How to behave in a hostel. Sewaged etiquette rules

If you have never lived in a hostel, you will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the unlawful rules of etiquette, which are accepted in such places.

Remove with me

This applies not only about the order in the room where you sleep, but also public areas. Remember that you are visiting and at the same time with you in the room, and other people live in a hostel, so small weaknesses that you allow yourself at home, here are undesirable and in some cases even unacceptable.

Bath after you should be clean, no traces of foam for shaving, toothpaste and all the more hair in stock.

Kitchen. Hostel &# 8211; This is not a restaurant, waiters are not here, so always clean and wash the dishes.

Room. In the room where you sleep should also be avoided the mess, refuel the bed, besides you to do this, and do not scatter dirty clothes.

Things you have been folded and want to dry, dry on your bed or ask permission before occuping someone else’s territory. In addition, you can use the battery, and if it is occupied and someone’s things have already dried on it. Ask them to remove. If the owner is not there, then you can remove them yourself, gently putting on a chair or bed nearby. And I ask you, do not dry dirty clothes in the room!

Nobody canceled a quiet hour!

Try not to noise from 23:00 to 8:00.

In early eviction, assemble things in advance. If you need to leave the hostel to 8-9 in the morning, collect all your things on the eve of the evening. Pack a suitcase or backpack and prepare clothes you are going to wear. Do not wake up at 5 am and start collecting noise packages.

How to behave in a hostel. Sewaged etiquette rules

If you came late, do not turn on the light. At night, people sleep and do not break into the room at night into the room, turn on the light and prepare for sleep. If you are planning to walk in late, buy a small flashlight or use the one in your phone. And also prepare things that you may need &# 8211; Pajamas, Toothbrush and other toiletries. So you will not disturb others, digging in bags in search of toothpaste or razor.

Do not talk at night. If you have drawn to sincere conversations, even in a whisper, better leave and talk in the living room or in the kitchen.

No parties in the room. For these purposes, many hostels have separate rooms, in extreme case &# 8211; kitchen. But you should not arrange a party in the room, even if all the guests are your Dormitia for. Music, noise and loud conversations will be heard in other rooms.

Snore? Or maybe better in the hotel? If the problem of snoring is relevant for you, then overtake the dream of other guests and book a hotel. Well, if you clearly decided what you want to live in a hostel, at least warn about your &# 8220; Little problem&# 8221; in advance, ideally during the settlement, with the availability of free rooms you can be placed separately.

Be sociability

When you are inserted into the room, a good tone is considered to greet everyone, ideally introduce myself and get to know each. Do not be closed alone, many live in hostels for communication and new acquaintances, this is an excellent chance to practice in English and get acquainted with the culture of different countries.

How to behave in a hostel. Sewaged etiquette rules

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