How to book a hotel in Thailand?

So, you are going to go to Thailand yourself. Why yourself? Because they decided not to resort to the services of travel agencies. Either you have a resistant rejection of the latter, or you planned your complex route with a visit to several places. I already wrote, in what the pros and cons of independent travel and a batch tour. At the first stage, the main thing is to catch tickets at a good price. And so it remains to decide on the hotels on the route. Specific hotel I can certainly not advise you, everything is individually, but today I want to tell about the booking sites.

It is no secret that often on the booking sites the price will be lower than on the site of the hotel itself or by the fact of arrival. This mechanism usually operates with hotels from 3 *. I do not take an example of a guesthouse, where often with a personal bargaining can be knocked off the price. I will tell you about those booking sites and a comparison system, which was used by, and at which the lowest prices and security of the reservation are guaranteed.


Wishluk – Excellent price comparison system for hotels. It combines suggestions of dozens of booking sites and provide the customer best prices. Everything is fully in our, plus there are advantageous offers from our representatives. No additional commission, no extra surcharges – To book a hotel, you will be destroyed on the booking site. All you need is to choose the offer at the lowest price.

Another plus – all prices on the site are shown with all taxes and fees, there will be no hidden payments. I recommend to start a trip from a comparison of the price of the water, they catch all the discounts and profitable shares of dozens of booking sites.


The significance of this site to book hotels in Thailand can not be noticed, without exaggeration Agoda – The best hotel site in Asia. If Europe began with Buking, then Asia – from the Agodas. Convenient interface, our language setting, photos and descriptions of hotels, our reviews from our-speaking tourists, an interactive location map, instant confirmation and a great choice of hotels – all this undoubted pluses of Agoda.

The initial price is shown without taxes, that is, the final price will be slightly higher, to 17-30%. When making a reservation, the price is specified separately for the number and separate taxes for one night stay. There is an opportunity to put a tick so that prices are shown final.

You can register on the site and the first to learn about various promotions and discounts that often come true fantastic. When booking hotels around the world you can accumulate bonus glasses and in consequence to use as a discount. The presented rooms in hotels are already available in fact, so payment on the card passes immediately. Be sure to read the conditions for canceling the reservation, it is usually charged for this a fine of 15 US dollars, and print the sent voucher.

With this system, I had small problems a couple of times: a hairdryer was specified on the site in the room, and in fact it was not. As a description of the hotel and rooms, Agoda employees take from the sites of the hotels themselves, then it is necessary to affect unreliable hotel information.


Another leader of hotel booking in Thailand. Here are already convenient descriptions of hotels with photos and categories of rooms, reviews and card in our. Prices are shown without tax, but when you hover the mouse appears the final price per room.

The reservation system is reliable, first you are sent to e-mail confirmation of the availability of a number (or a refusal to provide an alternative) and a link to the payment village, which you need to carry out at the specified period of time with a credit card, the means are written off (blocked) immediately. Confirmation waiting time can be attributed to minuses – up to 24 hours, so this booking system is not suitable for booking hotels in Day-day.

I do not recommend the website for booking in the peak period, since there is no instant reservation, everything may turn out that there are no available rooms at the hotel, then you will be offered other similar options. The described hotels may not coincide with other booking sites, the list may be or wider. Be sure to read the conditions for cancellation of the armor and print a letter with the booking code or write a booking code itself.


This is an international booking system, which is characterized by the support of the our language and some other bonuses. If Agoda is considered No. 1 in Asia, then Booking №1 in Europe. One of the advantages that the numbers on the desired dates are displayed upon availability. The possibility of booking hotels day a day exists, just enter the number of your credit card to confirm (in some cases it is enough). Be sure to read the booking conditions and what is included in the final price of the room.

How to book a hotel in Thailand - booking sites, instructions, description, Tips Guide

I like this system for your instant confirmation and possibility of payment for arrival at the hotel. Please note that in some cases you do not need to pay the number immediately on the map, in others – you need to leave a deposit for a day of stay, thirdly – obligatory payment of the full stay. In the first case, in the final cost, the voucher on which you get, may not be laid taxes, and on the fact you will need to pay the amount a little higher (for example, in Malaysia).

In general, the booking system is excellent: photos of rooms, description, services, reviews, availability of budget hotels. But there is still some minus with which I did not come across, but there were complaints that the hotel did not come to the booking.Com. Or at the last moment it turned out that the hotel had no rooms, and guests were moved to another place. Or, after a few days a confirmation post of armor, the site sent a letter to cancel armor through the hotel’s fault.

In general, you are not reliable guys and the most problematic booking system in Thailand. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to call a reserved hotel and check your reservation. To do this, it is enough to ask the operator to combine you with the reservation department, name your last name and reservation number.

AirBNB – rent housing around the world

Not so long ago, the possibility of renting an apartment around the world through the Airbnb. Not only apartments, but also villas, houses, rooms or bed. In my opinion, this is an excellent alternative to the traditional holiday in the hotel, which has its advantages and minutes. Read a detailed article how to rent an apartment around the world.


Booking system that works with budget hotels and guesthouses. Here you can find accommodation with Dormami – Koyko-places. In addition to this accommodation, some budget standard hotels with rooms for two and amenities inside the room are presented. Of the advantages of Hostelland, it is necessary to note the deposit that you pay for accommodation, and not the whole cost, usually it is 10% of the total cost of living.

Minuses, in my opinion, inconvenient is the search system for hotels and incomprehensible from the first time the price per room. Money from the card is removed (blocked) immediately, and you come to confirm the reservation. Full payment takes place at the hotel. Do not forget to read all the nuances of booking and canceling hotels, as well as print confirmation.

Summing up, I can say that any booking system has its pros and cons. Unpleasant situations can happen to any hotel and booking sites. Never blend to call the head office and clarify all the information on your question. Note that I do not speak about some one site, where the most favorable prices, there are no such sites. Different hotels, different offers and various prices. So compare and choose. Useful will be used by the Hotellook comparison system. All the booking sites described by me are reliable and tested by me more than once.

How to book a hotel in Thailand - booking sites, instructions, description, Tips Guide

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