How to book a hotel and air ticket without payment?

A lot of people appeal to me with a request to book accommodation in a hotel without payment or flights to the plane.

I decided to share in this article detailed booking instructions (by steps). So after reading this article you yourself learn how to do it.

So, then on the steps.

How to book accommodation yourself without payment?

1. We go to the site Buking: Booking.COM / RU

2. Choose a hotel with free booking cancellation (as in the screenshot) in the country of the planned travel. Suppose Indonesia, Bali Island.

3. Fill out the right all the necessary personal data online. Including Introduce all the data of your current bank card to confirm the reservation.

4. Go to email, open a letter with booking. Next, print the version of the confirmed booking you need: in English or our.

Reservations also optionally print if you do not plan to show it when you make a visa. You can get a reservation directly to the phone.

How to book tickets independently without payment?

Most articles telling about how to book a ticket without payment &# 8212; Now are irrelevant.

The fact is that most articles refer to the booking site: Agent.RU, with which you could book a ticket for 9 days without payment and then print confirmation of booking a hotel ticket on WWW sites.Checkmytrip.COM or www.Myairlines.RU / .

Simple and fast way

Currently, I found one site for booking tickets &# 8212; EUROAVIA.Ru.

He offers a service "Temporary ticket for a Schengen or other visa or to show it border control". This service costs 300 rubles .

In my opinion it is very convenient &# 8212; Take advantage of this service. It saves time &# 8212; We do not need to go to 2 sites to get confirmation of armored air tickets, as it was before.

Below the video instruction of this method

We just need:

  1. Book the desired air ticket (create an order) on EUROAVIA website.Ru &# 8212; Select the desired dates, flight and enter your passport details, click &# 171; Book&# 187 ;;
  2. How to book a hotel and air ticket without payment
  3. Next, choose and pay for the service of temporary tickets, called &# 171; Confirmation of a visa&# 187 ;;
  4. Open your email, To print ready-made bookboards.

I myself use this service and my friends travelers! On practice &# 8212; Very successful.

Free method (untested)

Also, there is a free way to book flights &# 8212; it’s through the official sites of airlines.

Such airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Korean Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, United can hold booking without payment within a few days.

True, it is not known how much the reservation we need to last. It is worth clarified by representatives of the airline or read the booking conditions on the websites of airlines.

After we found the necessary airline and booked the flights you need. You should come to mail confirmation of tickets &# 8212; Code of armor.

In order to print confirmed airfares go to WWW website.Checkmytrip.Com.

Drive in Count &# 171; Reservation Number&# 187; Our received armor code, and in the column &# 171; Last Name&# 187; Drive your last name, after which we click on the arrow.

In a new window, armor data will appear.

Save the reservation of the ticket to the computer &# 8212; Click on the button &# 171; PDF&# 187;.

Or print confirmation of armor &# 8212; Click on the button &# 171; Print&# 187;.

How to book a hotel and air ticket without payment

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