How to avoid baggage theft?

Foresting from luggage, nightmare many travelers. Especially disappointing if you fly from a good shopping.

Who and when he steals from suitcases at the airport?

If you have something stolen from the suitcase, then there is no guilt of the airline. Contact your things only movers.

If you read our article on how sorting and loading a suitcase on a plane, then you already know that after registration, your suitcase goes to sorting.

As you can see, pull something from the suitcase at this stage very problematic, even more &# 8211; almost impossible. In addition, this area in most airports of the world is equipped with video surveillance cameras.

So where is theft?

Most often, suitcases are opened when transporting and loading. There are no cameras in the luggage branch of the aircraft &# 8211; This is the perfect place for thieves.

Unfair loaders primarily interest money, laptops and cameras &# 8211; what can be easily and quickly sell.

How to find a laptop in baggage cheese? Easier and faster to examine soft sports bags and backpacks. They are even not necessary to open, simple feeling you can determine the presence of a laptop in it.

With suitcases more difficult &# 8211; They have to open them. But it is easy to do it, look at how deftly with the help of a conventional handle can be opened almost any suitcase:

From the castle will get rid of the same easily, here the thieves come to the rescue.

How to avoid baggage theft?

1. Discard the superdowed suitcases. Suitcase from the famous brand, all decorated with appropriate logos &# 8211; Like a red rag for thieves.

2. Buy a lock for a suitcase. Do not hope that the castle will save you from theft by 100%, but the thieves will rather choose an unprotected suitcase than the one that has a castle.

Just just buy a castle, you must still be able to use it.

If you looked at the video a little higher, then you see that after the lock was easily open it again to hide the external traces of penetration. But it is possible only if the lock is not fixed and the dogs are lightning easily move. If the lock is fixed so that the dogs are still, then such a focus will not be turned out &# 8211; the only option to cut the lock, but it is again the time that the vorays do not always have.

But here we stumble on the question, how to fix lightning slings?

Options may be somewhat. First, buy a suitcase with a built-in lock, which fixes the dogs:

How to avoid baggage theft

Secondly, you can buy a special lock, which consists of two cables, one fix the dogs among themselves, and the second fix the lock to the handle of the suitcase so that it be selected:

You can fix not only to the handle, everything depends on the design of a specific suitcase or bags.

3. Buy a suitcase with a protected zipper. Perfectly advanced in this direction the company Delsey, their zipper is impossible to open the handle.

3. Wrap the speaker. The reason is the same as in the case of the lock &# 8211; There is little time at the vorays, so it’s easier to choose easier prey. Read more about how and why wrap a suitcase film >>

4. Never transport valuable things in baggage. Laptop, Camera, Money &# 8211; always carry in hand clashes.

What to do if something was stolen from baggage?

Unfortunately, most often the loss notice only by arrival home or at the hotel when you unpack the suitcase. But regardless of this, it will still be better in the police and fix the fact theft.

Yes, the appropriate is not effective in the airline, but to the police of the airport. T.To. The thefts most often occur at the airport of departure, then arrive back, if there is such an opportunity, contact them in their police station.

Calculate the thieves are not easy therefore, so do not impose much hope that your things will be found, and the perpetrators are punished. But inform the airport employees about the fact that they started the thieves will be odd.

In addition, the situation is also complicated by the fact that you have no evidence that stolen things were really transported in this suitcase. Except for the case when you registered a declared value luggage. In this case, all valuable things and their cost are described and in the case of theft damage is reimbursed. However, this service is paid.

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