How to avoid tourist places, traveling by indochier (part 2)

Indochier travels usually pass through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The routes necessarily include tourist cities and sign places (the same Angkor, for example), but in order to better know and experience incredible Asia, it is worth incorporated into the route at least a couple of troika not so obvious and popular destinations. First pool ideas see here.

Photo Credit: ioannis Lelakis, Flickr

Turn on the IASAN route

Northeast Thailand Region &# 8212; Isan stretches along the border with Laos. This area is mainly rice fields and dusty villages. Isan is the poorest district of Thailand and the least tourist. Atmosphere here &# 8212; friendly and relaxed, characteristic of the provincial outback. Roads in most of the ground, uncoated, little tourist services and no chic hotels). But if you are looking for a real, untouched tourist virus Thailand – Isan it is exactly the place.

Rice fields in Isan, Thailand. Photo Credit: Yaniruma, Flickr

Isan, Thailand (Indochye Travel). Photo Credit: ULLI Pl├╝macher, Flickr

Explore the plateau Bolaven yourself

Plateau Bolaven &# 8212; One of the most amazing places in the south of Laos. Most travelers get acquainted with local beauties during one-day tours from Pakse. If you take a motorbike at the Packs for rent and pass on the so-called Moto Moto-Lupuen (Moto route), you can not only arrange a unique adventure, but also to feel the atmosphere of these places.

Plateau Bolaven. Photo Credit: Antoine1984, Flickr

Plateau Bolaven, Laos (Traveling by Indochka). Photo Credit: One More Pin, Flickr

Plateau Bolaven, Laos. Photo Credit: Fearful Adventurer, Flickr

How to avoid tourist places, traveling by indochier (part 2)

Replace the cruise in Halong for a couple of days on the island of Kabba

Kabba Island &# 8212; The biggest island of Halong Bay. Although geographically drive is located already in the Lantha Bay, which is bordered by the southern edge of Halong, in landscapes and atmosphere &# 8212; Marine surroundings of Kbba are exactly the same as in the central part of Halong. The undoubted plus of the ribs for those who want to avoid tourist parties, is a big national park that can be explored on a motorbike and many small islands around, where you can remove the bungalow, take kayak and explore the beauty of the bay from the inside.

Cat Ba, Vietnam (indochier travel). Photo Credit: Kasper1s, Flickr

Beach Cat Ba Sandy Beach, Vietnam. Photo (Photo Credit): Catba Sandy Beach Resort, Flickr

Spend a couple of days on the Islands of Sianoukville

Islands of Sihanoukville &# 8212; Ko Rong and Ko Rong Snelie &# 8212; This is the personification of what is considered to be &# 171; island paradise&# 187;. White shallow sand, incredible beaches, transparent water, bungalow with hammock&# 8230; Hurry to visit the islands while they did not have time to turn into another &# 171; Hot direction&# 187; South-East Asia.

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