How to behave on a nudist beach?

Nudist, or how they are sometimes called, naturist beaches – Places where nude people relax and swimming around and where you can get a smooth beautiful tan without traces of a swimsuit on the body. And no more.

However, some not written (and in some countries – and written, for example, in the US or France) the rules of behavior on nudist beaches still exist, they should be known to not get into the uncomfortable position and not to be involved in the conflict with other vacationers on the beach.

Follow these rules is easy, the main thing – clearly imagine that this is not an intimate club, and in general to sex it all has a very distant attitude.

Nude in a nudist beach does not mean easily accessibility, a lonely man is better not to approach unfamiliar nude woman. And you can get acquainted with her when it will be in the company of other people. A good reason – Participation in various collective games that are often held on nudist beaches. By the way, it is also an excellent way to overcome embarrassment if you first naked on such a beach.

Nudist beaches are often adjacent to the usual, «Clothes» beaches, as well as parks and forest zones. Do not fond «naked holiday» And do not go naked outside the borders of the nudist beach – sanctions for violation of decencies in some countries are very severe.

How to behave on a nudist beach

Delicate theme – Photographing on a nudist beach. Not everyone wants to get into the photo album to an unfamiliar person. The official ban on photographing on such beaches does not exist. But you need to get permission from those whom you will take pictures, and even those who may accidentally get into the frame. If these are children – You should ask permission to shoot at their parents.

When visiting a nudist beach, some parts of your body can be subjected to long-term exposure to sunlight. It does not always pass painlessly, so the first one stay on such a beach should not be too long. Do not forget also about creams and other protective equipment.

And finally, the question that concerns many men, have never visited nudist beaches, but having such an intention: what to do if the erection begins? This is the usual, most likely the surrounding simply will not pay much attention to the confusing circumstance. Need to be distracted, calm down, lying to roll over the stomach, and best suck in the water.

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