How to avoid travel theft. Non-obvious Lifehaki

There are many tourist story stories about thefts in different cities and countries that scare away potential guests. However, there are different ways to maximize themselves and save money and valuable money from robbers…

Fraudsters and robbers are manufactured in each popular tourist city. They break bags from tourists, get into pockets and simply extort money by all possible and impossible ways. Now all historical centers patrol the police, in large settlements there is a tourist police. Tourists face the thefts more and less. But there are some good ways to help save nerves and confront popular ways to theft and divorce.

1. Backpack instead of bags with short handles

Backpack is a necessary thing if you are going to master new places yourself. It is best for a spacious sports model with comfortable internal pockets, through the dimensions passing into manual. Robbers in popular tourist cities are often torn out of the hands and break the bags from the shoulders with short handles, while thoring backpack from the back is impossible. He is also convenient because it can be folded all purchases with shopping and freeing hands. In places of cluster people, it is better to wear a backpack on the chest. Also do not wear a belt bag: pockets know that money and documents are stored there. Money can be kept in a small bag-postman on a long durable strap over the shoulder.

2. Soft textile wallet

Even if you are accustomed to the favorite Montblanc wallet made of natural crocodile leather, it is undesirable to take it on a journey and fill the national currency: he will immediately rush into the eyes of pockets, who carefully watch tourists near the souvenir shops. In addition, the hard wallet is easily forgiven in the bag and gets through the cut in the fabric. It is better instead of a wallet to use a cheap flat cosmetic bag from textiles on the lock, in which the bills in the unfolded form fit. It is not too convenient, given the fact that coins are in one branch with bills, but the robbers are not attracted to the robbers: they are sure that there are practically no money there. Just in case, remove the wallet in the inner pocket or on the bottom of the backpack and do not check every ten minutes its presence with a panic in the eyes. And, of course, do not carry with you the entire cash available – money should be kept in a safe or in the secret department of the pocket.

3. Castle on the suitcase

Sometimes guests’ guests and guest houses complain about the reviews that the staff of their rogue. Do not trust such reviews: it is possible that unscrupulous tourists thus want to take revenge on anything. Owners of accommodation objects are very productive reputation and want to receive high marks and positive feedback on Booking, Agoda, TripAdvisor: a large number of guests will bring them much higher income than stolen iPhone latest model.

But if you do not have a safe in the room, and on the suitcase – the code lock, take small locks with keys to the Safety, which are free to wear on the dog lightning. Hang one lock on the suitcase, and take the key with you. The second castle can be hung on a backpack. The key in this case is convenient to wear on the neck instead of suspension.

4. Neutral clothing

Experienced robbers easily distinguish expensive branded clothing from mass market. In their understanding, an expensive dressed man with him is always a lot of money. On the journey it is better not to demonstrate your high status and financial position. The subject of your pride may entail increased interest from representatives of the lower layers of the local society. For a walk on popular tourist sites, it is better not to wear clothes with screaming labels, gold jewelry and watches: no need to strive to cause envy. Optional to buy things to travel in the cheapest stores – it is enough to choose neutral things of sports or urban style.

5. Care when paying

How to avoid travel theft. Non-obvious Lifehaki

Often thefts are committed after making any payment by the buyer. Pockets will wait for their victims near the cash register and watch where they remove the wallet. At this point, it is impossible to be distracted by conversations, and the wallet must be hidden deeper, especially if there are a dubious personality personality nearby. And when someone comes closely closely and leaves you alone, it is better to pay for a purchase from the card. If you are often traveling, it is advisable not to take a plastic card with contactless PayWave or PayPass technology: while you find a loss and get through to the bank, someone can already use your money.

6. Checking accounts in cafes and hotels

The account in some cafes and accommodation facilities may differ from that figure you expected to see – of course, in a large amount. The waiters in the cafe can add $ 1-2 to the value of each dish, and hotel administrators and guest houses – to enter services that were not rendered. This practice is widespread in disadvantaged countries, where every tourist is considered exclusively as an object of earnings. In order not to give yourself to fool, remember prices for dishes in a cafe or a photograph menu, and account in the placement object carefully check before payment.

7. Caution when communicating with local

In many countries, fraudsters enjoy special techniques for deception of tourists. On the streets and in bars to lonely men and women (less often – to couples) attractive people and hardened, at first glance, harmless acquaintance. Then invited to a cafe or club, order dishes and alcohol to themselves and their victim, and when time comes to pay, disappear. Naive tourist have to independently pay huge accounts. During travel, unforeseen situations occur when you have to seek help from local. In this case, it is better to apply to family couples of the Middle Years of the prosperous species, and the offers of dating and flirting from young people and girls need to ignore. Love fairy tales at first sight and for life here are excluded.

It is also not necessary to use the services of obsessive street taxi drivers – there are official taxi services in each country.

These recommendations are universal for any country and any city. But on the trip there may be completely unpredictable situations, and not to stay without a single cent, do not give in to emotions and always guide only common sense.

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