How to book a hotel in Rome yourself

How to book a hotel in the capital Italy – Rome independently? Like any European capital, Rome – Paradoxical City: He seems to be not cheap, but not the most expensive. Rome almost three thousand years old does not experience problems with the lack of visitors and is ready to accept a person almost any prosperity.

Its guests it offers a rich selection of hotels, hotels B&B, Hostels, Guest houses, apartments. To book a hotel yourself, you need to solve a few questions and spend some time at the computer.

Why book your hotel?

A few years ago to imagine that you can search for a housing abroad yourself, not referring to tour operators or agencies, it was difficult. Now &# 8212; This is a common thing. It’s not so difficult, and you do not overpay to anyone, and most importantly, we are looking for yourself such an option that likes.

From the abundance of resources offering to resolve the issue of accommodation, I advise the following:

  • Booking.Com
  • RoomGuru.Ru
  • Hotellook.Ru
  • Airbnb.Ru

The first three sites will help you find a hotel, hotel B&B, Guest house, Hostel or apartments. The last resource specializes in apartments and rooms.

Sites RoomGuru.RU and Hotellook.RU place on their pages the proposal immediately from several resources, it is more convenient to choose a suitable price, terms of payment and designing your order.

Sites offer detailed information about hotels, there are quite a few photos of the hotel itself and its numbers. This also applies to all other types of housing. Your business is carefully watching, choosing, and then book.

Before choosing a hotel in Rome

On the subject of the Italian capital, you will find several articles on our site, where it is described in some detail that for what time in the eternal city can be in time to see where to go and what to eat.

Word the purpose of the trip

It is better to choose those attractions in advance that you are going to visit in Italy. Choose the hotel area depending on the purpose.

Where to book a hotel in Italy, or rather in Rome? Of course, closer to the sights, but the "proximity" of Roman standards is the concept of relative. Of course, the capital of Italy is much smaller in size than, let’s say, Moscow, but the number of iconic and historical places here simply rolls.

If the main historical sights are collected within a radius of 3-5 kilometers, then the hotel needs to be sought so that it does not have to get to these places. He, of course, works properly, but must remember the rather peculiar relationship of Italians for schedules, you need to more or less know the city. Besides, these are money.

Determine the duration of the trip

The next step is to buy tickets to Rome and back. This will clearly define the period of his stay in Rome.

Booking hotel in Italy alone

I remind you that Rome – a very popular tourist town, so the search for and select the accommodation is necessary beforehand.

High season. The most stressful time in Rome be called the summer, Christmas day and New Year’s holidays. In other periods of property left to search for later, too, do not need.

For example, take booking.Com

In the query box enter a city of Rome, arrival and departure dates, select the desired number of guests in the room. presses "Search".

Filters are located at the left side. Among them you will find:

  • "Stardom" hotel,
  • Price range,
  • Hotel location, including proximity of certain attractions,
  • How to book a hotel in Rome yourself
  • services (breakfast, full board, etc.NS.),
  • choice of booking conditions (the possibility of cancellation),
  • accommodation (hotels, hostels, apartments, guest house, etc.),
  • the list of special features you.

Tick ​​the categories that you need.

Mark only critical filters. Especially do not need to get involved in extra amenities. Without them you can do, but they significantly reduce the number of options in the search. For example, the coffee machine will reduce the number of cases doubled balcony has doubled. Hotel Star also advise not to specify.

Above the list of options on the right there is a button "Price".

By clicking it, you will get the same list of hotels offers in Rome, but he will start with the cheapest options. It is, as a rule, hostels and guest houses. Hotels will be listed later. However, if you set filters, then you will choose among the hotels is the desired category.

Each proposal is equipped with rooms or the hotel photo, an indication of the area or district where the hotel is located. Often write, how many kilometers from the center of the hotel is. It is easy cunning operators Site. Rome center is quite extensive. It is possible that for the Center adopted some definite point on the map, say, The Coliseum. Therefore, you should not trust or be afraid of the information "2.1 km from the center. It is better to see the location of the hotel on the map. Next to the area write "To show on the map". Do not be lazy, look.

Be sure to watch photos and read reviews.

When you stopped at some hotel, press the button "View availability". A new tab will appear, which will be described in detail at the location, facilities and services, lower – mesh with the availability and the cost of their category. Right – button "I book". Pressing it, you go directly to booking the room.

Further, in order to book a hotel in Rome, you will need to enter your personal data: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, email address, etc.

Press the button "Final data", You go to payment. You will be left to enter data from your card, pay and wait for email emails with booking confirmation. Usually this documentation comes quickly. Your room. You independently booked a hotel in Rome.

Often hotels are arranged discount shares when the cost of the rooms is cheaper by 20-30%. Such shares pass to the "low" season, or they need to catch them long before the "high" season.

6 inexpensive hotels in the hot key with a good rating – Overview

A few words about Rome areas

Rome – the city is very different. You can meet the remnants of an ancient wall in an unexpected place, among the buildings of the classicism, suddenly will be discovered by a small baroque church.

In the article "Rome: in which district to stop" is written where to live expensive, and where prices are democratic, what area is noisy, and where is calm.

Rome areas in the article are named according to their official and historical title. Sites where you will look for housing, often use the names of neighborhoods or specific landmarks: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Termini. So read the article carefully, then learn the map from the site where you are looking for a hotel.

Keep in mind that the neighborhoods of Rome center (Pantheon, Trevi, Piazza di Spagna) – close and crowded. There are plenty of attractions and restaurants, so the crowds of tourists will sink and buzz around the clock.

District Trasterever – distant from the historic center area, but he is very colorful. This is a pearl of Rome, there the city shows its true face. This cheapest area will not call, he is extremely popular with tourists. Trastevere is divided into two parts: in one life beats the key in the morning until the morning, in other people rest, there are no entertainment institutions.

Borgo and Prati areas Squirt to the Vatican.

Everything is very hot and noble here. These areas seem expensive, but this impression is deceptive. Here you can find quite economical housing. The only thing that is worth remembering is: Vatican – the center of attraction of a huge number of people, here is often crowded, especially in the days of religious holidays.

Big accumulation of hotels and hotels In the area of ​​Termini Station.

Vocation noise is not heard. From this area you are quick, almost in a straight line, reach the most important historical sites of Rome: Venice Square, Capitol, Roman Forums, Colosseum. The hiking path from Termini to Venice Square will take you 30-35 minutes, and on this path you will see many Roman beauties and monuments.

The proximity of the station allows you to be mobile: you jump into the train and go to get acquainted with the cities and monuments of the Lazio region. Here the metro station, from which you get to any remote point of the capital of Italy.

When you think how to book a hotel in Italy yourself and choose the area, do not dwell on the sights.

The beauty of Rome in the trifles: in the stucco on the old houses and Palazzo, in the curvature of narrow streets in the Piazza Navona or Pantheon area, in the smells on the market on Campo del Fihori, in the laying of the stone of Tourotina, in the bridges through Tiber. Give yourself the will to walk on this amazing city, look for these little things and nuances. Monuments and attractions will not go anywhere, they stood in centuries and still stand in their places, and the details and nuances should be caught.

How to book a hotel in Rome yourself

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