How to bargain?

In the most visited tourists, local residents are quite quickly calculated travelers. Most often it happens in the markets. Experienced tourists already know how to behave with merchants what to do beginners?

Do not listen to guides recommendations

Many tourists do not know that in most cases guides advise to visit those stores and souvenir shops that they pay. For this reason, the price there Extremely high. Tourists who first went to one or another country, try to follow the recommendations of the guide. But it is better to ask advice from experienced travelers, because they know the places well where cheaper.

Local currency

There are countries that local currency has the same names. For example, pounds act in the UK and Egypt. For this reason, making a purchase, you should specify, What exactly currency indicated on the price tag. Otherwise, the unpleasant situation will be inevitable.

Code of Conduct

In most tourist countries, bargain Considered norm. Therefore, the price indicated on the product is a guide for starting sales. Undoubtedly need to be polite with the seller, but immediately agree to his proposal is not worth. It is better to portray disappointment, even if the tourist searched for this product for several days. You can also go to the exit. Taking into account the high level of competition, many sellers are afraid to miss the client, so Begin to reduce the price. If the seller does not show the initiative, it does not want to answer the buyer’s questions, it is worth leaving the store. From such business representatives to get a discount will not succeed.


How to bargain

Every experienced seller can define a tourist at first sight. Taking into account the fact that trade is their main income, foreigner The price is always overlapping several times. Travelers try to dress expensive, girls do not go into the city without jewelry or branded things. It is for these signs merchants Determine the budget of the buyer, and then get a discount becomes very difficult. If the tourist decided to acquire some kind of goods in the city, it is worth getting dressed.

Popular shopping points

In every cruise city, you can find such places, there are shops, souvenir shops, restaurants. Wishing to bargain worth avoid popular outlets. In these places you can always find a large number of tourists. For this reason, the merchants make no sense to make a discount, because to sell the goods can be in any case. It is better to choose quiet streets, away from the center. There salesmen with great pleasure serve the client will offer a pleasant bonus.


In order for bargaining, no need to do this, When there are other sellers or buyers nearby. Discount applies only to the tourist himself, and others others know about it completely optional.
Tourists each time bring gifts and souvenirs for their relatives and friends every time. Listen to this Recommendation is worth it, otherwise the total amount for all purchases may exceed the cost of the ticket.

How to bargain

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