How to behave at customs?

The question "How to behave at customs?"Every traveler is set. After all, it is from the behavior of a tourist depends, he will go to another country or not.

customs control

It is difficult to find a person who is completely calmly refers to the upcoming passage of customs. it serious challenge Even for law-abiding citizens. Therefore, wishing to go to a tourist or work trip should learn in advance the basic requirements for customs passing, take into account what products and items are forbidden to import or export.

If we consider the rules for the passage of customs control in detail in different countries of the world They will be different. But the overall concept is to prevent the smuggling of narcotic drugs, medical drugs, alcoholic beverages, weapons, large amounts of money, illegal border crossing.


In order for the customs to have no problems, it should be clarified that it is and what volume can be pronounced. All information is online on specialized sites. If a person goes on vacation from a tourist company, information can be obtained from the tour operator.

Rules at the airport are the most stringent, especially when it comes to a hand-made or baggage. So in the cabin of the aircraft It is forbidden to take a manual stinging more than 5 kg, Liquid containers are allowed only to 100 ml. With stitching or cutting items, for example, with a manicure set, the passenger will not miss. Before renting suitcases in luggage, It should be copped with a film by putting a sheet with the address of the alleged accommodation. So the baggage will be fastened faster if the carrier will lose it.

Before you go on a journey, it should be verified that a person has no loan arrears left, whether alimony accounts. To travel with children who have not achieved adulthood, Special documents may be needed. In addition, the traveler should be done and take a copy of the passport with you. It may be needed if the tourist will lose the main document.

How to behave at customs

How to pass customs?

If a person expects a flight or a trip to transit, arrive at the airport is necessary no later than 3 hours before departure. If the time is completely left, you do not need to try "Wash" in turn. It is better to appeal to customs workers, they will provide all possible assistance.

During customs, the use of a mobile phone, as well as shooting strictly prohibited. Otherwise the customs officer can confiscate the technique.

In the process of inspection, employees of customs may ask to show all cash In foreign currency. If the tourist does not want to do this demonstratively, the legislation is not prohibited asking for a separate room for this. In addition, within the framework of the law, a person passing customs control may ask all the inspection to be conducted by an official of the appropriate sex.

Following all the advice presented above, you can easily go through customs control. This will allow not to overstate the upcoming trip with negative emotions.

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