How to buy a cheap ticket for the holidays

I thought about where to go on New Year’s visit back in September. Some then and buy tickets (or mad genius?). But if the plans you have decided just now, yelling: "truncated missing!"early. All is not lost and the cheapest tickets can still be found. And we’ll show you how to do it.

Since the council to "buy in advance" is not suitable, we will consider other options for saving.

not naughty

When the time less and less, can not be choosers. Spontaneously save on tickets manages to those who do not care where to go. After all, in a certain direction to catch the cheapest tickets difficult, especially for a few weeks before the trip.

Change departure city

This advice is more likely for the residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow: they can fly out of the Baltic States and Finland, because there are many European low-cost airlines flying. From Tallinn to Germany for 1000 rubles? Easily! From Helsinki to Prague for 2000 rubles? No problem.

But here we must be reasonable. If the difference in the price of tickets from the nearby town only 2-3 thousand rubles, you just spend on the train or bus to him, then the game is not worth the candle.

Change city arrival

How to buy a cheap ticket for the holidays

Same as above, but in the other direction. Sometimes a ticket to the desired city is more expensive, then look at the flight to the next city. For example, to fly to Eindhoven cheaper than in Amsterdam, and to move you take from an hour to two.

Such advice is more suitable to Europe, as the distance between cities and even small countries. Even with the bus or train it often is cheaper, at the same time watch another town.

This also applies to the return flight. Not necessarily fly away from there where you flew. From neighboring cities, again, may be significantly cheaper.

Catch a burning ticket

This advice for those who will not be upset if they will not fly away. They are usually waiting until the last: and suddenly the day before the departure will be a cheap ticket? After all, some airlines to fill the aircraft, in recent days heavily discard the price. But it does not always happen and not in popular destinations. If you do not care, fly or not, try happiness. And if it does not work, just come back to salads and rolling from a slide in a nearby park.

How to buy a cheap ticket for the holidays

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