status) in the amount of from 3 to 4.5% of the cost of services, depending on the status of the participant in the program;

– 3% of the room on booking.Com. We will credit points within 60 days after the full payment of the hotel and departure from the. learn more>>

With the help of promotional codes

Without life there is no promotional code, so this is our recent feature in the application Android and iOS version 3.2 above! Sure, you already know how promotional codes work. This code of letters and numbers or a certain word that gives a discount. You enter it in a special box, and, wonder of wonders, the price was lower.

The promotional code you can win in the competition to find on the internet, spy friends, in our social networks and mailing lists, and so on.

How to buy a cheap ticket

Cool and what promotional codes can be used at the same time points. That is, first enter the promotional code, and after already "finished off" the price of available bonuses.

Terms and conditions for promotional codes

Each has its own code, the terms of use. For example:

  • The promotional code is tied to a specific account and not available to others.
  • A certain number of promotional codes for promotions or contest.
  • Validity of this code,.
  • Promocode operates a certain number of times from one account.
  • The promotional code is only valid on certain airlines.
  • The dependence of this code of where you buy a ticket (for example, operates only on the website or in the iOS / Android application users).

In any case, in the distribution of promotional offers that we always stipulate the conditions of their actions, because one promotion code can operate multiple conditions.
Use it all here and fly cheap, we did it for you <3

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