How to buy a cheap air ticket to Bangkok

Already in the midst of the tourist height of the tourist season in Thailand, so we decided to give you a few tips on finding cheap air tickets to Bangkok.

When it is better to buy a ticket to Bangkok and what price is considered low?

One of the most frequently asked questions is &# 8211; How to find out what the foundation is the price for a ticket Low or, on the contrary, dear?

You can, of course, repel from your own budget, for example, you decided not to spend more than 25,000 rubles for a ticket, but agree, even in this case, it is much more pleasant to buy it for 18,000.

It is best to repel from the average price, on the flight Moscow-Bangkok with transfer it is 19,800 rubles. If you found a ticket in Bangkok cheaper, you can safely buy, if more expensive, then sometimes it costs and wait.

But 19800 This can be said, the average temperature in the hospital, in the peak of the tourist season, prices naturally rise. Why it happens can be read in our article &# 8220; Why the price of air tickets is changing 10 times a day?&# 8221;. Therefore, it is important to know not only the average price, but also the highest tourist demand for this area.

The year there are only two similar periods:

  • November holidays &# 8211; From 1 to 8-10 November.
  • New Year and Christmas holidays from mid-December to the 20th of January. The most expensive tickets for departures and arrive from December 26 to January 11
  • How to buy a cheap air ticket to Bangkok

For example, if you boast the air ticket Moscow-Bangkok with departure and arrival in October, then the price for it will be even lower than the average &# 8211; from 19 200 rubles. If we plan a trip to the November holidays, from 1 to 8 November, then the minimum price is already 30 200 rubles. But 30 thousand is far from the limit, the highest statistics prices in January, just during the weekend, is now a ticket from 3 to 10 January, even with an uncomfortable docking cost more than 40,000 rubles.

Remember that the amount of cheap tickets on each trip is limited. The cheaper the ticket, the less they are on every flight. If you start searching at least for 6-8 weeks, then you will be able to buy a ticket for 19 800, if you remember about them for 2-3, then, most likely, the price is below 21-22,000 rubles, you can hardly find a price below. Although in the low demand season, for example, in September, even a few days before departure, you can find cheap tickets.

Now let’s go to the day of the week.

What day of the week tickets Moscow &# 8211; Bangkok are the lowest?

Will write faster on what day they are the most expensive &# 8211; on Saturday. Therefore, do not plan your departures to Bangkok and the junctions to Moscow for this day. Among the week prices are always lower, the difference is usually 1-2 thousand. rubles per ticket in both directions.

What are airlines to find the low prices for flights to Bangkok?

Most often, the lowest prices offer Etihad Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways. Naturally, their flights will be with transfers. Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, Emirates &# 8211; in Dubai, Qatar Airways &# 8211; in Doha. In each of these airlines you can book your stay and stay for several days in the UAE or Qatar or just stroll around the city yourself, and even better to book a sightseeing tour.

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