How to book a hotel at a discount?

Most of the budget of any trip &# 8211; These are the cost of living. Are there any ways to save on the hotel? And how to book a hotel at a discount?

Today we will try to answer these questions.

How to search for here Hotels on the Internet?

First of all, you must decide what you expect from the hotel, to form at least approximately the criteria for which you will search. For example, location next to the subway, a bathroom, a rooftop pool and T.NS.

Now let’s go directly to the search.

  • Compare prices on hotels booking sites, such as Booking.Com, Oktogo.RU, Ostrovok.RU and others. Often the cost of living in the same hotel will be different on different sites.
  • Check the price on hotels: Hotellook.RU, HotelsCombined.RU and other. Due to high competition on such sites, hotel reservation agencies artificially underestimate prices to be the first in the list of options.
How to book a hotel at a discount

But remember, this dumping is not always due to the reduction of the agency’s revenue, sometimes the price is only due to the fact that taxes did not include.

Before deciding where you will book a hotel, be sure to go through to the very end, usually additional fees are added to the latest reservation step.

Another popular way to reduce prices &# 8211; Game on the course currency. The fact is that many hotels and services remove payment in euros or dollars, on the site of the same prices are displayed in rubles at the rate of the National Bank of the our Federation. Due to conversion, you can pay in fact as more than it was indicated when searching and less. It all depends on the bank conversion rate, whose card you will pay.

  • Comparing prices on hotels booking sites and metapoiskovikov, it’s time to go to the site of the hotel. In the overwhelming majority, the cost of the room on the hotel website is higher than on the booking sites. But do not pay attention to these numbers, you need only hotel contacts, in order to write them.

The fact is that the booking sites, hotels pay a rather large commission, it can reach 15-18%. Any hotel is more profitable to pass the number to the tourist directly with a discount of 5-7% than to pay 15-18% of the site.

How to book a hotel at a discount

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