How to assemble a suitcase on vacation?

Here is an exemplary list of what can be needed to each rest:

  1. Camera, camcorder, batteries and charger for them. It is better to take 2 sets of batteries, because your child will review everything taken during your holiday during the trip, and several times.
  2. How to assemble a suitcase on vacation articles on tourism from the tourism
  3. Be sure to take the first-aid kit, the contents of which should certainly be thought out. Nothing superfluous since some of our medicines abroad are considered prohibited. However, the most necessary thing in it should still be to run in search of analogues of our medicines.
  4. Hygiene products – Toothpaste, Brush, Cream, Shampoo, Hair Balm, Toilet Water. You need to take it all in small bottles, in order not only for the time of vacation, so as not to carry everything back. Shampoo Also take your own, since the shampoo sold in foreign stores can not come.
  5. Most important list of list – the documents. On the child you need to take a photocopy of the birth certificate (it is not clear for what, but in travelative firms it is reminded).
  6. The most necessary cosmetics – Mascara, tonal cream, lip gloss. Combs, hairpins or hair gum, hair polish (also in a small canister, so that you can then throw it away). Still grab manicure scissors and pink. Men will need a razor machine and shaving foam.
  7. Packing of wet napkins, disposable handkerchiefs – come in handy on excursions so that at any time it was possible «to wash hands».
  8. Many are taken on vacation Road Iron, it will be wiser to take things that do not require ironing. Although if there is such an iron, it can also be taken.

This is the main list of things you need to stick in the event of a gathering of suitcases. Someone will be more, someone has less.

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How to assemble a suitcase on vacation articles on tourism from the tourism

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