How to become a residency

Indian worker elephant – Delicate animal. Rough shouts like "Hey, Oballa, Virel!" He refuses to understand. Shakes his ears-opahala and silent. And it will be offended by such unwinding. And going where the eyes look, breaking the warehouses, huts and the parisades. That is why the politeness of elephant purses is trained from the small years. To become professional "Elephantian", required up to five years of intensive study. But tourists who come to the Indian state of Bihar, the five years of studying still not necessarily. In the town of Patna, which became famous for the whole world with a unique autumn fair of elephants, from April 8, was organized "Fast" Excursion B "Elephant school". There, any brave, recreation on an elephant patch, can definitely identify these good, but strong creation.

This entertainment and informative program is specifically designed for people familiar with elephants only by books and TV shows. Tourists who want to see good-natured giants closer, sit down on the bus and carry Patna in the suburb, where on the shore of Ganges and is located "Training elephant farm". But for free excursions to elephants will not be allowed. To touch the rough Boca of the Elephant, turn with it a pair of warm phrases, and then climb him on the camp, you need to pay to the owners "Farm" $ 35.

On Indian standards, these are crazy money. For a third of this amount on the Market Square Patna you will be offered twice to go around the city on a home elephant. And the city of Patna is not small – seven kilometers in diameter. But, according to the owners "elephant school", – ride on an elephant is one thing, and try to manage it that the construction crane is completely different.

Master’s rightness partly confirms the abundance of foreign guests, thirsting with an elephant trunk to unload some cart with heavy logs. Impressions after this exercise are preserved for a long time. Especially, considering that by climbing the elephant, the newly reinforced drive officer is not in the tent, but on slippery from the empty sweat. To fly with an awkward movement from the poppoup down – the second thing. And although at the bottom on duty two-storm indians, ready to pick up a fallen tourist, – Anyway, every newcomer slightly panties.

In addition, the elephant is a very sensitive being. Any aimless palm paton on his back or a random loud word he can understand as an order. Then, instead of chain enough log, it will fall on the rear paws, either driving a trunk up and bounce. Disagreements between the tourist and elephant helps to resolve a long stick trainer-"Regulator". He always walks near and diligently corrects newcomers mistakes.

In general, wroks with an elephant will be plentious. However and joy get no less. Especially when the elephant disassemble, finally, what, what will happen and neatly transfers the first log from the cart to the warehouse. Two-same logs dragged into an elephant on your order is a little victory. Three – a real triumph!

How to become a residency

If a miracle happens and you will succeed in half an hour to master five logs, then there will be no limit to the enthusiasm. There is even a chance that on behalf of the owners of the farm you will be handed an honorary award sign "Honored Bihar Maker". The icon is, of course, not real, but only a souvenir. But still the house will boast.

It would be nice, however, so that the exhausted tourist, going down on the Potted Lanester from the elephant, drew attention to the sweepers of the experimental animal. Elephant when they manage the untrained rider, the much more person is exhausted. After two hours of service orders of four inept drivers, it is very cool tired. After which the day rests in the stall.

Moral wear of the animal just need to compensate for the notorious $ 35 paid by the tourist.

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