How to buy a cheap plane ticket via the Internet (2 options)

In this article I will tell you how to buy a cheap plane ticket via the Internet. Simple language I will describe how to do everything competent so that you are not deceived – the scammers are not small. And most importantly, I will tell you where to find the cheapest ticket.

Where to buy a plane ticket

Via the Internet – this is understandable, but on which site?

In travel agencies, I was told that it was most profitable to search for tickets on sites:

I have been using for more than 10 years and completely trust them.

You can trust both the same site – they deal only with proven Internet cash desks. Check them manually and followed by decency, so dubious online cash registers to their search do not fall.

Search for both sites.

Most often suggestions, if different, then very slightly, but sometimes it happens that one of them gives a very good offer.

How to find a cheap plane ticket via the Internet

If it is possible to shift the date of departure for several days or weeks – it is good – you can choose the cheapest dates. This is not some kind of tricky search methodology, but this is the main thing that Helps save.

For neighboring dates, the price can differ significantly.

First we are looking for when cheaper, and only then apply for vacation. Perhaps that shift the holiday have to be just for the day, and the economy will turn in a few thousand.

As soon as I see a ticket at a price that suits me – it immediately booking. Prices for air travel are changing rapidly.

Is it safe to buy a ticket over the Internet

Yes. Buy Online airline ticket is not more dangerous than at the box office or travel agent, if you do it on proven, long-established sites that I have listed, you can safely buy.

How to use search sites tickets

This is the basis of the whole process. Explore the features of the site which are looking for tickets. On this depends the success of your.

Let’s start with Aviasales

Open their website:, spin the mouse wheel down to move the screen. On the main page, they do not only search, but also widgets for popular destinations prices. And there are even lower special-offer flights.

Search for tickets there is not difficult: the top line enter the desired direction, the date and the number of travelers – all clear. Click Search, and wait until the end search. Top will be the lowest price of round – trip (if selected) for all passengers.

If you click Buy, then the site will send you an electronic airline ticket counter where you buy a ticket.

Want to find cheaper?

Then look at the window with the search results. There is a button at the top left. Calendar called low prices. Click, you choose the lowest column and presses Find. Now other dates. But the price is much more pleasant.

The map and calendar can be accessed directly from the main menu. Above right is a button.

Do not forget to subscribe to the proposals.

So you do not miss the special-offer if it suddenly appears. Spam rasylayut they usually do not, in the end, you can unsubscribe tale like buy what you need.

The same functions and operate on our website &# 8212; Flights press a button on the menu.

How to search on Skayskannere

Skyscanner! The tool is identical, essentially differs only interface.

You can choose in the direction of "Everywhere" or, for example, "England".

If all the fields are left under free search, the site will give you the cheapest ticket that he has. Most likely he will suggest you fly somewhere in Russia. In Saratov, for example. If you do not want to be in Saratov, dive just below, there will be abroad.

Siccanner can give you the following warning: self-docking. This means that at the airport of transplants you will have to go through passport control, get luggage, then register the next flight and re-pass the baggage. be careful.


There is nothing secret or complex. If you connect the smelting, then you can guess about everything.

Fly to the point of transplant

We have already found out that the direct flight is more expensive. Suppose you need to Latvia. Fly there better than the local airline. That is AirBaltic. Hub they have in Riga. After you find a cheap ticket Moscow – Riga, try searching for a flight anywhere with a transfer to Riga. For example, Moscow – Oslo. Maybe he will be even cheaper. You just do not make a transplant, but go to Riga. Customs to you there in any case.

It is important to place luggage only to the airport transplant, otherwise it will fly further.

Here is a list of some airlines with their hubs:

  • AirBaltic – Riga, Vilnius
  • Airberlin – Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf
  • Lufthansa – Munich, Frankfurt on Main
  • EasyJet – Manchester, Gatwick
  • PEGASUS AIRLINES – Sabihi Gucchish International Airport
  • Ryanair – Dublin
  • Wizz Air – Budapest, Katowice, Warsaw, Gdansk
  • Flydubai – Dubai
  • Germanwings – Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgard
  • Air Arabia – Sharjah

Clean the search history

Sometimes search engines of air tickets give higher prices if you see a definite history in your Internet browser. So it is worth a renovation and clean the story before buying a ticket.

For example, in the Yandex browser, go to the Yandex website, in the settings in the upper right corner, where your mail, click the portal setting, then "Clear Query Study".

What else can you save

Let’s return to the conversation about the leather. With these airlines you can save decently. What and why, we considered above. Now we learn more about how to do it.


Learn to fit into manual sting. It is not so difficult. Hand-made bag size is limited and each airline has its own. However, dimensions are not different. They are due to the design of the aircraft, and not the priest carrier.

Usually, hand-shaped size: 56 × 45х25 cm.

If you put your things in a suitcase of this size, you will not have to pay for luggage, and the suitcase will take with you to the cabin of the aircraft. Here to the question laying you need to come up with the mind. Something you can take one for two, something to buy in place, and something does not take at all.

Read more about manual sting Read here&# 8230;


For meals on board, we also do not pay. So as not to starve during the flight take me to eat with you. Of course, the pan does not succeed in the saches. But you can take fruits, bananas for example, very calories. Water can also carry.

Of course, all airlines have different rules and need to be clarified. But completely all of them usually do not prohibit. Specify.

There is a common misconception. In general, it is forbidden to carry fluids in tanks with a volume of 100 ml. Often they read as a ban to carry more than 100 ml. No. In hand bags you can carry up to 1 liter of fluid. But in bottles not more than 100 ml. And do not forget that 1 liter for each passenger. That is, mom with a child can take with them two liters.

In extreme cases, if something needed, you can always buy food on board. A glass of water can be asked to the stewardess – nap. In airplanes accept bank cards Visa and MasterCard. Maestro – does not work.

