How to bargain in China – tips, features and prices

It is difficult to find a tourist who would not buy souvenirs and gifts during rest. In many countries in the markets and in private stores, it is customary to bargain, and China is no exception. In this article we will tell about the peculiarities of this process in "Middle Kingdom" and give some useful tips to travelers.

All stores in China are divided into private shops and shops "FIX Price". Most souvenirs and gifts from China are sold in ordinary shops. Here or trample, or buy all the soddoroga.

Naturally, in supermarkets and large stores are not traded at all. In cafes and restaurants it is also not accepted.

But if you buy food on the market, you can completely bargain if you buy something big. Bargaining for the patty is not worth it, it looks stupid in any country of the world.

Here is such a pie costs 2 yuan, and there is no place to throw off the price. By the way, we recommend our article about the meal market in Beijing on Valfujin Street, this photo was done exactly.

Moral standards

In the minds of most ours, the trade process is closely associated with greed, and, therefore, with something indecent. The Chinese have no such idea, they have another culture. If you are tracked, then no one will watch osos.

Most of our fellow citizens consider the purpose of trade attempt by the seller more progress, and buyer will save more. The process itself is perceived as a duel between them. It is this idea that the whole negative gives rise to.

Let’s remove greed from this process, and everything will immediately become rainbow and beautiful. For example, you approach the counter and ask the price of some kind of subject. You call the figure in 50 yuan. Do not need to think how much you stand and save. From this you will feel the greatest person, and most of us taught that greed is bad.

Call the price that you consider fair. If you think the object is not worth it more than 10, then call the figure in 10 Chinese yuan.

Such a strategy more often leads to a positive result. Look around, shops in Russia take clothing that costs 100 rubles, put the price tag of 500 rubles, and declare a discount of 30%. And what is amazing, shopping lovers "peck" on it. And all because of the greed. Replace greed at your globility for justice, and you will always buy everything at the best price.

The first important rule of decency is not trading for not wanting to buy. If you do not have a serious intention to acquire some subject, then there is no point in the conversation about his price. The Chinese are not used to buying something only for the reason that it is cheap. We will now say, perhaps an unpleasant thing for readers. This habit of "gathering" is purely our, and most of the foreigners it causes a persistent dislike.

Second. If you called your price, and you have given this price, then the goods need to buy. Of course, there is no such law that obliges it to do. But if you have fought the desired price, and do not take the goods, then such behavior is considered very non-default in all countries.

In his manner, the Chinese are distinguished from other nations, especially from Arabs and Turks. If you are trapled with the Arab merchant, it is considered correct that on its reduction of the desired price you must answer the increase in its desired price.

That is, he says 50, you say 20, he says 45, and here …… they believe that you have to say something more than 20. If you say 20 again, they start offended. The Chinese do not take offense and do not protest.

What is necessary to do before the start of trading

The first thing you need to decide for yourself is how many such objects you want to buy. For example, you want to buy a beautiful national Chinese fan. Definitely determine for yourself, do you need second? This is important, since in the process of trading you are with a high probability of getting an offer to buy cheaper, but two or three pieces.

Buy unnecessary things – this is not the most reasonable strategy. As soon as you get a similar offer, you will be ready to refuse or accept it, based on a predetermined plan. If you understand in advance what you want to buy two fans, start bargaining for one.

Be sure to specify a specific subject before the start of trading. Do not allow differences. No need to show on the shelf with shirts, and show on a specific shirt.

The Chinese always believe that they have the right to interpret the discrepancies in their favor. You can get into a situation where the trader at the end will give you the cheapest thing that has a year already.

And the last thing you need to determine is your target price, or, as they say, "Target Price". That is, the price you consider fair and ready to pay for the goods.

Definition of the target price in China

How to bargain in China - tips, features and prices

This is a difficult task, because you do not work in production and do not know the cost of different goods. Of course, you can navigate prices in Russia, believing that in China everything is cheaper, but even this method does not give an accurate answer.

Large luck, if the market has a "FIX Price" store, it greatly facilitates the task. If so, then go there and see the price, and then feel free to destroy from it 25-40%. This will be the target price for trade in ordinary shops.

Prices are very different from the market to the market. The most general recommendation is to buy souvenirs at the end of the trip, when you already be better oriented in the cost of goods in China.

Target prices for some products We can suggest. Magnik can be bought for 1 yuan. Different hats in the form of Panda and the like – 10 yuan. Souvenir plates – also 10 yuan. But such crafts, as in the photo on the right, is generally incomprehensible how much should cost. After all, they are made, in fact, from garbage.

Trade process

For this you do not need to speak Chinese or know hieroglyphs. All communication takes place with the help of an ordinary electronic calculator. He picks up his price, you write your own, and so on.

You can immediately boldly write your target price, and write it constantly, that is, not to yield in your requirements. Such a strategy works in China even better. If you agree, buy goods at the price that the fair. Will not give such a price, well, well, you will find a more aggressive merchant.

Turk and Arabs have enough vicious habit of trying to shove the goods to you in hand, considering that you after that must buy it. Many tourists are very annoying. Fortunately, the Chinese have so not accepted. The goods can be kept in hand and inspect in the process of trading, it does not affect anything.

As we said, be prepared that you will be offered to reduce the price if you take several of the same type of goods. The second option, popular from Chinese merchants, is an attempt to offer a similar product, but "simpler". At such proposals should immediately answer the refusal.

And the latest recommendation, but the most important. Buy something only in stationary outlets. Tourist deceptions in China often occur, especially popular deception with delivery.

Successful to you, and read the pages of our site about China (Links below).

How to bargain in China - tips, features and prices

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