How to avoid hidden traps in the sea cruise

Similarly, hotels, cruises can be divided into various categories or, in other words, determine their number of stars. And in the same way as the hotel takes place, between these categories there are decisive differences in the level of service and services that can be expected on board.

  • Liner and big hotel-feel the difference

But at the same time, the difference between the cruise liner and the hotel on the shore is simply huge: in the walls of the hotel you do not spend most of your vacation. And on a cruise liner, your stay on board is interrupted only by excursions and shores.

So, try to figure out which traps and pitfalls can wait a potential traveler when ordering a cruise.


And you have already thought about the cost of the way to the place of departure of the ship, as well as to get to this point with amenities and without a nervous? Often comfortable, at first glance, the opportunity to get to the port of departure, namely flights, can make a serious blow to your vacation budget.

  • The cost of air tickets in advance

This may be an unpleasant surprise for you, if you do not make a place of arrival in a travel company or not inquire in advance the cost of air tickets. It often happens that saving on airline tickets (including the choice of cheaper airlines) saves money to a higher category of cabins on a cruise ship.

How to avoid hidden traps in the sea cruise


The desire to save when choosing a cabin can be very quickly changed by discontent and annoyance. For example, the cheapest internal cabins (T. E. cabins without porthole) are suitable only for passengers who return to the cabin only in order to sleep.

  • Different classes of cabin

Typically, the difference in prices at the cabin on one deck is not very significant, but to get the maximum relaxing pleasure on the ship, you should not save on the opportunity to get out on the balcony of your own cabin and get a look from it. Sea expanses.


You dream of a grand gala dinner with clusted waiters and desserts with fabulous candles, as shown on TV? Then you should order a cruise on the appropriate ship.

Often on cruise ships of the category "3 stars" there is also self-service, and even plastic dishes. At the same time, it is impossible to linger at the table – you are behind the door, the next change of passengers, which I also want to eat.

Hidden expenses

You were informed when ordering your cruise about all expenses? Whether the cost of check-in and offline tickets? Whether the price of excursions in the cities of the ship of the ship or they will have to pay in place? What services on board the ship are included in the price (for example, alcoholic beverages and t. NS.) And what will have to pay separately? And it is still very important to know what rules for the tips are accepted on board your ship.

  • Hope and reality

Cruise undoubtedly represents the possibility of a pleasant stay and vacation, but only when the hopes and reality are not very different from each other. Therefore, it should be remembered that to navigate when ordering a cruise only on the price – a very bad decision. Desire to save when ordering a cruise can spoil your long-awaited vacation.

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