How to avoid mistakes when buying a ticket?

Buying tickets requires maximum attention. Correctly enter the data, remove extra checkboxes, choose the tariff, check the amount. In general, it is necessary to concentrate in many ways. But sometimes mistakes still happen, and in most cases they can be prevented and painlessly fix. Just about this in our article.

Titches in data

Situation: You made a typo in the name, surname or other data. Small typos in the name or surnames that do not break their sound can not be corrected. However, it matters where you fly: abroad or within the country. Fi in the ticket for a trip abroad should be written clearly as in the passport. If you fly in the domestic flight and wrote the name Yana instead of IANA, then nothing terrible.

How to prevent: so that this does not happen, we recommend using the notebook on our website and in the application. The meaning is that once entered data (name, date of birth, passport number) are automatically filled with subsequent orders. You can add data to several people in a notebook, such as your relatives or friends, with which you often travel. So the purchase of tickets will take just a couple of minutes.

How to fix: If the error is already done, contact our care service, and you will fix everything. But some airlines change data costs. Be ready for it.

Not that mail

Situation : when buying air tickets you made a typo in the mail and the ticket did not come. The fact is that the mail introduced a new personal account is being formed, but you cannot go to it, because you have nowhere to take a password.

How to prevent: Before buying a ticket, log in to your personal account, then the mail will automatically register. If you buy with us for the first time, we first recommend signing up and after buying a ticket.

How to fix: If it happened, write to us in the support service so that we send the route receipt to the correct mail. You can also download documents on the "Thank you" page. Therefore, we do not recommend that you immediately close the page after purchase, first download all the necessary documents from it.

Chose not those flight dates

Situation: Instead of June, you have chosen July, or made a mistake. But we haven’t come up with pills from these errors, so always check the dates and cities of your travel.

How to prevent: Be attentive bun.

How to avoid mistakes when buying a ticket

How to fix: Contact our care service to change tickets to another date. If you are mistaken with the direction, then you need to make a refund immediately on the day of purchase.

These are the main problems that may arise when buying a ticket, we have already worked on the rest:

  • We change the our letters to Latin according to the latest rules of transliteration;
  • We do not give to introduce the number of the our passport when flying abroad, and vice versa;
  • We will not let you fly to a small child one – an adult passenger must be in the order;
  • You can log in in the Personal Account right at the time of the ticket, and the data from the notebook will be automatically loaded;
  • In cases where in the ticket it is not necessary to specify patronymic, we hide this field for filling: less fields – less errors.

The minibus does not come to the mail

But another situation that sometimes happens to our customers. You paid a ticket, introduced the right mail, but the route receipt did not come. A few minutes you drill a look "Inbox" folder, but nothing happens.

It is not necessary to scare, it does not mean you were deceived. To start check the folder Spam, sometimes letters get there. Maybe this happens because one day you have already noted one of our letters as Spam , either mail sorting algorithms turned out to be wrong in your case. And if you use Mail to Gmail, also check the tab Stock. So there is no letter anywhere? Then write to us in support and we will send everything again.

If you found our letter in spam, just transfer it to incoming. If this is not done, then the following letters can also fall into spam. And this is fraught with the fact that you will miss a notice of changing the flight, for example.

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