How to avoid tourist places, traveling by indochier (part 1)

Bangkok &# 8212; The core of Southeast Asia and the first stop at the tourist loop by Indochina Countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. From here you can go to Chiang May, sailing down the river to Luangprobang, climb to Mount Vietnam, descend from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, move to Cambodia and return to Bangkok, and then, for example, on Thailand Islands.

You can travel by indochier months. At the same time, you can break a big trip &# 171; on pieces&# 187; highlighting 15-20 days for each &# 171; sleeve&# 187;.

The main attractions of the places that the tourist trail indocidant is laid, perhaps everyone &# 8212; Angkor, LuangProbang, Halong Bay and TP, but dilute the journey in some places &# 171; non-cereal&# 187;, well, or close to those, always quite well, though after all?) So, below the first pool of ideas, how to avoid tourist places, planning a trip by indochier (in each record of this series &# 8212; One idea to country).

Explore the ancient temples in Lopburi

Most travelers rush to Ayuttay and / or Sukhothay to get acquainted with the history of Indochina and see the ancient temples of the heyday of the Siamese kingdom, the remains of which are preserved on the territory of modern Thailand. At the same time, the temples of Lopburi often remain out of the attention zone of mass tourism. Of course, Lopburi will not be compared in great places, but this is one of the most ancient cities of Thailand and there are really beautiful temples here because of which it is worth visiting Lopburi.

In addition, if you come here yourself and linger in the city for a day or two, you can see the typical life of a small Thai town. Take into account the hyperactivity of local monkeys, which can be called the second after the temples of the city’s attraction. Hundreds of macaque feel here hosts. Remember this and watch your own things, t.To. You will not catch this Bestia you will have no chance.

Lopburi, Thailand. Photo Credit: Jochen Hertweck, Flickr

Independent acquaintance with Lopburi sights. Photo Credit: Keith Robertson, Flickr

Spend a couple of days on one of the sfandon

Most tourist routes on Laos are limited to its main directions: LuangProbang (Luang Prabang), Vientiane and Wang Vieng, ignoring, perhaps one of the most picturesque places of Southeast Asia &# 8212; SIFANDON (SI PHAN DON).

Sifandon or four thousand islands &# 8212; Pleasant and atmospheric place on Mekong, which gives the shelter to becpeckers traveling by Laos. Not far from the border with Cambodia, Mekong is placed on numerous sleeves. Small ducts in the dry season dry. Thresholds and thousands of rocky islets covered with bright greenery are identified on the surface. Recreation format on the Islands of Sifandon &# 8212; Cycling and lazy trips in hammocks.

Islands of Sifandon, from Guide Loveyouplanet

Four thousand islands. Laos. Photo Credit: Nicolas Jouhet, Flickr

Ride on a bike in the Mekong Delta

This is a more adventurous and atmospheric way to see the Mekong Delta than, for example, to take standard tours in the Ho Chi Minh Delta (how does the vast majority of tourists make) or just go to Cantho.

Colorful villages, sea gardens and plantations. Little and big crossings. Big Schoolchildren, Endless Owlsper Charming Devy. Sea of ​​smiles and sincere hospitality of local residents &# 8212; All this with abundance collapses on the bicycle travelers in the Mekong Delta. Roads are good and gentle, but often very narrow. Therefore, be prepared to maneuver during the ongoing transport (bicycles / motorbikes).

The best way to organize yourself a bicycle vacation in the Mekong Delta &# 8212; Go for a day or two to Viglong or Caibi. Alternative option &# 8212; Body carriages from Hoshine.

How to avoid tourist places, traveling by indochier (part 1)

By bike on the Mekong Del. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova

Floating Market on Mekong. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova

Devora in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam / Indochye / Travel /. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova

Make a beach stop in Kep

This quiet colonial town can be called a beach alternative to Sihanville. Kepa beaches are calm and not crowded with people, although less picturesque than in Sihanville. Along the coast you can find very pretty bungalows and small resorts. Plus a huge crab market &# 8212; Home Local Pride and Landmark.

If you want a very wild island experience &# 8212; Spend a couple of days at Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island), 20 minutes from Kep on the ferry. Set here in very simple and ascetic bamboo bungalows. They belong to Khmer families and guarantee an interesting experience of primitive island life. There are no shops on the island, no roads, no infrastructure. Electricity is fed to a limited time from 5 to 10 pm. But, but the islanders are preparing a great barbecue. Here you can die the freshest seafood, lowering the legs in the sand in the beach restaurant and enjoying the calm and the surrounding beauty.

Kep, Cambodia / Journey to Indochkaiya /. Photo Credit: Roman Kalyakin, Flickr

Bungalow on Koh Tonsay, Cambodia / Indochier Journey /. Photo Credit: Aquanica, Flickr

Koh Tonsay, Cambodia / Travel by Indochka / Photo Credit: zoek3000, Flickr

How to avoid tourist places, traveling by indochier (part 1)

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