How to avoid accidents on water

If you do not see your lifestyle without resting near the reservoir, try to organize it so that Avoid accidents, Water-related. As a rule, a person himself creates problems. But there are problems that are solved quite simply, and there are those that are better to avoid, because the consequences can be terrible. One of these problems can be water.

Water is not only a source of maintaining living organisms, but also Source of increased danger both in summer and winter. Incidents on water, having difficult consequences, happen very often. The cause of the death of a person can become not only the sea, river, lake, but also ravines, ditches, trenches, pitted filled with water. Inattention, carelessness, inconsity often lead to tragedy.

Most common cause of accidents, water-related, is bathing in unfamiliar places or places not intended for this. Surprises and the fact that a person self-confidently jumps into the untested reservoir. There can be large stones in water, pieces of reinforced concrete design with protruding reinforcement, wire, glass, sticking logs and other dangerous items. Always need Check the Place of Bath For hazardous items, even if yesterday, the reservoir was clean. Diving in shallow water can lead to broken neck or serious head injury.

Better swim in specially reserved places, Although there must be extremely careful, since swimming, neglecting their and someone else’s safety, can easily sketch glass bottles from under beverage or cans.

In no case can not swim in anyone intoxication. Even if you are a wonderful swimmer, Alcohol reduces the reaction And makes a person inadequate, which can lead to severe consequences. Do not overestimate yourself – it is impossible to return anything. As a rule, there are not those who do not know how to swim, but those who are careless to swim.

The cause of death associated with water may be not only the presence of dangerous items in the reservoir, but also Funnels or waterproofs. If you hit this situation, you need to act quickly and cool. Calm down, then breathe as much air as possible and dive deeper into the center of the funnel, then under the water Try to saunate away from the epicenter.

Another cause of an accident in water can be spasm. In most cases, the convulsion occurs when bathing in cold water or overcoming a large water distance in one position. The constant reduction of the same muscle group leads to fatigue and convulsion. In this case Muscles need discharge or small artificially created pain shock. For example, you can pinch yourself or even bite. In courtship of the legs, it is recommended to straighten it and, diving under the water, pull the foot on yourself, holding the thumb. The main thing is the lack of panic and hurry, otherwise you can get the cramp of the whole body. Panic is a reason to deprive himself.

Be especially attentive, if you are small children, since unhappy without care can happen in a matter of seconds. You must be sample for your child, After all, children often repeat the actions of parents. If you yourself behave negligently, then the child will assume that he can. Do not know how to swim or making it bad, should not be very far swimming on water mattresses.

How to avoid accidents on water

Water vehicles also carry a danger in improper and careless to security. If you ride a boat, Take care of rescue vests, Do not load the boat more than the technical documentation. Do not swim away, as well as in dangerous places, such as gateways, dams. Once in the water, try not to lose orientation and composure, and bubbles released from the mouth will help specify the path to the surface of the water. Clear and cold-blooded actions will help you save our lives, and maybe the life of other people.

If you are as a rescuer, then try You can get as soon as possible to a sinking man. It is important to keep the reserve for assistance for assistance, otherwise the desired result will not be. Perhaps you will need additional assistance or plaques to pull the victim. Despite the fact that water helps reduce the severity of the body in water, too much weight difference can lead to even more sad consequences.

In addition, it is possible getting injured varying severity. In this case, everything that falls on hand, for example, car inflatable camera, boat, board, ball, rescue circle, plastic bottle, surfboard and t. D. Difficulty in salvation is that the sinking, in a panic clinging for you, can drag you under the water. In order not to happen, Do not let’s grab you Or hit. It is better to grab a sinking person by the hair and drag on the surface of water.

Reaching the shore or other saving place, Possible assistance affected. Remove foreign objects or tires, algae from the oral cavity, while the head should be rotated. Release the breathing tracks and remove the water from the lungs, putting a person to the knee, so that the head is below its stomach, after which it is strongly pressed to bring out water. Do it as long as water comes out, then Make artificial respiration and indirect heart massage, putting a victim on a solid surface. Call and wait for ambulance.

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