How to become your own in Ankara

Turkey for us is Antalya, Alania, Istanbul, Kemer and Belek. Turkey for the Turks is Ankara, the capital of the country. Low at home – no more than five floors (exception – modern buildings in the city center), streets rising almost vertically to the tops of hills, sidewalks, paved with tiles and paving. Almost impossible to walk on Ankara, it is rarely able to see fashionable (in the concept of Europeans) dressed women. On the streets you will not meet the davey teenagers or broken men, and at night you will be able to calmly take a walk in the park or square.


Features of life support


At the local "catering" There are many pleasant features – a varied menu (definitely try meat dishes), low prices (for 10-15 dollars you can seem to dump, because the portions are quite large), always a friendly attitude of the service personnel. There is another important detail: in a small cafe, you will most likely not be able to order alcohol, since such institutions are usually char.

Halal is an Islamic concept that literally means "pervolored". Halarial meat is the meat of animals that were killed in accordance with the rules of Sharia – that is, reading certain prayers and ensuring that "victim" Not experienced torment.

Local cuisine – acute, so pre-prepare for the absorption of red pepper, a variety of seasonings and sauces. Here you will not find the ketchup and mayonnaise we are familiar, but you will be offered lemon juice (or sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon), which relies to add to soup or pour on meat. And, of course, yogurt – as an addition to any dish. The most popular drinks – familiar to you sweet soda (despite the fact that natural fruit juices are very cheap and delicious here).

Dressing in the break between visits to restaurants can be fruit or appetizing "Bagels" with sesame ("Semite") who are sold literally at every corner. Other option – Local supermarkets. Seafood here are expensive, but vegetables and fruits are very cheap. Understand the olives of different varieties, pickles and sauces. From the sweet, I recommend Bawlov and Lukum. But cakes and cakes here are tasteless.

Advice: Before going to Turkey, ask what month this year Ramadan has (in local pronunciation – Ramazan). The fact is that during this sacred for the Muslims of the month from dawn to sunset it is impossible to eat and drink. Of course, these requirements do not apply to tourists, but most small cafeterias will be closed until late in the evening, and if you find yourself in a quarter, where mostly religious people live, you can select a bottle of drink and say after something offensive.

Shops and markets

Advice: Bargaining on the market is very simple, even if you do not know the Turkish language. Take a calculator with you, come to the counter, dial on the calculator an acceptable number for you. Then give a calculator to the seller, which makes it in this digit adjustments. After a few minutes, the parties usually come to an agreement.

Other needs


Reasonable alternative to public transport is a taxi. You can call the car from anywhere in the city – either using a special button on the crossroad post, or contacting the policeman, the seller in the store or local resident.

Advice: Be careful when moving the street – the movement here is very active, cars and buses rushing at high speed, and traffic lights, unfortunately, not enough.

The cultural program

Tip: in Ankara very few trash bins. That is, throw away the unnecessary piece of paper is a problem. "Muses" Can be found in the park – by type they resemble mailboxes painted in green and fortified on separate columns.


How to become your own in Ankara

Anyone who wants to go to the mosque, regardless of the religion, if you follow certain rules. There is nothing complicated in them.

It is not recommended to visit the mosques in the afternoon on Friday – this is a day of mandatory prayer for men, there will be a lot of people. Other days – Login.

Before entering the mosque, shoes should be removed (behind the threshold), then put it in a special locker and only after that go inside. Do not worry about the preservation of your property – theft is practically no. As an example: the owners of the store calmly leave part of his goods outside until the evening, even not paying attention to him. So they demonstrate their location to buyers and at the same time expand the sales area. Since the mosque is not a museum, but the place where believing people are going to prayer, your clothes should be modest. For women, a handkerchief is obligatory on the head, leaving open only face, "top" Long Sleeves and Shallow Cut, Long Skirt or Wide Pants. Less strict requirements are presented to men – only shorts are prohibited. If your clothing style is different from the recommended, you can prepare in advance in the store a beautiful handkerchief (by the way, Turkish silk scarves and scarves are distinguished by excellent quality and variety of colors). In some mosques at the entrance you can take a skirt or a dimensionless dress.

Each mosque is divided into female and men’s halves (female or is on the second floor, either separated from the men’s dense curtain). If you came "just look", Stay at the threshold or go a little further, but in no case cross the space in front of praying, otherwise the scandal will be inevitably. You can take pictures in mosques, but do not use the flash, so as not to distract Muslims making Namaz – if the believer will be mistaken, he will have to start all the prayer again.

Turkish baths (Hammam)

Parks and Squares

Advice: Parks in Ankara landscaped – in every gazebo located on the lawn or near the track, there are lamps and running electrical outlets (you can use them for free). Therefore, going to the picnic, you can grab not only the traditional thermos, but also a small electric kettle, as well as mini-spoer.

In a guest

In Turkey, guests do not sit behind a common table, forced a variety of dishes (exceptions – "secular" lunch or dinner). Each visit is a separate small table on which a cup of tea, a small plate with sweets, a vase with nuts and a napkin. Cups here "Specific", Similar to big glasses, without pens. An unprepared person to drink from them is very difficult, but you can ask for the mistress "ordinary" mug, and you will immediately give it. In order to support the conversation, you can use a phrasebook and dictionary. Tip: If the elderly owner or hostess at home stretches your hand to greet, should not be limited to the handshake. In respect, you should first kiss your hand, then touch her forehead.

In Ankara there are hotels of any categories. Cheap establishments are mainly in Ulus, near Opera Meydani. Luxury hotels are located in Kizilay and Kavaklidere.

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