How to avoid meeting with Portuguese boat

However, enjoying swimming, tourists should not forget that in the water there are a meeting with a very untidy infect the inhabitant of sea depths – Physalia Physalis, which is often called the Portuguese boat, which can a person serious harm.
The traditional habitat of Portuguese ships is the Open Ocean, however, the accumulations of these meduzoid individuals from time to time are found in coastal waters near the famous Thai resorts.

Enemy need to know in face

Medusa having an air bubble, the diameter of which can reach 30 cm, has a huge, almost transparent "tail", its length in a massive state is several tens of meters. The contact of a person floating in the water with a person with a person Physalia Physalis is very painful, and can also cause a pain shock and a strong allergic response, leading to a lung eight, thereby creating a real danger to his life.

  • Physalia Physalis is dangerous on land

It should be noted that this type of jellyfish is even dangerous on land, since the cutting cells that are in a long "tail" do not lose their properties and outdoors.

Considering the whole danger of a meeting with the Portuguese boat, Thailand’s authorities monitor the presence of data in the water of the meduse and notify about this tourists.

Security measures

Staying on vacation in Thailand, tourists should not forget about the measures of their own security. So, in order to save yourself from the unpleasant moments caused by burning jellyfish, vacationers should not swim in the sea in windy weather, as well as after rain or storm.

How to avoid meeting with Portuguese boat
  • Where to swim better

In addition, for swimming, you should choose beaches with clean and transparent water, and in the process of swimming and diving, you need to carefully look at the sides. In case you have seen a jellyfish in the water, try to quickly sail from it as far as possible, and then hurry to get to the shore. Pay attention to ads on danger warning beaches.

What to do with a burn

Touching Physalia Physalis, you should not be afraid and do sharp movements, as the jellyfish dome is not dangerous. The threat of man’s health carries only her "tail", with a touch with which burns burn. The main risk is that the bath can be confused in a long "tail" of jellyfish and get a large dose of poison, which can lead to loss of consciousness right in water.

  • If a contact with jellyfish happened

The man who received a burn should get out of the water as soon as possible to remove the remains of the "tail" of jellyfish from their body, without touching them. Next, you should urgently cause an ambulance and rinse the scene of the burn with an acidic solution: vinegar or lemon juice. Remember, in no case do not handle the burned plot with fresh water, stake or other liquids, as you will only aggravate your position.

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How to avoid meeting with Portuguese boat

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