How to book accommodation at airbnb

Before booking accommodation, you need to register on the site by filling out information about yourself with the addition of personal photos.

It is necessary to put in order to the account: tell about yourself (what is your fond of, what your profession, where you live, your dreams and hobbies, etc.), tie a page to Facebook or Gmail profile, to phone number, as well as confirm your existence, passing verification. To do this, you need to send any document (for example, a copy of the passport or driver’s license), as well as ask your friends to leave feedback on you. All these actions will help newcomer when renting from scrupulous and demanding owners, because after requesting the reservation, many owners of apartments raise the future guest, the more information about you (including reviews from previous owners), the more chances to remove the option. On the approval of the request for booking is given 24 hours.

What is the instant booking? Immediate booking feature allows guests to book accommodation, without waiting for confirmation from the owner: you simply choose the date and discuss its arrival with the owner. At the instant booking is not charged any additional fees. You can filter the search results so that you only run ads with instant booking.

Lightning – Immediate booking sign without waiting for confirmation (money written off immediately).

What to look for when booking on Airbnb housing?

search filters. Chief among them – it is:

– type of accommodation
Possibility to rent an apartment (house) entirely (if anyone other than you it will not be). Either live with the hosts (in a separate room). Or even in the family room with the owners. This option is suitable for those who want to save (airbnb translates literally as "air mattress and breakfast").

– district
The site has the opportunity to see the recommendations and descriptions with photos on areas popular cities, so you can quickly find that Greenpoint is not just the northern borough of Brooklyn with strong Polish tradition, but also a place which offers a grand panoramic view of the Manhattan and Williamsburg – a paradise for lovers eat, drink and listen to music, visiting another loft cafe that recently was an ordinary warehouse.

– price
Forms depending on the area, season and type of accommodation. The most popular and successful on a parity "price-quality" must be booked in advance. It is very convenient that you can choose a house, focusing on the map. Once you have chosen a house, do not hurry to press "Request book", first click on the button "Contact the owner" to check with the owner – whether the housing (not all updated calendar day) is free, tell us about yourself, are any clarify moments for accommodation.

– filters
You can limit the search for any parameter, including for household grounds: from the availability of wireless Internet, iron, pool, jacuzzi and fireplace shoulders before selecting a specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčaccommodation, the rules for cancellation of the reservation, a few bedrooms and bathrooms, and even language filter (in case you are calmer if the owner will know English or, for example, our).

Payment of accommodation

If you have a card in euros or in dollars, and you want to book an apartment without additional conversion to rubles via the airbnb indoor rate, then it is necessary to change the currency at the very end of the page. Then the cards will be written off in the currency that you will specify. Sometimes when paying large sums, this is more profitable than using the airbnb courage. And vice versa.

What you need to pay attention to the choice of housing?

Reviews and evaluation – the more feedback, the better, as it is difficult to believe in one subjective opinion, people are different. A sample of 12 (like David) is sufficient, they should pay attention to those nuances that the owners are silent: the speed of Wi Fi, the location of public transport stops, the proximity of the supermarket, pharmacies or the beach (if the resort town), etc.

Grade – Maximum 5 stars. Do not mess with the owners who have the estimate below four stars.

Confirmed profile – This is a tick with the inscription "Verified", which means that the owner provided his documents to confirm his identity. This owner can trust.

Frequency of answers – The greater this indicator, the higher the chance of what you will be answered. You should not write with those% below 70-80, in our example, David answers to everyone: 100%. This means high interest (and seriousness) in the delivery of your housing.

Answer time – The faster the owner is responsible, the more his involvement in the project and the greater the guarantees that any problem of this owner will be able to quickly solve. In our example, David has a response time – within an hour. Fabulous!

Superhood icon – This is a medal and recognition that the owner is the perfect landlord, they rarely cancel the booking, that is, it is serious to your bookings. AIRBNB superhost icon is a quintessence of reviews, evaluations and everything that was discussed above.

You can search for apartments only with this icon.

Remember, that the owner of the apartment on Airbnb is your local guide, which will tell you where it is best to dine how convenient and cheaper to get to attractions and where the closest major supermarket. Use the information that the owner of the housing can give. Feel free to ask, some owners pre-prepare for their guests a short guide to the most frequently asked questions.

What should also be paid when booking housing on AirBNB?

Be sure to pay attention to the conditions of refusal of armor. Conditions can be:
– Flexible: Full refund per day before arrival.
– Moderate: Full refund 5 days before arrival.
– Strict: Return 50% of the sum at least a week before arrival.
– Superstool 30 days: Return 50% of money minimum 30 days before arrival.
– Sunstool 60 days: Return of 50% no later than 60 days before arrival, less fees
– Long-term (when renting for a month or more): Advance for the first month, warning about the end of the rental minimum 30 days before the date of departure.

At the same time, in any case, the service collection AirBNB is not refundable, as well as the cleaning fee (if available).

If you click on the details, you will see the details of the rules for cancellation, in relation to your booking.

Pluses Airbnb

Plus First. Huge base of proposals. The opportunity to rent apartments (they are apartments or at home) from individuals without resorting to the services of local booking services, the lack of intermediaries in the form of realtors, the ability to remove the accommodation directly (your guarant is airbnb itself).

Plus the second. Price. In terms of one person, the cost is lower than if you were filmed at the hotel. Not to mention the possibility of cooking, buying food in the supermarket, which also affects the wallet positive. It is very profitable to travel in almost any combination: a large company, family, alone.

