How to book a hotel cheaper than Bucking

Booking.Com &# 8212; Popular booking service to whom the whole world trusts. The site claims they have the lowest prices for hotels. Immediately I will say that it is not always so &# 8212; Hotel can be booked cheaper than Bucking. What sites and how to do it, we’ll figure it out.

Bucking, like all popular products, causes many disputes: good he or bad, dear or cheap. Questions to him many both by travelers and from hotels.

We need to know the following:

  • The site really works and in 99 cases out of 100 works well,
  • Alternatives he has and find the hotel cheaper than Bucking is really possible,
  • errors in the operation of the system sometimes happen, but it does not happen often.

4 ways to find the hotel cheaper than on Booking.Com

1. Take advantage of the search engine on the booking sites

The easiest and most convenient way &# 8212; Use the site Hotellook or to him like &# 8212; RoomGuru, for example. This is not a booking system, although some also have their own base of hotels, and so-called meta search engines or aggregators. Sites with hotels on the Internet a lot, all of them check and compare prices are inconvenient and long. Search engines will make this job faster.

Let’s check which results will be given to us different systems on the same hotel.

And also we recently conducted a small study on the topic where cheaper to book and explained why on booking is sometimes cheaper than in the hotel itself.

2. Book a room on the hotel website

If you read the article on the link, then I have already understood that the hotel’s official website is sometimes lower than on the booking sites &# 8212; It must be checked manually. Liked the hotel, go to his site (just take the name of the hotel in Google) and see how much the rooms cost there. Perhaps you are lucky.

3. Book a room from the tour operator

TRAVELATA online tours site argues that they can book the hotel cheaper than on Bucking. Check.

The very first hotel in Turkey is 32547 rubles for 7 nights. Look at Booking.COM dates are the same. From the first attempt it turned out that everything was sold on Bucking.

Change the country to a less popular. Let’s look in Berlin. Now Travelata can not find options. In Paris too deaf.

As a result, found in Greece &# 8212; Hotel Achousa, one night: Travelata &# 8212; 1680, Booking &# 8212; 1633.

Find hotel cheaper I could not. But! Most hotels that I found on Trevette Bucking were already sold out.

Why so you have already read.

How to book a hotel cheaper than Bucking

I still recommended you to check on this site, especially if there are no rooms in the desired hotel. Most likely, Bucking has time to sell out its quota due to more popularity, and on the traffic police still remain.

4. On Bucking itself

Cheaper bucking can only be bucking. Look at the upper right corner of the hotel page. There is a line "We return the difference in price". For those who still have not been lazy to fulfill the previous three points and dug out a cheapest offer on the Internet, Booking came up with this opportunity. Don’t want to miss customers.

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If you still trust the buckping more, but I don’t want to miss the good price, use this option. Declare that you found the price lower than them can be when booking. There is a special button. You will contact a service officer who will say that they are ready to reduce the price.

You can also reconsider the type of housing and book a hostel instead &# 8212; it will be cheaper. But this is a bit different story.

About Agoda service

Why I began to write about this site separately? Not because they paid me and I advertise them. Some authors of articles on "where to book cheaper" refer to the Agoda as an alternative to Buking. To some extent, it is, but you need to remember two things:

  1. Agoda and Booking (and Kayak with them) These are the sites of one office, which is called Priceline and they work on a very similar algorithm.
  2. The Argode does not include taxes in the price, that is, you will show a pure price that can really be slightly lower.

What does it mean, &# 8212; just that sites equally can be trusted. But to compare prices for them there is no particular sense, although the exceptions are.


You probably understood what to do, To book a hotel cheaper than Bucking, &# 8212; Search for other sites and compare. There are actually a lot of them, all who are not too lazy to add to their site the functional search hotel. However, for the most part, these services are based on the engine of the same popular search engines. Better to book on well-known sites.

To find a cheap hotel Spend time to explore the system that you like, read the search options, how to configure everything. Look for information about the location where you are going, understand when they have a high and low season. In low season season below. Usually there is a period when prices have already begun to fall, and the weather is still good and the sea warm.

There is also a difference when you book, I mean how much time left before the trip. If you boast in advance, then you will have many options from which you can choose the cheapest. Sometimes it happens that right before the ride prices fall, because hotels want to sell all rooms. This can also be used. The last option is extreme and it is better not to get involved.

It is the search for information and a price comparison on different sites and at different times will help you find cheap accommodation options.

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