How to behave in the hotel?

If you have left somewhere for the first time, then you probably have many questions about staying at the hotel. Today we will consider this topic in detail.

Check in hotel

Once in the hotel, the first thing you need to approach the administrator’s rack or as it is also called, reception. You need to go through the registration procedure. To do this, you will need 3 things:

  1. passport
  2. Printout with booking confirmation (not always asked, but it is better to take it with you)
  3. The card on which payment was made (also not required, but often they are asked)

Please note that the settlement in the hotel is carried out at a certain time, as a rule, after 12:00, but many where and after 14:00.

In any case, this information is better to refine in advance. If the hotel has free rooms and they are ready for reception, then you, of course, will be populated before.

Many hotels require a deposit in case you break something or empty a minibar. Most often, the hotel freezes a certain amount on your card or asks the same amount of cash. It is advisable to use a credit card for the deposit, in this case the bank money is tooling, and not your own, in addition, this will not accrue interest for the use of the loan. Read more about what you need credit cards in the journey, read here >>

After all formalities, you will be given the keys to the room. The key may be ordinary, and maybe electronic.

In some hotels 3 *, as well as in all 4 and 5 *, a porter service is provided, which will drive your things in the room. This service is free, but a good tone is considered to leave a little tip porter. Their size depends on the country and category of the hotel.

Settlement in the room

Once in the room, you should not immediately share your things. Watch whether it is responsible to the parameters that are specified in the confirmation. This is especially true of numbers where you specifically paid for the view, for example, on the sea or bathroom instead of a shower. Do not forget to check the work of things important for you &# 8211; TV, soul, air conditioning, plumbing and t.NS. This is especially true of inexpensive hotels.

If something does not suit you, you will immediately call or go to the reception and calmly explain what exactly you did not suit you in the room. If there are free numbers, you will move, if not, and your discontent is justified, the hotel can offer you any gift, a discount, free excursion and t.NS. Of course, the size of an apology will depend on the hotel’s policies. Be prepared that your request can be left without attention.

How to behave in the hotel

How to behave in the hotel?

  • Do not make noise. People came to relax, so the party in the room is better transferred to the bar or restaurant.
  • Observe the dress code. This rule in most cases belong to hot spa hotels. Sit in the restaurant in swimming trunks and swimsuit or shorts with naked torso &# 8211; indecent. If in Turkey and Egypt, to this somewhere can close the eyes, then in Europe you will not even be allowed into the restaurant in this form. The same applies to slap, shorts, shale, sports costumes especially during dinner.
  • Do not take a meal from the restaurant. This is not only not accepted, but also most often forbidden by the rules of the hotel. If you have been paid for meals on the All, HB, FB system and you do not fall on one of the food meals, most often this breakfast is because of early excursions, talk to the hotel in advance with the hotel, some are preparing special lunch boxes, but it is not necessary to do it at the time of departure, and in advance, for example, in the evening before the excursion.

Hotel services

With a set of services that the hotel provides advisable to get acquainted in advance or clarify on the receptionist.

From mandatory questions:

  1. Opening hours of restaurant. If you have been paid for food, then specify what time breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. For those who feed on the ALL system it is necessary to clarify which specific beverages are all included in which bars (in large hotels, not all bars and restaurants can support this system).
  2. Basis Opening hours. Do not think that in the pool you can swim around the clock. Theoretically, of course, yes, no one merges the water over the night, but most often, the cleaning system is launched at night, at this time the concentration of chemicals in water will be several times higher than during the day.
  3. Room cleaning time. It is necessary for the fact that if you am a lover sleeping before lunch you did not woke the maid, for this even in the evening hang on the door sign &# 8220; Do Not Disturb&# 8221; (do not worry) and then &# 8220; Please Clean My Room&# 8221; (Please remove my number).

Eviction from the hotel

Eviction from the hotel or check out you need to do in the watch installed by the hotel. As a rule, it is up to 12:00, sometimes until 10:00 or 11:00. Specify the time of eviction in advance.

If your plane is much later, then ask where you can leave things to not sit at the hotel.

For an additional fee, the hotel can offer you the so-called leit check-out &# 8211; the ability to free the room later than the set time.

Rules in each hotel may differ, but most often enough just to descend with the things at the reception and pass the key. If you left a deposit for cash, do not forget to pick it up.

Sometimes the number takes the maid, t.E. You report that you are going to evaporate, a hotel officer comes to the room, watches whether everything is fine and have not devastated the mini-bar and then you can pass the keys. But this option has recently been found more and less.

How to behave in the hotel

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