How to book profitable housing in travel: 15 tips

Many independent travelers know that most of the money is spent on traveling. Thanks to the recommendations and advice from this article, you can save money to accommodate abroad and book the most excellent option for the price and comfort.

Guest house in Iceland

Most of these tips were discovered by me from personal travel experience in travel. I will tell you how to find discounts for accommodation abroad, stop for free from foreigners and wisely saving on housing on trips! 🙂

Look for accommodations in browser mode Incognito

You may notice that even on this site with an article you are offered a suitable ads for you (unless you have an app against any advertising on sites).

Why it happens? The fact is that popular sites track the client’s behavior, its preferences are in search, plans and much more.

Also with booking accommodation, hotels sites can track your preferences and play with you, setting prices higher or displaying &# 171; last number&# 187; so that you are more likely booked, whereas in reality is not the last room at the hotel.

So i recommend using &# 171; New window in incognito mode&# 187; In your browser (for example, the CLTR + SHIFT + N key combination in Google Chrome). It will help to avoid tricky moves from sites and show the real picture of housing options.

How to book housing for a short period?

If you plan to stay in one area for less than 7 nights, you can enable the following housing services:

Compare prices for them, preferably in browser mode incognito!

Before you pay the number on the hotel’s website, or on the search site, find out how much the same number is on different sites of booking systems, or on the hotel site. 😉 Hotel booking through online booking systems may be more profitable than room reservation on the site of the hotel.

A large selection of options on these sites (above) will allow you to find the most interesting offers for the price / quality ratio.

How to book housing for the long term?

If you are planning a long-term accommodation (from 1 month) in the same place, I recommend booking accommodation for the first 2 days through the Internet, and on arrival already search for accommodation yourself.

Cheaper than the options not in tourist sites, but a little long ago from them. For example, I lived next to the center of Tangalle (Sri Lanka) in good apartments for 1000 rubles per day.

Then, like our friends, together, lived at 7-10 kilometers from the city in the cozy room of secluded from noisy streets and roads Sri Lankan home, and rented housing for just 10.000 rubles per month.

Long-term housing in the Philippines (part of the room)

When choosing a long-term housing options, it is worth conducting the following checks:

  • Rate the quality of the housing itself, Does the roof take place if the windows are closed. Check how new, comfortable bed, sofa and chairs. Is there a mosquito net over the bed (if you are in Asia);
  • Check all the necessary devices, Technique in the house for performance. Is there cold and hot water. Is a good pressure in the water; Find out if there were no problems with large equipment, with a stove and water supply;
  • Imagine how convenient will be the room For your usual life and work.
  • Check the Internet speed and specify the owner as well it works, does not give frequent failures;
  • Examine the terrain. Housing Location Very important feature. It is important to find out how far it is from shops, roads, level of security level and the presence of trees from trees (especially in Asian countries);
  • Do not miss the items. The smell of air freshener may indicate an attempt to mask unpleasant odors that do not destroy from the apartment, and the presence of traces of shame – about the presence of cockroaches. Pay attention to the little things – they can become a problem in the future.

When you cost several options, on average, it is 5-7 and the accommodation found finally will arrange you, you can already negotiate with the owner of the price and book it for the long term.

If you are limited in money and you have, roughly speaking, 300 bucks for housing for a month on.Bali, then you should warn the owner in advance about it, before he shows you options.

Long-term housing in Thailand (kitchen)

Perhaps it will seem to you that I described too many different checks, but I really had a different kind of problem when renting some houses in Asia:

  • the roof flows in the rainy season;
  • broke the water supply in the kitchen and her all poured;
  • Very lacked mosquito net;
  • Microwave exploded and dr.

Free travel accommodation

For those who want to live for free, the resource of the caratsurfing is vital, where, after registering and creating a personal profile, you can find people who are ready to shelter you at home.

The tours is such a resource where registering online and describing it in more detail by inserting my photos to the world and stop for free spending on the world (for a couple of days or a little more) from different people, writing them in advance. At the same time, you do not need to receive guests for free.

Network covers millions of users throughout the world.

Number of people who registered on the site kuratfing

By registering, you can find dozens or hundreds of people with your interests in this community, let us talk about the language you need &# 8212; our or listening to the same music as you.

