How to book a hotel without a map?

In the courtyard, though the XXI century, but the bank card is far from everyone, and not everyone wants to use it to pay on the Internet. So today we will tell you about how to book a hotel without a map?

Not all hotels work with cash payment on site. It is more profitable for them in advance to take full cost or at least prepayment &# 8211; it increases the chance of what you really arrive. Not check-in guest &# 8211; This is a loss. Instead of you, the room could book other tourists, enter it and pay. And so the place is gone and the room will be empty.

Where to find hotels that can be booked without a map?

You can search for a long time on the Internet on the sites of the hotels themselves, but you can use booking sites, such as Booking.COM or Ostrovok.Ru.

If payment is paid for you the main criterion when choosing a hotel, it will be more convenient to use the island, there is even a special filter on this site &# 8211; &# 8220; without a bank card&# 8221 ;:

Be careful when booking. The same number, depending on the additional services, the terms of payment and booking, can cost differently. Not all options can be booked without a map:

Payment is carried out in the hotel in cash. Therefore, do not forget to take them with you.

Another point to pay attention to &# 8211; This is a payment currency. As a rule, it is listed on the data entry page. Do not hope that the hotel in Thailand will take our rubles, change money for the local currency in advance.

The price on the site in rubles, when paying in cash, it is referred to as a rule, at the rate of NC Bank. You should also focus only on the price in local currency, this amount you will need this:

Similar situation and with Booking.Com. True on this site there is no special filter and you will have to look for an inscription in the proposed options &# 8211; Pay later:

How to book a hotel without a map

In this case, the reservation conditions will indicate:

Prepayment: Prepayment is not charged.

On the contact data entry page you will see an inscription &# 8220;Today payment is not required. You pay during accommodation.&# 8221;

With payment of accommodation all the same &# 8211; in the hotel in local currency.

This is how it is quite easy to book a hotel, even without a card. But remember that the choice of such hotels is very limited and if it is an important criterion for you, then options should be sought in advance.

How to book a hotel without a map

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