How to become your own in China

Once in China, you will also catch the gaze of random passers-by or companions. When the Chinese see a foreigner with a European appearance, they look with interest, but not openly, and the soda, as if experiencing something awkwardness, whether doubt. Even those who are hesitantly approaching you with a request for joint photos, look tense and confused. But it is worth you to use in the dialogue at least one phrase in Chinese, for example: "Nor Hao" ("Hi!")," Nor Hao Ma?"(" How are you, in order?") Or" Dunzhan Khe and "(" Of course, you can!") – How do they bother. "Well, wow, how good you are talking in Chinese! Were are you from?»Questions will appease. Barrier broken, now you are to some extent for them. And "His" in China is a special category. About her today and there will be a story.


Chinese culture is the so-called "culture of good acquaintances". Public relations are built here on the principle of "I know everything about you, so I trust you and with you not Crymey". The foundations of such philosophy laid another confusion by introducing the concept of "Jia Tiana" – "the whole of the way as one family". A foreigner to become part of the Chinese family, you must first demonstrate interest in China, strive to communicate and not be afraid of telling everything about yourself – Believe me, no one will turn against you. But from Chinese ceremony will not remain a trace. You will find a visual confirmation, let’s say on the silk market in Beijing. Here, cunning smiling Chinese are loudly called foreigners into their pavilions. If you go outsen and silently, do not respond to the stories of sellers about the quality of goods, but simply ask the price, you will be called to the highest times, and you will leave the inner resentment from such impudence. But only one response smile and the story about whether you like China, as a lot of everything beautiful in Beijing, how everyone wants to buy (but – ah! – You have quite some money) – and you will not notice how you will catch your hand and in Loman our will be claimed: "Friend, only you, in secret, I am talking about the current price. There were Americans here, so they don’t talk and do not trade, we sell them expensive, and I will give you in friendship ". And really reduce the price. Do not hesitate to knock her down and then: Your ability to bargain will only reap and raise the Chinese and convince him that you are yours, once you know how to deft. Do not forget to smile and loudly and without constraint, you earn a little, and the children of the house (they are, by the way, are the name so) are waiting for many gifts from China. You leave, buying goods cheap and getting in addition to a good friend.

Special relationship with law

Another sign that you became your intense, – when the Chinese, although reluctant, but agree to break the rules. The concepts of "Rule", "Law" always wore a negative connotation from the Chinese, implying severeness, punishment, even cruelty. The word "law" entered into circulation in the country only when trading relations with Europeans began. Then a clear dividing line was held between her and strangers. With strangers (so-called "external"), first of all, based on reasons, and secondly, according to the law and the norms that he installed. That is, this kind of communication has had a whole and fully rational and impersonal nature. With their own relationships were built on traditions and customs, understanding and trust ("You’re yours, so I know you, I can predict how you behave, so I have no doubt of you"). Therefore, if in response to your request, the Chinese is responsible "it is impossible, it is impossible, this is a violation of the rules," the final refusal does not mean, it simply does not see his own.

Not only business

Rule "Nothing Personal – Only Business" in China does not work. Even in official relations, an unofficial component is important, it is necessary to establish personal contact. That is why all the most important agreements in Chinese business circles are actually achieved not in the negotiation hall, but in restaurants, in breaks between loud fun toasts and demonstrating photos of their family. The Chinese call the "Guancy" system, which is literally translated as "relationship". And when concluding subsequent transactions, preference will be given to the partner with which an unofficial contact is already installed, even if the benefit from the transaction will be lower than with a new acquaintance. The Chinese themselves often criticize the current system, calling it simply by Blat and condemning the application of the subjective approach. Anyway, if you wish to succeed in business negotiations, it is simply necessary to consider this factor.

Total live

How to become your own in China

How else can you join the Chinese "culture of good acquaintances"? Of course, settle in Hutun. Although, I must say in advance, this experience is not for a sad.

Hutunas – one-story maze, where the lanes go one to another, and more narrowing, and on the tiny area there are hundreds of Chinese families. Until recently, they were the main type of building of any major city – Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing. Since in the 80s of the last century, the Chinese economy began to develop rapidly, hutunas began to replace skyscrapers.

Now there is a small part. And if you are constrained in the means and are not afraid of Asian exotic, you can take a room in such a place. Amenities in hutunas on the street, and share them will have to be with a few dozen people, in addition, it will be necessary to accept the noise from the loud conversations and the strong smell of frying and spices. In general, about comfort will have to forget. At the same time, Khutunov definitely has its own romance: people roam, dressed in homemade, wear basins with washing, clean potatoes or nurse children sitting in chairs right on the street. Knocking on the door to the neighbors, dine over common tables, the whole crowd with interest is watching the game of two in Mahjong – Chinese bones. For a couple of weeks of stay Here you will know all the details of the personal life of each of your neighbors, and they will know everything about you, in addition you will learn to express on a brilliant Beijing dialect and prepare an authentic (very simple and harmful) Chinese food.

In a word to join the friendly Chinese company and become yours in China, it is necessary to be open to communicate, do not be ashamed to ask personal questions and answer them, be able to get along in the team and forget about the time that such respect for the personal space is. Someone says that it does not matter where and what you do is important – in which company.

How to become your own in China

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