The minus of rubbing is that in most cases, according to the rules, it is impossible to stop at the same person more than 3-4 days, although if they make friends, I think exceptions are possible;)

My recommendations: If you are only planning to register on this resource, then fill out as much information about yourself, about your interests, lay out interesting photos from travel and preferably a photo with a team (Create trust).

When you’re going to stay at a certain host Write to him not a short, interesting, friendly letter about your future journey and why you want to stay exactly from him, perhaps his host’s praise.

In addition to the popular resource of free housing, kuratsurfing, you can register with similar sites:

  1. Hospitalityclub.Com
  2. Trustroots.Org

These 3 resources along with the rubbing &# 8212; Excellent opportunity to save money for accommodation.

Apartments, Apartments, Rooms (Any accommodation from individuals)

In modern times, it is fairly inexpensive and comfortable can be stopped in individuals. For example, thanks to the popular resource travelers &# 8212; Airbnb.Ru.

Service gives all new users coupon from 2100 rubles (click on the photo below).

Click on the picture to get 2100 rubles for travel

Often to rent housing through AirBNB It turns out more profitable than living in the hotel, and options can be found the most fantastic: from the cozy eco house in the forests of the Philippines to the antineus boats moored on Seine in Paris, which can accommodate a small company.

For example, here is the option of housing through airbnb for 2373 ruble for two In Iceland, a 7-minute drive from the airport in Reykjavik, which is very cheap for this country.

Convenient and inexpensive accommodation in Iceland

Or 1095 rubles on three for a cozy room in the apartment in the center of Kislovodsk. There are a large number of such options around the world that it is often much more profitable hotels, guesthouses and sometimes more profitable for some hostels.

Join both you are to such advantageous offers around the world! Register right now online: Airbnb.Ru &# 8212; Use your Free coupon for 2100 rubles When booking housing in a journey.

In addition to the site with private housing AirBNB, I can recommend looking for private accommodation options on the following sites:

  • Roomorama.Com
  • HouseTrip.Com
  • 9Flats.Com


If possible, in less developed cities of the world &# 8212; Stay in hostels. Hostels are very common in Europe, whereas in Asia more guesthouse &# 8212; Local accommodation.

I even have a separate article on my site: &# 171; all about hostels&# 187;.

For many, the hostel seems like a wild, judging by the name. The place you want to avoid, but in modern times it is a completely convenient way to stay in travel. Especially if you are traveling alone!

How to book profitable housing in journey 15 tips

Let me remind you that the hostel is accommodation in a common room with the number of people from 3-10 and the use of a shared bathroom, a kitchen (if any).

Shared kitchen in the hostel in Iceland

On average, overnight in the European hostel will cost 1000 rubles per person . Whereas good hotels, guesthouses in Europe will cost 2 times or much more expensive for a single room.

In the hostels, in most cases there are free safes for storing valuables, the cost of breakfasts and Wi-Fi, towels.

I recommend the following sites for booking hostels around the world:

  • Hostelworld.Com
  • Hostels.Com
  • HostelBookers.Com

Minus hostels are that often there is noisy until late night due to the unification of all people in common rooms, in one kitchen. People who stop in hostels are often open to dating and communicating.

Also, there is a risk in bad hostels to face ticks, clouds and bed beetles.

How to book a good, safe and inexpensive hostel?

In order to be calm for their things, for the purity of the hostel and its quality, I recommend paying attention to when booking for the following items:

  1. Hostel has positive feedback (above 7 points out of 10 or >70% of 100%);
  2. The hostel provides a complimentary breakfast or kitchen, also towels and free safe for storage;
  3. Departure in the hostel no earlier than 11 am. Check in no time right for you;
  4. The hostel is located in the location available for you.

A complimentary breakfast is also a great way to save on food, satisfying and capturing with me for a snack different products.

Some hostels are located rather far from public roads, in remote locations and if you are traveling not on rental transport, it is better when choosing a hostel to navigate for a convenient reach location, near public transport.

Remote hostel &# 171; YHA Black Sail&# 187; In Great Britain

I book hostels on Hostelworld.COM because they have the largest base of hostels around the world.

Learn the housing reviews that you plan to remove

Be sure to read tourist reviews and choose hotels with the highest positive assessment. You can do it on TripAdvisor, which will allow you to mix unpleasant surprises.

