How to book a hotel on the Internet – 6+ options besides Buking

I will tell you how to safely book a hotel on the Internet using popular booking systems. Show how to find the lowest price.

For this there are special sites.

The most reliable and popular one is called Booking.Com. There are not only hotels there, but also almost any accommodation options that are: apartments, hostels, villas, campings and t.D.

On Bukin you will find a hotel as a border and in Russia.

This system has alternatives: Hotels, Hotellook, RoomGuru and T.D. Below I will tell about them.

Home Stanny Booking Site.Com

If you have never booked a hotel on the Internet, you may have any fears. And suddenly catching?

Do not worry, all sites that I tell reliable. I used themself more than once. Even if the hotel happens something unexpected (fire or t.NS.) You will definitely be ignited in advance and will offer another option.

I constantly use Booking and Airbnb (about him at the end). These are reliable sites that are very demanding of hotels and apartments. Boldly (but carefully) Book. &# 8212; The most popular booking system in the world, most travelers book hotels here. But she is not the only one.

There are also sites that are looking for hotels in several booking systems (such as Buking) and show you where the hotel is cheaper. They have no hotels.

You probably saw trivago advertisement on TV – this is just such a service. I prefer RoomGuru, But this is a matter of taste and habits.

How to book hotels and apartments on the Internet:

  • Hotel or Hostel – Looking for Booking.COM (or Agoda for Asia), check the price on RoomGuru
  • If you need an apartment, we are looking for on airbnb
  • Private accommodation in (Krasnodar Territory, for example), you can search for avito

You still need a bank card – Visa or Master Card. Credit or debit – no matter. Map the world is most likely not suitable.

Do not worry

For the first time you book the hotel on the Internet at the excitement.

I pressed several buttons on the site, introduced the data of my bank card and the money went somewhere. More exciting, then come to the hotel that booked: maybe nothing booked, I will come, and I will say "Who are you? We have no armor."

And then what to do?

However, every day millions of people book hotels on the Internet and they all turn out well. I also book for several times a year. Apartments at all booked in the evening at the last moment. And so far everything is fine without drying.

Now you will tell you about Bucking and other hotel booking systems.

Booking.COM is the most popular hotel booking system on the Internet

Here you can book a hotel, hostel or apartment in Russia or abroad. Options are around the world.

Site address for booking online hotels: Booking.Com

Before you start looking for a hotel better register.

The Register button is here

If this is not done, you will not have the opportunity Book a hotel without a map. I wrote about it here ..

The search and booking process is not a difficult.

Go to the Booking website.COM and in the search box we enter the city in which we want to find housing. Then enter the dates. Without them we do not know prices.

This is a search string on the main page of Buking

More dates are needed so that Bucking hid hotels in which everything is busy.

Click check prices.

Now the system showed us accommodation options. This is a list of everything in a row that is in the city of interest. At the top of the list will have hotels that, according to Buking, has better value for money.

To clarify the search you need to apply filters.

Detailed booking instructions on Booking.COM Learn here ..

Book a hotel on Bucking is not difficult.

You need to register on the site, find a suitable hotel (configuring the desired filters) and book it.

After payment, you will receive a confirmation confirmation on your mail &# 8212; The so-called voucher. There will be all information about booking, including the reservation number.

Bucking in the search bar accepts not only the city but also the names of the sights, about which you want to settle.

Agoda – similar system

At the AGDA, usually search hotels in Asia.

Main page Sightf Agoda.Com

This service interface is very similar to Booking.Com. Only filters are not left at the bottom of a bunch, and at the top of the screen neatly decomposed by category.

Agoda actually &# 8212; This is the same Booking.COM, only in another shell. They both belong to one Booking Holdings Corporation.

Hotels.COM – American Booking System

She is also very popular.

Main page Hotels.Com

Looks like the two previous two different colors.

Search results Hotels.COM includes hotels rated from TripAdvisor (this is a system of recommendations and reviews for travelers).

When you look for a hotel on Hotels.COM, he will show you these blocks with TriPadvisor ratings

If you click on the TripAdvisor block, you will see feedback and detailed rating from this site. It’s comfortable. I usually check the reviews on the triphedvizer separately, and here everything is in one site. – our hotel reservation system on the Internet

In addition to hotels, he has a search for flights.

Home page Ostrovok.Ru

The island is good in that on the right of the search results shows the map.

When you roll over the hotel, highlighted his mark on the map. Immediately understandable where he is. On other sites for this you have to open a map separately.

The example shows the search for the hotel in Istanbul. If you visit the mouse on the name of the hotel, his label on the map will be more and unfolds a small block over it.

But I do not like the abundance of advertising. If you go there, you will see that he advertises all the same services that we are talking about here.

AirBNB – Apartment Booking System

If I need an apartment, I’m looking for it here.

Main page AirBNB.Ru

The system is good because there is a real, unwrapped rating and real reviews.

AIRBNB usually rent their own housing.

That is, it is intended so &# 8212; The owner leaves on vacation, and his apartment is at this time. Or does it have a spare room, in which he lets guests.

