How to avoid fraud with air tickets?

The closer the vacation season, the more fraudsters try to buy at your desire to save on the tickets.

In the past post, we described one of the schemes of fraud with air tickets and hotels, today we want to tell you about another one. Now it is very popular on the expanses of social networks, especially in VKontakte.

In search of information about how cheaper to fly, you write on the wall of the group or on the forum a message, for example, that’s:

In response, the fraudster sends you a personal message with flight options, and very attractive prices. As a rule, 30-60% lower than those on the websites of airlines and ticket booking agencies.

Sometimes you yourself get on a tempting offer:

Naturally, an inexperienced traveler with joy agrees. Although more suspicious still specify, Why such cheap prices?

There are different answers and depend on the fantasy of the fraudster ..

One of the most popular – you are assured in the fact that the company in which your virtue works, concluded contracts with many airlines and they buy Flights by corporate tariffs, And you fly as their employee.

The second answer is the answer – he himself or his friend Works in the airline or a major air ticket sales agency and for many years of work he has accumulated a decent amount of bonuses for which tickets acquires..

Option number three – you buy a ticket through Nobody famous agency, Presented only Group in VKontakte or not inspired by the Site, who supposedly private airline rates with huge discounts and due to this, they almost 2 times cheaper tickets.

Yes, private tariffs exist, but they cannot be 30-50% cheaper.

Option number four &# 8211; Scammers claim that Sell ​​flights without fees and commissions. No fees are really selling some aircrafts, but the commissions, if there are, as a rule, account for no more than 5-9% of the cost of the tariff, and not 30% and certainly not 60%.

Most often, fraudsters do not require a prepayment for a ticket. In most cases, they really book tickets, send a real route receipt from the site of one of the booking systems:

(You can read more about them in our post &# 8220; How to check the electronic ticket&# 8221;), but payment of the ticket is made by a stolen bank card. This means that in 99% of cases you will not fly away, and the airline cancel your ticket, t.To. Payment will not pass athfod-system.

I will not argue that they throw everyone without parsing, some really manage to fly away, but even a fraudster does not always know, will miss his transaction or recognize fraudulent. Therefore, on the Internet can be found &# 8220; Lucky&# 8221;, which still managed to fly.

After receiving the route receipt and even checks on the website of the booking system or in the airline itself, most of the victims agree to transfer money to fraudsters.

Pay you offered by different ways yandex.Money, paypal, qiwi, bank transfer and t.D., But always at the expense of physical face. This is the main thing that you should alert!

If you refuse to pay a ticket, fraudsters, as a rule, begin to intimidate you. Threaten that they will apply to the court or bring you to black lists of airlines that work. Do not worry, this list does not exist!

After payment, you are going to the airport, but there you are reported that the ticket is canceled and you are not flying anywhere. Everything, vacation ended, never started ..

How to avoid fraud with air tickets

Some victims of fraud with air tickets agree to pay payment only upon receipt of the landing coupon at the airport. Sometimes, fraudsters themselves offer such a scheme – you can book a ticket, send a route receipt, and payment is required only after you are registered with the flight.

The scheme here is exactly the same, but the ticket is booked in the last clock before departure. In most cases, "customers" issue a landing in a business class (t.To. There is no place in economy).

If this is a ticket in one way and without transplanting, that is, there is still hope to fly, but if with a transplant, then a great chance to interrupt your trip halfway, t.To. You will not be allowed for the next flight. By this time the airline will receive an answer from the atyphrod-system and annuls your ticket.

How to avoid fraud with air tickets?

  • Never buy tickets from hand!
  • Carefully check the route receipt, the price in it will be much higher than that you paid.
  • Never translate money at the expense of an individual.
  • If you are offered to buy a ticket for a dubious site, check the contact details of the organization, whether it really exists, call the specified phones.

What if you read this post too late and already paid fraudsters?

Contact the bank and / or payment system immediately, explain the situation and specify whether to cancel the transfer of money. This is the first thing you have to do! Then, refer to the police statement.

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