How to bargain in the market in Egypt

For those who are going to Egypt, it will not be superfluous to learn how to behave in the market not to become a victim of fraud and buy goods at a bargain price. Need to remember that ROinka in Egypt is considered a landmark on a par with pyramids and the Red Sea. For many centuries in Egypt formed peculiar sales culture, which is valid now. If you remember the story, then Egypt has always been an important trading node. Here in the past times were traded by local and overseas goods. Therefore, any Egyptian from childhood knows how to bargain correctly and profitable. It’s in blood. Without these skills, they would simply be egyptians.

When the tourist first turns out to be in the Egyptian market, he sees a lot of multicolored rows, diluted with all sorts of goods. The obsessive Egyptians are trying to lure the gazened tourist to their store. You will be offered articles from leather, souvenirs from stone, wood, metal, as well as carpets, clothes, decorations and more. We are completely unusted this eastern bazaar.

The most important thing is that you need to understand the tourist, so this is what Egyptians are traded in hope for good luck. Sellers every day and every minute have a good luck, but suddenly the goods are lucky at a high price. The fact is that In most shops and market prices are not fixed. Therefore, in different places you can buy the same thing at different prices. And even one and the same seller can sell some thing to the local resident, for example, 2 times cheaper than you – tourist. The more the merchant earned the day, the more trading luck smiled.

But If you are able to bargain, it means that the seller will experience good luck on someone else. The seller will still sell you the goods at a profitable price for you, and he will assume that good luck turned away, and lucky another time. The Egyptians do a lot of attempts per day to sell goods at an inflated price, and in any case, at least several attempts per day they will be successful. Traders of each passing by the tourist are considering how the ability to experience luck.

Chief Council for the tourist – Do not look for a lower price. This is the biggest mistake that inexperienced tourists make, getting to the market in Egypt. Especially often by this "sin" women. That is, if you are on the market and look for some thing, do not run from one push to another to find cheaper. It is useless because the prices are not fixed. To buy cheaper, you need to bargain. Never buy goods for the initial price you called. Sellers always overstate the price of 2-5 times, maybe more. Therefore, the initial price is far from the one for which the seller agrees to sell you the goods. Come to the Advisions, slowly consider the goods and negotiate price. For Egyptian traders, the most important thing is not to sell the goods, but the process of trade and communication itself. For them is a gambling and entertainment.

Another important rule – It is impossible to call the price first. If the first call the price, lose. Walk slowly in the market, and when you see something you are interested in, go, take, turn in your hands so that the seller understand that you need this thing you need. Smile, be positive. Then Quietly ask the price without showing any emotions. No matter what price the seller calls, you must express chagrin, show seller that you are upset because of the huge price. Put this thing on the shelf and slowly exit the store. Do all natural! Be sure that the Egyptian seller will stop and ask your price. If it happened, consider that you won this round.

Name your price, which can be 2-5 times lower than the initial. Remember that you started experiencing your trading success. If everything goes as it should, then you will receive your item at a bargain price. Have fun commerce, be persistent, turn into a creative process. It does not matter that you will talk, it is important – how. If you have never come to a mutually beneficial price, you can safely leave the store. Most likely, The seller will still stop and agree to your conditions. Each merchant believes that if he began to bargain with the buyer, then the process must be finished. But even if the Egyptian, in the end, will not agree to your price, nothing terrible. Test your trading success in the next store.

Best on Egyptian markets go shopping together. Then the opportunity appears in the process of trading to play "Good and Evil Police". The game is that one of you is ready to give money, and the second does not agree in any way, argues, convinces you that it is too high price, and in general it is already from here.

How to bargain in the market in Egypt

Men in the East, In addition to money, also appreciate the female beauty. Therefore, if you are a woman, you can safely go to some shopping shop. Start slowly considering goods. In Egypt, always traded men, so after a while you will definitely hear the compliments in your address. You can start a conversation with the seller on some distracted topic, and then gradually go to the trade. Often sellers after communicating with a beautiful girl, melting in front and offer a good price with a big discount.

Still very Important moment for girls. Arabs men who live in resort cities or in Cairo consider tourists available to women, especially if they walk without men. They have such a rule: if you can touch the girl a little, then you can feel it all. That’s why Cheat as unavailable as possible. This will cause Arabs a great respect. They will offer you to take pictures together, shake hands and t.D. Remember, girls, if you touch the Egyptian, you yourself will give him a reason for active actions. Sometimes even the presence of a husband will not protect you. But this is more applied to the Arabs, and not to the Egyptians, because the Egyptians are very respectful to tourists.

The best thing go shopping with Egyptian pounds, and not with dollars or euros. Then you will have more opportunities for profitable trading. It is also advisable to give money without passing, because the passage you can and not get. The seller can pretend that he should not do you, or will offer to buy something else.

It is not recommended to go shopping in the first days of stay on vacation. Purchases best do closer to departures. And that’s why. When you go to the store, The seller evaluates your tan and notes for ourselves, the newcomer you or have already mastered and know local rules and prices. If you are completely white, the merchant will try to take a maximum of you. Yes, and you yourself by the end of your holiday will be better oriented in prices, know all tricks and understand the process of trading. And one more reason why you need to buy at the end of your holiday: you then will have less money, so to buy everything that has been planned, you will be more ingenious and better bargain.

So, bargain in any stores, except for those where prices are fixed, that is, indicated on the price tags. In such stores to bargain it is meaningless. It is also strictly forbidden to bargain in the mosque. And further. Remember that trade in Egypt is entertainment and communication, so you enjoy commerce and communicate with the Egyptians. Pleasant travel and good shopping!

How to bargain in the market in Egypt

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