How to borrow the most comfortable places?

For many travelers, it is important where to sit in an airplane. Agree, I don’t want to fumble at the hotel at all, having arrived in a new city or the resort just a week, just because the legs elapsed and the loin hurts.

Several rules of competent tickets will make a flight if not comfortable, then at least tolerable. Even if it is an economy class.

How to borrow the most comfortable places?

1) Before booking tickets, read the location of the places in the plane. Any place has both its advantages and cons.

– It is believed that places in the first row are the most convenient. Still – there are so many space ahead, there are far from stretching, no one in front of you is wring down in front. But at the same time, in the first rows, the armrests are usually not raised, and therefore, there are several chairs in the sofa. Also, the first rows most often prefer passengers with children. Therefore, if you do not need to scream and noise, it is better to stay away.

How to borrow comfortable places?

– Middle Salon. These are usually the most noisy places, as the design of aircraft provides for the presence of in the middle of turbines and motors. Stuardessians in the central part of the cabin leave the carts, so it will be difficult to go to the toilet. But these facts are not truth in the last instance, how lucky.

– Tail of the aircraft. Default is considered the safest place. In addition, the toilet is close, it is not necessary to walk far. But here you get the most, food, newspapers and drinks you get on the residual principle and people go back and forth – toilet after all.

– Places near Emergency Output. Are considered the most "fatty", because between the ranks of space more. But at the same time, at these places, the backs are not crowded and prohibited to keep the manual lay on the floor.

Where to borrow the most comfortable places

How to borrow the most comfortable places

2) There are several risk methods of convenient location. They do not always work, but sometimes you can try.

– When booking tickets for two, take the place at the window and near the passage. Total, the middle place remains free, but few people want to sit on it. First, lonely travelers are always less – and this is a fact, no one wants to "scatter" your family on the salon. And even if there is a neighbor you will find you, then he will not miss the opportunity to cross at the first time.

How to take normal places in the plane

– It is said that the registration must come early. At the airport, you can always ask for employees for stealing to transplanting you … But at the same time landing at the last moment can bring no less pleasant surprises. For example, moving to a business class with Economy tickets only because someone did not come. More often it happens when a "Great Sale" on Tickets are announced in a couple of hours before departure. But these methods carry some risk and are only suitable for loner travelers who have nothing to lose. After all, you can and do not flute at all!

Places at the beginning of the cabin and by the window

But the most reliable rule for convenient flight is polite and friendly with flight attendants, and they will offer you a good place as soon as possible.

How to borrow the most comfortable places

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