The rating of excellent gesture is usually from 70% and above.

This is how the hotel reviews on TripAdvisor look like this &# 8212; Text and photos

I love checking reviews about hotels on TripAdvisor because of the latest photos of the hotel that travelers themselves lay out, having visited there.

So it creates a more real picture of how the hotel looks like, in what condition it is and whether all the stated amenities work, like a jacuzzi, swimming pool and others. Not on partial repair.

It happens that the reviews on TripAdvisor are fake specifically to increase or lower the hotel rating, but the photos are laid out real. Also, on TripAdvisor are not all private, new guesthouses.

Also, you need to be guided by common sense and carefully examine the information provided for the hotel and carefully check the information Introduced about yourself, the rest at the hotel will depend on it.

Additional services for services

When booking housing for the long term, specify about additional fees, fees that can take with you. It may be a fee for electricity, for the use of warm water, for the use of Wi-Fi, etc. services.

Guesthouse in Kota Kinabalu (about.Borneo)

So, additionally can take you sometimes up to half from the cost you have already paid for accommodation. Be careful and aware of the additional expenses in advance.

One is always more expensive

Those who are planning a single booking of residence abroad overpays at the hotel for single accommodation to 50% compared with the double room price.

If you plan to fly in low-cost countries, such as Asian, then taking with you from 3-5 friends additionally, you can rent an incredible villa of 3-4 bedrooms, with a pool and sea view for 40-50.000 USD/month .

It’s a wonderful vacation!

Villa on O.Bali (Indonesia)

Therefore, the greater the group, the cheaper the accommodation will cost. I recommend to find a couple, if only because it will travel so much safer, more fun and interesting experience get more from accommodation with other people.

Consider the early, late booking discount

Early booking &# 8212; When you book a number for a few months (online, by phone), and later reservation, literally in 5-10 days before entering the hotel. As a rule, the second discount is more, sometimes 2 times, but it may not be at all at those hotels that you would prefer to choose from a dozen other.

I recommend to act as follows: Book accommodation in advance on search services (in a few months) with free cancellation of the reservation, and before your departure you can check the cost of accommodation in the search engine.

If the price has appeared much lower than you have been reserved in advance, then cancel your old booking without fine and choose a new accommodation. So, you can save on accommodation from 30-70%.

Profitable offers for hotels

The HRS DEALS website can be followed by very good discounts on excellent hotels in a variety of cities in the world. Dare!

For accommodation in Asia, it is better to take advantage of special resources

When you travel around Asia, especially for the first few nights by arrival, I recommend booking rooms at the hotel on sites below.

They are most likely the prices will be lower than on standard search sites.

Take into account free services

When you are looking for accommodation on online booking services, the lowest price does not always mean real savings. There are hotels in which such services are like: breakfast, Wi-Fi, shuttle, ironing board with iron and DR. services can stand additional money and considerable.

Depending on what is valuable for you: a complimentary breakfast, a free shuttle service, a swimming pool or a gym and other services, you can choose a convenient hotel with additional free services, let the price of a room in such a hotel will be slightly higher than if you Paid only for the number.

For example, many hotels are located quite away from the airport, but can offer a free transfer to the airport (and from it). A taxi can do in a decent amount if the city of arrival is quite high services for services, or not so common to tourist transport.

The transfer service does not have to be widely advertised.

Therefore, check the information on the hotel’s website, whether this service is included in payment for the hotel, and in general it makes sense to contact the hotel and ask about the arrival time of the transfer, so as not to wait for an unknown transport.

Get pleasant surprises when check out in hotels, Guesthouses, hotels and other apartments

To get an additional chic bonus from the hotel, you can inform the staff in advance that you with your favorite newlyweds, you have a honeymoon.

On arrival, find in your room additional bonuses: a complimentary breakfast in the room, a bottle of rum or champagne, a fruit basket, a set for tea and coffee, even a category of category.

When buying tickets, pay attention to the offer aircraft + hotel

The price may be on the hotel indeed below, on average percentage at 15-30.

For this, after buying tickets on sites, where air + hotel is cheaper, click &# 171; take advantage of the offer&# 187;, Start choosing housing and found option Compare on other online booking services.

If the price really is lower, then sin does not take advantage.

I hope these tips and knowledge will really apply by you in reality. Help save your time and money.

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