There are still loyalty programs and they really allow you to save, but only if you fly very often.

About tariffs

Flights (sometimes there are also tariffs) are returnable and non-returnable. Tickets for the return rate are more expensive and they can be returned no later than a day before departure. You can also immediately before departure, but in some airlines you will be returned not all the cost.

A ticket for a non-return tariff can not be returned, but it is cheaper. Loaders have a choice, at what rate to buy a ticket. Here it is necessary to think that more importantly: calm or savings.

In fact, you can return the non-returning flights. Talk to this a little later.

About loyalty programs, miles and bonuses Read here&# 8230;

What is lourogenant

Lookers in aviation (from English Low Cost &# 8212; low cost) is airlines that sell their tickets cheap. They save at the expense of additional maintenance.

Loaders in the price of the flight is not included in the luggage, meals on board and in general any additional services. You will not even be able to choose without surcharge.

How to buy a cheap plane ticket via the Internet (2 options)

The aircraft will not be customized to the terminal and will fly, most likely not to the nearest airport destination. However, this does not need to be afraid, it must be rejoiced.

This can all be used to save and at the same time keep yourself comfort. Think, you want to pay for baggage, if you are only hand-made? Or why do you need lunch on board, if you fly an hour and you can take food with you. And if you are alone, what is the difference where to sit?

How the site for the search for air tickets via the Internet

Flights via the Internet sell not only airlines and travel agencies. Much sites.

Price on different sites different sites. It will not necessarily be the lowest on the airline’s website.

The search site for airfares flight ticket offers on the Internet on different sites and finds those that comply with the user requirements. This is usually the lowest price.

Claims for the quality of transportation, flight delays and everything that is not related to the search for a ticket, it is not necessary to present this search engines, and the agent you bought a ticket or airline.

5 principles: how to save on flight

Before you continue to summarize the result and add something else to what we already know.

Connecting cheaper flight

Because, airlines are more profitable to fill in passengers two flights than one. Both aircraft will fly regardless of whether all the tickets will buy on them or only part. And if you make a transplant, you ensure the occupancy rate of both flights. Docking flights occur in airport base airports – Habakh. Airport Baseline connecting flight.

Plan a flight in advance

Airlines It is important to know that their flights will be filled. And in general, prepare Sani in the summer, and the cart in winter. Buy air tickets better in advance. Either right before departure. But last-minute flights are Extreme. How in advance – for three months or earlier.

Buy immediately back-back

All the same. You provide a passenger plane. The price is lower. But it is worth checking and prices only one way, because there are exceptions.

Check the coming dates and neighboring airports

For example, in England, you can fly directly to the center of London, and you can in Gatwick or in Manchester, which is cheaper. The same with dates. And from Gatwik to the center of London you can get in 2 pounds.

Buy airline tickets online cheaper than in the usual key

Because the seller on the Internet does not pay for the rental office, the work of the staff and T.D.

There are still special offers from airlines to search on the Internet. Also a good way to save on flight. But you will have to fly there, where the special offer will act. We flew so much in England alternate two times in a row. Then EasyJet has opened new flights to Moscow and they had a promotion to attract customers. Prices from Moscow to London were at the level of 900 rubles in one direction.

Of these principles, several tricks are obvious and not very.

Summary: How to buy a plane ticket via the Internet

  • We try to look for different dates and days of the week
  • We are looking for tickets on several special sites Aviasales and Skyscanner
  • We buy tickets immediately there and back on all passengers
  • But before buying, check the prices of pre-site: separately and separately back
  • We use services Loorksostor
  • We consider different airports of departure and arrival
  • We are looking for flights with transfers
  • Put things in manual sting
  • Drink with me to the plane
  • Check prices in incognito mode

Booked what’s next

After you all paid, you will receive a booking confirmation letter for mail. Print it and invest in the passport. This is your ticket. Printout may not need, it’s often enough to show a passport, but it is better to have it. There is a ticket number and other important numbers and letters that may be needed.

Now the main thing is not to forget the early register. Usually, registration on the flight can be passed on the airline’s website two weeks before departure.

Unfortunately, the purchase of ticket online or offline, at the box office does not mean that you will definitely get on this flight. Sometimes overbooking happens, especially with those who later goes. Of course, the likelihood that it will happen small, but it is.

Airlines usually sell more tickets than a plane can accommodate. This is a common practice. So they insure themselves from empty aircraft. People often book, and then cancel on the last day. Sometimes it happens that the landing come, if not all passengers, then more than in the plane plane. Then who first registered, he flew.

Of course, everything will be afraid, but the laggards will be hammered by free places on other flights and offer flights with transfers. Therefore, it is better not to pull with registration.

How to check Flights purchased via the Internet

Very simple &# 8212; Call the airline. Just keep a ticket (what you were sent by mail) before your eyes. You will be confirmed booking &# 8212; Keep calm. The phone is not difficult to find &# 8212; To do this, the airline has an official website.

How to return flights purchased via the Internet

As you already understood, it all depends on the tariff: the return &# 8212; Non-return.

To return money for a ticket at a return rate, please contact the site of the airline, and not to the site that you found this ticket. There is also information and refund conditions. What fines and sanctions are allowed for a ticket refund. By the way, all negotiations on the return of tickets can be done online and on the phone, not necessarily go somewhere.

Usually, by return rate, you can return a ticket for a day before departure.

Under the non-return tariff to return the ticket can not. But if there is a valid reason, you can return (or change the date) and their. Everything is individually and depends on the airline policy.

I hope I clearly told you how to buy a cheap plane ticket via the Internet. Plan your own vacation – this is pleasure.

Useful tips and tricks in travel

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How to buy a cheap plane ticket via the Internet (2 options)

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