How to become a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is not so difficult if you approach the parameters installed by the airline.

The basic requirements include:

Height: In women, average 165 -175, men 170 &# 8211; 185 cm. By the way, these figures are not taken from the ceiling, low-rise flight attendants, not able to independently check the presence of foreign objects in the luggage shelves. In large aircraft, they are high enough.

Age: flight attendants without work experience are taken from 18 to 26 years old, with experience &# 8211; up to 35 years old.

There are also, restrictions on the size of the clothing: In women 42-46, men 46-54. This is dictated by ease of movement on the cabin and safety equipment. A flight attendant must have enough power to open the emergency exit door.

In addition, a candidate for the position of flight attendant should know English at no lower pre-intermediate (some airlines require a minimum of intermediate) and have excellent health.

Airlines quite often conduct a set of flight attendants, some do it within the course of the year. All candidates are subject to interview and medical teams (VLEK).

Let’s start with the interview&# 8230; It takes place in several stages, as a rule, in three.

At the first stage, candidates talk to the Commission, tell a little about themselves, why they decided to become a flight attendant, chose this airline and T.D.

Then they pass psychological testing and check the level of English.

When checking the level of knowledge of a foreign language, candidates must pass a small grammatical test, perform the task of listening and talk with the examination committee. All texts and tasks are somehow connected with airborne aircraft and work.

If you have passed the interview, then you get the direction on VLEK with the list of necessary analyzes, doctors and references.

How to become a flight attendant

At any stage of the interview you can deduct you without explaining the reasons, although some lucky and they say they did not appear for what parameters.

Courses, for flight attendants without work experience last 3 months, for experienced 1-1.5 months.Training schedule is quite dense, as a rule, classes pass every day, including Saturday from morning to evening. The course includes theory, training on simulators and practice in the airline (30 days) as an assistant flight attendant.

You will be taught to behave correctly in emergency situations (fire, depressurization, emergency landing and t.D.), provide medical care.

You will learn such disciplines as aerodynamics, get acquainted with the structure of the aircraft. Much attention is given to the study of psychology, the flight attendant should be able to not only calm the passenger who fearful to fly, but also a sharp child, be able to recognize the terrorist and take appropriate measures and much more.

In addition, flight attendants are learn the right, office work, etiquette. In the field of etiquette, it is taught standards for service in the cabin of the aircraft: how to handle the cart, carefully pour water, arrange the devices and T.D.

After passing the practice, the exam is surrendered, and if you coped with him, you get the certificate of flight attendant and you can start work.

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