In the West, this is exactly what works. In Russia, only a separate housing.

In order to book an apartment on the Airbnb, you need to register on the site and download scan or photo of your passport.

For young travelers this site &# 8212; A good option to find cheap accommodation in an interesting place, and sometimes more with an interesting company.

All apartments on the airbnb site correspond to photos and descriptions. If you read the reviews, then it usually becomes clear that it is for the apartment and what kind of owner.

Actually, this is my favorite site on it, I often booking accommodation on the Internet. You, I propose to register on my link and get 2100 rubles for the first trip:

  • Sign Up IGet bonus&# 8230;
  • More details About search for apartments on airbnbRead here&# 8230;

Avito – service private announcements

And not only private. With this website, I think everyone is familiar.

View avito main / rossiya / kvartiry &# 8212; shows a section of property search website, it is blue

On Avito usually looking for apartments for rent on the our resorts. In particular, a lot of ads in the Krasnodar region on the Sea.

Hotel abroad then do not try to look for.

How to book a hotel on the Internet - 6 options besides Buking

The principle is the same as everywhere else. But Avito streamline ad can only be the price or the date of publication. Here there are no reviews.

Choose the date of the lease will not work too. You need to call and ask whether free.

Therefore choose not very convenient.

Yet this should be another big minus. Property owner does not care about the rating of its housing site. On other sites owners are trying to have had good reviews. According to the reviews, you can learn a lot about where you are going.

On Avito no such.

Search system hotels

These are the sites that are looking for hotels in other sites.

In the search results have not a hotel, and a small table with the prices on various websites and links to them.

We choose the lowest price, go to the link, and then reserve a site that is already on the chosen.

Search engines, too few.

Everybody knows Trivago because of advertising with Andrew Bednyakov on TV. There are domestic and Australian Hotellook RoomGuru.

search engine of hotels in the internet only work with large international sites. With Avito they do not work.

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How it works on the example RoomGuru

The search itself is not very different from search for hotels on other sites.

Open site and fill the search box on the home page.

Home Roomguru site.Ru

Different search results.

If the reservation system, you give a single result and immediately offered to book it, the search engines give more results.

They differ in price.

Here is the list of hotels in the internet through the website Roomguru. One can see where the hotel is cheaper.

We choose the lowest, and go to the site, where they found the price. Further, all booking is happening on the site where the search system has sent us.

Tips for booking hotels on the Internet

Is it safe to book a hotel on the Internet and what to do in emergency situations

One my friend said that he is afraid to send money it is not clear to whom through some site. It’s he about bucking.

We were looking for a housing in Prague, when he was preparing for the first independent holiday with his family. As a result, I managed to persuade him to book an apartment. Did he successfully come? And how. Most of all he liked the savings compared with the finished tour.

Of course, it’s easier to give money when you see the goods (in the sense of the hotel) with your own eyes.

But actually on the Internet, you will learn about the selected hotel much more than in travel agency and especially when booking on site. Here you fully control your reservation. You have all information about the selected accommodation, including reviews of previous guests.

So book the hotel on the Internet is not just safe. This is how to do.

Branches, of course happen, but it is rare. In case of some emergency situations, contact the support service of the system where you book a hotel.

Your question will definitely decide.

In Bucking Contact customer support through the site or application.

View of the Booking Support Service Page.Com

If you are told that you will not be found, offered another number, the hotel does not match the description, dirty, staff Hamit, the hotel canceled your reservation and t. D and T. NS. &# 8212; Write about it in Buking (or Agoda or where you booked).

There are still phones:

  • Phone hotline Bucking for international calls in our: +44 20 3320 2612
  • For customers (guests): 499 271-87-36
  • For hotels: 499 271-87-38

In Avito &# 8212; No one will help.

Avito as a newspaper, you yourself found an announcement and further your problems. Negotiate with the hotel yourself.

The only thing you can do &# 8212; this is Report fraudster.

Dog at the bottom of the announcement, there will be a button to complain. Click on it, then the system will tell you what to do.

How to book a hotel directly

It’s even easier, but so usually do not.

Usually such a booking will be more expensive than through the hotel search system. Why it is so written here&# 8230;

You can directly booked unless well-familiar hotel, but at the same time check the price on Rumgur. Above was an example, where just on the website of the hotel ibis was slightly cheaper.

Ibis &# 8212; very large famous hotel chain. They all work one standard. In their specific case, you can book and directly. I stayed several times in these hotels &# 8212; they all look equally. If I once again gather stay in Ibis, I will definitely know what to expect from them.

Another difficulty will be to find a hotel. Yandex, of course help, but specialized sites are still more convenient.

Do not believe the reviews on the sites of hotels, even if they are real, the hotel’s administration will post only positive.

The reservation procedure depends on the site interface of a particular hotel. However, most likely, there is all similar to what is described above: Enter the dates and click the Book button.

There is nothing more about booking hotels in the Internet. If you have some interesting experience, please share in the comments.

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