How to become the author

Attract new readers and enhance your SEO-campaign with high-quality indexed Beck Links.

Video and instagram bloggers

Create a platform for displaying and promoting your video and photo posts and, accordingly, attracting new subscribers to your channels.

Photographers and photo lovers

Show your beautiful photo work, Improve your skills, collect Editorial Portfolio and polish your personal brand.

Active independent travelers

If professional blogging &# 8212; Not your horse, but impressions, recommendations and wonderful photos left from traveling you at least debug, &# 8212; Write to us, we will help to clothe your thoughts and photos in excellent publications!

Beginners Travel journalists

If you dream about a journalist career, the author’s column &# 8212; Excellent start. Single requirement &# 8212; Write only about those countries / places in which you visited.

Professional travelers

For whom the trip is more than just a passion, it will be especially useful to create a private page with photo-rossing photos, interesting selections, recommendations and useful advice.


We highlight five columns and eleven topics where you can create your own materials. One material can be attributed to several rubrics and topics, which will naturally increase the visibility of material on the site. Selecting materials in the author’s columns, we prefer non-standard, creative and bright personalized blogs. All materials published on the site, &# 171; live&# 187; very long because they are tied to the corresponding guidebooks.

Travel experience

In this heading the main focus &# 8212; Interesting travel experience, then, in fact, for what we travel. It can be a selection of interesting places, traveled route, a story about the place, country, interesting facts or observations of culture, people, food and t.NS. You can write about anything, the main thing &# 8212; Write through the prism of your own travel experience.

How to become the author

Recommendations and advice

What to see where to go how to get, how to behave that delicious try and so on and tp. You know for your own experience of training travel and routes development how valuable such advice is. You can write your recommendations and tips on different topics, the main thing, see the relevance and uniqueness of your material.

Photo essay

In the heading photo-essay &# 8212; The main focus photo. It can be photos of one place / region / country with brief comments, photo studies about travel, copyright photo reviews or thematic photo selection.


Extend the life of your inst – photo, making interesting collections in the directions and topics. Your selections will definitely have a greater chance to publish if you can create a short interesting text accompanying a series of photos or individual photos.

Travel video

This heading is designed for video blocks and creators of Travel-video. In your column, you can place films with brief comments and / or series of vogols that are dedicated to the country / direction / view of recreation and TP.

How to become the author

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