Plus Third. Immersion in the country’s culture. Hotels in the bulk are the same, targeting a stream. Living in the apartment, communicating with the owners, you can get the experience of the life of ordinary Parisian, Londonzer or Singaporean. In most cases, hosts (hosts) are hospitable and willing to share all the necessary information about transport, shops, attractions. As if you came to visit them.

Plus fourth. Non-cash payments. All financial issues occur through AirBNB. The owner receives money from the site after day, if the guest did not receive complaints about it or housing.

Plus Fifth. Booking confirmation with AirBNB is suitable for most consulates when receiving a visa without additional provision of documents from the owner (such as, for example, a contract or document like Spanish Nota Simple).

Plus Sixth. Convenient and nice site interface, deal with it easy even newcomer.

Plus seventh. Operational technical. Support in our. Quickly react to problems in all networks. It is often going to meet the guests, the task of the service is the maximum comfort, if the fault of the host is something wrong, AirBNB will do everything possible to eliminate the problem (up to resettlement at your own expense to other apartments or hotel).

Plus ninth. You can remove almost everything, any place equipped for sleep: from a boat and a van with a slash to castles, lighthouses and farmhouses. Original, stylish, unusual. Such that will not meet anywhere else.

Plus tenth. AirBNB is not only a place to rent housing, but also a social platform for travelers. You can watch your friends who add desires to their lists – at home, where you dream or plan to visit. You can search for an unusual place to stay for hours, it is really exciting, you can hardly deal with the same, sitting on the Booking website.Com. Very often, friendly relationships are tied with the owners, if you wish, it can be said that airbnb is a Couchsurfing hospitality club, but for money. That for many only plus.

How to book accommodation at airbnb

Cons Airbnb

Minus two. Follows from the first: collateral amount (in some countries the norm is the blocking of the deposit amount) is blocked on your card per day before arrival and if within 48 hours after your departure, the host does not declare problems with his housing, it is unlocked. In fact, it turns out a somewhat one-sided situation. If, for example, the owner will make it easy to declare a disappearance of something from the apartments, then as a guest can prove its cleanness? In this case, when renting an apartment, it is best to inspect it with the owner (if possible).

Minus Third. Financial. The peculiarity of the site is that the entire amount of booking is charged from your account directly at the time of confirmation of the reservation. T.E. If you are planning a trip long, you need to be ready to part with the Ann. It is very uncomfortable, especially since your money will be (according to the site) to be on a transit account in anticipation of the date of arrival. Your money goes to free use for several months.

Minus Fourth. Terms of cancellation. Plans may change at any time and no one is insured against the fact that the trip is transferred or completely canceled. Even the most softest booking conditions are canceled minus AIRBNB Commission. On Bookin.COM Most tariffs with the ability to cancel a day before the trip, and if the tariff is non-returnable, then the hotel provides discounts. On the AirBNB discount is only a guest initiative with an agreement with the host.

Minus Fifth. Guest must be in touch, since all changes in the booking through the site occur in online mode with email notifications. It is not always possible to regularly check mail or make international calls.

Minus Sixth. Instructions from the owners are very difficult, not always the owner can meet you, sometimes you need to be a present detective to talk in your apartment. In any case, knowledge of the English language is useful to move and understand (and accept) the rules in the house (restrictions are the most different, for example, the ban of smoking).

Minus Seventh. Without reviews, a newcomer may be difficult to book some accommodation options, as some owners are simply afraid to donate accommodation for those who have an empty and unfilled profile (this is a matter of security and safety of things).

Confirmation for a visa with an airbnb voucher

For most countries, booking from AirBNB is a reason for obtaining a visa, this reservation is suitable for consulates. The undoubted advantage is that there is the opportunity to enter all guests in one reservation, for example, you removed the house for 10 people, you can enter all guests. Make it just to add guests to go to the "Your Trips" section – Next "Watch a trip plan" and "Guest Control". Here you can easily add the names of all guests.

After receipt of the receipt and voucher confirmation, it is necessary to carefully read the rules of the house and the features of Checkin.

Where you can not remove accommodation with airbnb?

After removing the sanctions from Cuba, in March 2016, there was an opportunity to rent apartments and in this country, white spots on the map are such exotic places like Iraq, Syria (due to hostilities), as well as the DPRK, Iran and Crimea (from – the introduction of sanctions to these regions by the USA).

Contact airbnb

The site team promptly responds to comments and questions, if you mention them in any social network (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), for operational communication, best call by phone: +74954658090 or 88003017104 (free of anywhere in Russia).

Remember that the owners of apartments receive money only 24 hours after your arrival. If you have a claim or your accommodation you do not like, you need to promptly convey all the information to the AirBNB to get compensation or return, you must describe the problem in detail (take photos) and send a claim by any convenient way. Western reason for return is the housing inconsistency described on the site (no furniture, which is indicated on the site), dirty and unlucky house, as well as if there is a threat to your safety.

However, on personal experience, Bear strictly recommends using the AirBNB website, in most cases it is more comfortable, is more comfortable, and much more interesting than ordinary hotels.

If you are still not registered, then register by this link to get a discount of $ 35 on your first booking.

How to save when booking on AirBNB? Be sure to read the article – all tricks and ways to save on rental housing through AirBNB

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